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ABUSHADI Mohamed Mahmoud  Egyptian banker

ABUSSEITOV Kairat  Kazakhstani diplomatist

ABUTALEBI Hamid  Iranian diplomatist and government official; Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Office for Political Affairs

ABUZAYD Karen Koning  American UN official; Commissioner, Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic, United Nations Human Rights Council

ABYKAYEV Nurtai Abykayevich  Kazakhstani diplomatist and government official

ABYLGAZIYEV Mukhammetkaly  Kyrgyzstani agronomist, government official and politician

ACAR Ayşe Feride  Turkish academic and activist; Professor Emeritus, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Middle East Technical University

ACAR Özgen  Turkish journalist

ACCAD Evelyne  Lebanese/Swiss/American academic, writer and activist; Professor Emerita, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Lebanese American University

ACCARDO Salvatore  Italian violinist and conductor

ACCONCI Vito Hannibal  American writer, artist and architect Died: 28 April 2017

ACCOYER Bernard  French physician and politician

ACE  British musician (guitar)

ACEL Ervin  Romanian music director and conductor Died: Aug. 2006

ACEÑA Maria del Carmen  Guatemalan academic and government official

ACET Ali Ahmet  Turkish diplomatist

ACEVEDO Elizabeth  Dominican/American author and poet

ACEVEDO CANDIA Euclides Roberto   Paraguayan lawyer and politician; Minister of Foreign Affairs

ACEVEDO FLORES Carlos Gerardo  Salvadorean fmr central banker and academic

ACHAARI Mohammad  Moroccan writer

ACHACH Danièle Juliette   French civil servant

ACHAIBERSING Armand  Suriname politician and fmr insurance executive; Minister of Finance and Planning

ACHAKZAI Mehmood Khan  Pakistani politician and mechanical engineer; Chairman, Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party

ACHAKZAI Muhammad Khan  Pakistani economist and politician

ACHARYA Amitav  Canadian political scientist, writer and academic; Distinguished Professor, School of International Service , American University

ACHARYA Bhim Prasad  Nepalese politician

ACHARYA Gyan Chandra  Nepalese diplomatist , government official and UN official

ACHARYA Jayaraj  Nepalese diplomatist

ACHARYA Madhu Raman  Nepalese diplomatist and UN official

ACHARYA Padmanabha Balakrishna   Indian politician

ACHARYA Shailaja  Nepalese politician Died: 12 June 2009

ACHCAR Gilbert  Lebanese/French author and academic; Professor of Development Studies and International Relations , School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

ACHEBE (Albert Chinualumogu) Chinua  Nigerian writer, poet, academic and critic Died: 21 March 2013

ACHENBACH Christoph  German business executive and consultant; CEO, BfUN GmbH

ACHI Patrick Jérôme   Côte d'Ivoirian politician; Prime Minister

ACHIDI ACHU Simon  Cameroonian politician Died: 4 May 2021

ACHILLE Jean-Claude  French public administrator Died: 26 April 2008

ACHIM Erzsébet  Hungarian organist

ACHLEITNER Paul  Austrian business executive; Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank AG

ACHMEDOWA Jacqueline  German ballet dancer

ACHOLONU Catherine Obianuju  Nigerian poet, playwright, literary critic, essayist and academic Died: 18 March 2014

ACHOUR Habib  Tunisian trade union official and politician Died: 14 March 1999

ACHÚCARRO Joaquín   Spanish pianist

ACHUTHANANDAN V(elikkakathu) S(ankaran)   Indian politician; Chairman, Kerala Administrative Reforms Commission

ACIEW Akec Khoc  South Sudanese physician and diplomatist

ACKER Dieter  Romanian composer and teacher Died: 27 May 2006

ACKEREN Robert Van  German filmmaker , screenwriter and producer

ACKERMAN Diane  American poet, writer and educator

ACKERMAN F. Duane  American telecommunications industry executive (retd) ; Chairman Emeritus, BellSouth Corporation

ACKERMAN Raymond  South African business executive; Adviser, Pick ’n Pay Group

ACKERMAN Susan Yoder  American teacher and writer

ACKERMAN Valerie (Val) B.  American lawyer, sports executive and fmr basketball player ; Commissioner, Big East Conference

ACKERMANN Haider  Colombian fashion designer

ACKERMANN Ronny  German professional skier

ACKERT Stephen  American musician and arts administrator; Head, Music Department, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

ACKLAND Joss (Sidney Edmond Jocelyn)   British actor

ACKLIN Jürg  Swiss psychoanalyst and writer

ACKNER, Baron (Life Peer), cr. 1986, of Sutton in the County of West Sussex   British judge and arbitrator Died: 21 March 2006

ACKROYD Norman  British artist

ACKROYD Peter  British writer

ACLAND Alice  

ACLAND, Sir Antony (Arthur)  British fmr diplomatist Died: 8 Sept. 2021

ACOGNY Germaine  Senegalese/French dancer, choreographer and teacher ; Artistic Director, L’École des sables

ACOSTA MONTALVÁN Iván Adolfo  Nicaraguan government official and international organization official; Minister of Finance and Public Credit

ACOSTA Adolovni Punsalan  Philippine/American pianist , music teacher and music director

ACOSTA Carlos  Cuban/British ballet dancer and choreographer; Director, Birmingham Royal Ballet

ACOSTA Devashish Donald  American writer

ACOSTA (Rene) Alexander  American lawyer, university administrator and government official

ACOSTA Sergio  Mexican musician (guitar)

ACOSTA ALVAREZ María Cristina   Paraguayan diplomatist

ACOSTA URQUIDI Mariclaire  Mexican diplomatist , international organization official and academic; Project Director, Freedom House (Mexico)

ACQUAVELLA William  American art dealer and gallery owner; Owner, Acquavella Galleries

ACS Janos  Italian (b. Hungarian) conductor

ÁCS Margit  Hungarian writer and editor

ACUÑA Claudia  Chilean singer, songwriter and arranger

ACZÉL János D.  Canadian (b. Hungarian) mathematician and academic Died: 1 Jan. 2020

ADA Gordon Leslie  Australian microbiologist and academic Died: 25 Sept. 2012

ADA Paul   composer, singer, musician (piano) and songwriter

ADABASHYAN Aleksander Artemovich   Russian scriptwriter , artist and actor

ADACHI Naoki  Japanese business executive; Chairman, Toppan Printing Company Ltd

ADADA Rodolphe  Republic of the Congo politician and diplomatist

ADAGALA Esther K.  Kenyan civil servant and film production executive

ADAIR Gilbert  British novelist , poet, screenwriter, essayist, critic and translator Died: 8 Dec. 2011

ADAIR James Radford  American writer and editor Died: 21 March 2009

ADAIR Red (Paul Neal)  American oil-well firefighter Died: 7 Aug. 2004

ADALJA Varsha Mahendra  Indian writer, playwright and editor

ADAM, Lt-Gen. Anbaree Abdul Sattar  Maldivian army officer (retd), politician and diplomatist

ADAM André  Belgian diplomatist

ADAM Azeema  Maldivian economist and banker; Envoy of Maldives, United Nations

ADAM Cornel   (Deceased)

ADAM Jean-Paul  Seychelles politician; Director for Climate Change, Environment and Sustainable Development, UN Economic Commission for Africa

ADAM, Sir Kenneth (Ken)  British film designer Died: 10 March 2016

ADAM Robert  British architect; Director, ADAM Architecture

ADAM Robert (Robin) Wilson  British petroleum executive Died: 27 May 1993

ADAM Theo  German singer (bass-baritone) Died: 10 Jan. 2019

ADAM-SMITH Patricia (Patsy) Jean  Australian writer and oral historian Died: 20 Sept. 2001

ADAMCZEWSKA-WEJCHERT Hanna  Polish architect and town planner Died: 1996

ADAMEŞTEANU Gabriela  Romanian writer, journalist and translator

ADAMI Ahmad Haji Ali  Somali politician

ADAMI Franco  Italian sculptor

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