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KAFRAWY Hassaballah Mohamed El-   Egyptian politician; Trustee, Al Hussein Mosque Establishment

KAGADEEV Andrei  Russian songwriter and musician

KAGAME, Maj. -Gen. Paul  Rwandan army officer, politician and head of state; President

KAGAMI Hideo  Japanese diplomatist

KAGAN Andrew Aaron  American art historian, art adviser and writer

KAGAN Donald  American academic and writer; Sterling Professor of Classics and History, Yale University

KAGAN Elena  American lawyer, academic and government official; Associate Justice, Supreme Court

KAGAN Henri B.  French chemist and academic; Professor Emeritus, Université Paris-Sud 11

KAGAN Robert  American writer, journalist and foreign policy expert; Senior Fellow, Project on International Order and Strategy, Foreign Policy Program, Brookings Institution

KAGARLITSKY Boris Yuliyevich  Russian journalist, sociologist and writer; Director, Institute of Globalization Studies and Social Movements

KAGEL Mauricio  Argentine composer Died: 18 Sept. 2008

KAGERMANN Henning  German software industry executive; Chairman, Board of Trustees, acatech-German Academy of Science and Engineering

KAGEYAMA Mahito  Japanese business executive

KAHALANI Avigdor  Israeli fmr politician and fmr army officer

KAHANE Jeffrey Alan  American pianist and conductor

KAHF Mohja  Syrian/American poet, author and academic; Professor, King Fahd Center for Middle East and Islamic Studies, University of Arkansas

KAHIN Dahir Riyale  Somali politician

KÄHLER Erich Ernst  German mathematician Died: 2000

KAHLER Lia  American fmr singer (mezzo-soprano)

KAHLON Moshe  Israeli politician; Minister of Finance

KAHMANN Sieglinde  German singer (soprano)

KAHN Alfred Edward  American professor of economics and government official Died: 27 Dec. 2010

KAHN C(arl) Ronald  American medical scientist and academic; Mary K. Iacocca Professor of Medicine and Chief Academic Officer, Elliott P. Joslin Diabetes Center, Harvard Medical School

KAHN Eugene (Gene) S.  American retail executive

KAHN Jacob Meyer  South African business executive

KAHN James  American physician, writer, television producer and musician

KAHN Paula  British publisher and non-executive director; Chairman, NHS North Central London

KAHN Robert Elliot (Bob)  American computer scientist and electrical engineer; Chairman, President and CEO , Corporation for National Research Initiatives

KAHN Sy  American academic, writer and poet Died: 27 Nov. 2007

KAHN-ACKERMANN Georg  German politician, journalist and broadcaster Died: 6 Sept. 2008

KAHNEMAN Daniel  Israeli/American psychologist and academic; Eugene Higgins Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Professor Emeritus of Public Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University

KAHORA Billy  Kenyan poet, author and editor

KAHRAMAN İsmail  Turkish jurist and politician

KAI  South Korean singer and rapper

KAI-BANYA Melrose  Sierra Leonean diplomatist

KAIF Katrina  British/Indian film actor and model

KAIFU Toshiki  Japanese politician

KAIKKONEN Antti  Finnish politician; Minister of Defence

KAIMIŅŠ Artuss  Latvian actor, politician and radio host

KAIN Karen  Canadian ballet dancer and arts administrator; Artistic Director, National Ballet of Canada

KAIN Timothy  Australian classical guitarist

KAINE Timothy (Tim) Michael  American lawyer and politician; Senator from Virginia

KAIPAINEN Jouni Ilari  Finnish composer Died: 23 Nov. 2015

KAISER Barbara  German conductor

KAISER Karl  German/American political scientist and academic; Senior Associate, Project on Europe and the Transatlantic Relations Initiative, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs , Harvard University

KAISER Michael M.  American arts administrator; Co-Chairman, IMG Artists LLC

KAISER Philip Mayer  American diplomatist , publisher and banker Died: 24 May 2007

KAIWA Makoto  Japanese business executive; Representative Director and Chairman of the Board, Tohoku Electric Power Company Inc.

KAJANTIE Keijo Olavi  Finnish physicist and academic (retd)

KAJDAN Jean-Michel  French musician (guitar), songwriter and singer

KAJIMA Fusao  Japanese conductor; Principal Conductor, National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra

KAJITA Takaaki  Japanese physicist and academic; Professor, Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, University of Tokyo

KAJIYAMA Hiroshi  Japanese politician; Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

KAJIYAMA Seiroku  Japanese politician Died: 6 June 2000

KAJIYAMA Tisato  Japanese polymer chemist, academic and university administrator; President and Chairman, Fukuoka Women's University

KAJORNPRASART, Maj.-Gen. Sanan  Thai politician and fmr military officer

KAKÁ  Brazilian/Italian professional footballer (retd)

KAKA  Indonesian singer and musician (guitar, harmonica, drums)

KAKABADSE NAVARRO Yolanda  Ecuadorean politician, environmentalist and international organization executive; Senior Adviser, Fundación Futuro Latinoamericano

KAKAR Sudhir  Indian psychoanalyst, author and academic

KAKARAYA, Sir Pato   Papua New Guinea government official

KAKAYEV Yagshygeldy  Turkmenistani oil and gas engineer and government official

KAKHIDZE Djansug Ivanovich  Georgian conductor Died: 8 March 2002

KAKIUCHI Takehiko  Japanese business executive; President and CEO, Mitsubishi Corporation

KAKKAR Neha  Indian singer

KAKLAMANIS Apostolos  Greek politician and lawyer

KÁKOSY László   Hungarian Egyptologist Died: 2003

KAKOURIS Andreas S.  Cypriot diplomatist ; High Commissioner to the UK

KAKOURIS Constantine  Greek judge

KAKU Michio  American theoretical physicist, academic, writer and broadcaster; Henry Semat Professor of Theoretical Physics, City College , City University of New York

KAKU Ryuzaburo  Japanese business executive Died: 26 June 2001

KAKUSKA Thomas  Austrian violist Died: 4 July 2005

KAL-YAM Nonna  Israeli (b. Belarusian) painter and graphic designer

KALABA Harry  Zambian politician

KALABIS Viktor  Czech composer Died: 29 Sept. 2006

KALADZE Kakhaber (Kakha)  Georgian politician and fmr professional football player; Mayor of Tbilisi

KALAM Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul   Indian nuclear scientist, university administrator and fmr head of state Died: 27 July 2015

KALAMANOV Vladimir Avdashevich   Russian government official; Director-General, International Sustainable Energy Development Centre

KALAMBEKOVA Baktygul R.  Kyrgyzstani diplomatist

KALAMPEROVIĆ Jusuf  Montenegrin politician; Minister of Internal Affairs and Public Administration

KALANICK Travis Cordell  American business executive

KALANIEMI Maria Helena  Finnish musician and composer

KALANTARI Issa  Iranian scientist and agriculturalist ; Director, Farmers' House

KALAPESI Roshan Minocher  Indian business executive, writer and designer Died: 24 Feb. 2003

KALASHNIKOV Anatoliy Ivanovich   Russian wood-engraver Died: 21 April 2007

KALASHNIKOV, Lt-Gen. Mikhail Timofeyevich   Russian military engineer Died: 23 Dec. 2013

KALASHNIKOV Sergey Vyacheslavovich   Russian politician

KALASZ Juraj  Slovak musician (double bass)

KALAUR Pavel U.  Belarusian economist, banking executive and central banker; Chairman, National Bank of the Republic of Belarus

KALB Jonathan  American theatre critic, academic and writer; Professor, Department of Theatre, Hunter College

KALBASSI Iran  Iranian academic

KALBFELL Karl-Heinz  German automotive industry executive Died: 17 Aug. 2013

KALE Oladele Olusiji  Nigerian medical practitioner and academic

KALE Stuart  British singer (tenor)

KALECHOFSKY Roberta  American writer and publisher

KALEEBA Noerine  Ugandan physiotherapist and international organization official

KALES Elisabeth  Austrian singer (soprano) Died: 23 Oct. 2005

KALETSKY Anatole  British economist and journalist; Chief Economist and Co-Chairman, Gavekal Dragonomics

KALEYFAANU Thalhath Ibrahim  Maldivian military officer ( retd) and government official

KALFIN Ivailo Georgiev  Bulgarian politician; Chief Economic Adviser, Razvitie Corporation

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