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AADLAND Eivind  Norwegian conductor; Chief Conductor and Artistic Director, Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

AAKVAAG Torvild  Norwegian business executive Died: 9 April 2020

AALFS Janet Elizabeth  American poet, writer, martial artist, dancer and peace activist ; Director, Valley Women’s Martial Arts and Lotus Peace Arts

AALTONEN Juhani (Junnu)  Finnish musician (saxophone, flute)

AAQUIST Svend  Danish composer, conductor and computer programmer ; CEO, Ajour Data & Musik

AARAAS Hans Tandberg  Norwegian academic Died: 20 Oct. 1998

AARNES Asbjørn Sigurd  Norwegian academic Died: 8 Jan. 2013

AARON David L.  American diplomatist and academic

AARON Hugh  American writer

AARON Richard  American cellist and academic; Professor of Cello, Juilliard School of Music

AARONSON Paul  American sales and marketing director

AAS Kåre Reidar  Norwegian diplomatist ; Ambassador to Israel

ABA YAZEED Mohamed Mounir  Egyptian singer and actor

ABAD Marina  Spanish singer and songwriter

ABADI Haider Jawad Kathem al-  Iraqi politician

ABADIE Claude  French musician (clarinet) and bandleader Died: 29 March 2020

ABAGA NCHAMA Lucas  Equatorial Guinean economist, central banker and politician

ABAH ABAH Polycarpe  Cameroonian politician

ABAJAN Maria  Armenian singer (soprano)

ABAKANOWICZ Magdalena  Polish artist, weaver and sculptor Died: 20 April 2017

A-BAKI Ivonne  Ecuadorean diplomatist and artist

ABAL Sam  Papua New Guinea politician

ABAL MEDINA Juan Manuel, Jr  Argentine political scientist, politician, writer and academic

ABALAKIN Victor Kuz’mich   Russian astronomer Died: 23 April 2018

ABALKHAIL, Sheikh Mohamed Ali  Saudi Arabian government official and financial executive

ABALKIN Leonid Ivanovich  Russian economist Died: 2 May 2011

ABĂLUŢĂ Constantin   Romanian poet, writer and translator

ABANI Aboubacar Ibrahim  Niger diplomatist

ABANI Chris  Nigerian poet, writer and screenwriter; Professor, Department of Creative Writing, Northwestern University

ABARRY Abdou  Niger diplomatist; Permanent Representative to United Nations, New York

ABASCAL CARRANZA Carlos María   Mexican lawyer and politician Died: 2 Dec. 2008

ABASHIDZE Aslan Ibragimovich  Georgian politician and economist

ABASSI Houcine  Tunisian trade unionist

ABATE Gregory   American musician (saxophone, flute), composer and arranger

ABAZA Mohammed Maher  Egyptian engineer, business executive and fmr politician

ABAZI Haki  Kosovo politician

ABAZOVIĆ Dritan  Montenegrin politician; Deputy Prime Minister

ABBA Amar  Algerian diplomatist

ABBA SIDICK Amine  Chadian diplomatist and politician

ABBADO Claudio  Italian conductor Died: 20 Jan. 2014

ABBADO Marcello  Italian composer and pianist Died: 4 June 2020

ABBADO Roberto  Italian conductor; Music Director, Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía

ABBAS Hisham  Egyptian singer

ABBAS Luay Hamza  Iraqi writer, novelist and literary critic

ABBAS Mahmud  Palestinian politician and head of state; President

ABBAS, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Shamsul Azhar  Malaysian oil industry executive; Chairman, MMC Corporation Berhad

ABBAS Sundus  Iraqi women’s rights activist and political scientist; Executive Director, Women’s Leadership Institute

ABBASI Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan   Pakistani politician

ABBASI Shahid Khaqan  Pakistani engineer, business executive and politician

ABBASI, Admiral Zafar Mahmood  Pakistani naval officer

ABBASSI Nader  Egyptian conductor, singer, bassoonist and composer

ABBATE Florencia  Argentine writer and journalist

ABBENSETTS Michael John  British writer and playwright Died: 24 Nov. 2016

ABBEY John E.  British record company executive


ABBOTT Anthony (Tony) John  British diplomatist

ABBOTT Dickon John  British poet and social services officer Died: Feb. 2004

ABBOTT Elizabeth  Canadian historian and writer

ABBOTT Gregory (Greg) Wayne  American lawyer, judge and politician; Governor of Texas

ABBOTT Jacqueline (Jacqui)  British singer

ABBOTT Jocelyn  Canadian/British pianist

ABBOTT Keith George  American writer and poet

ABBOTT Megan  American author

ABBOTT Roderick  British international trade consultant

ABBOTT, Hon. Anthony (Tony) John  Australian politician

ABBOTT-WATT Thorhilda (Thorda) Mary Vivia  British diplomatist

ABBOUD A(lfred) Robert  American banker and business executive; President, A. Robert Abboud and Company

ABBOUD Carole  Lebanese actor

ABBOUD Farid  Lebanese civil servant and diplomatist

ABBS Peter Francis  British writer, poet, editor and academic Died: 28 Dec. 2020

ABD AL-AZIZ Muhammad Imhamid  Libyan government official

ABD AL-HALIM ABU GHAZALA, Field Marshal Muhammad  Egyptian politician and army officer Died: 6 Sept. 2008

ABDALA Washington  Uruguayan lawyer, politician and diplomatist; Permanent Representative to Organization of American States

ABDALLAH Abdelwahab  Tunisian government official

ABDALLAH Ibrahim Saad El Din  Egyptian professor of business administration

ABDALLAH Asmaa Mohamed  Sudanese diplomatist and politician

ABDALLAH MANIRAKIZA, Hon. Tabu  Burundian politician; Deputy Secretary-General, Economic Community for Central African States

ABDALLAHI Sidi Ould Cheikh  Mauritanian politician and fmr head of state Died: 23 Nov. 2020

ABDEL-AZIZ Hany  Egyptian/Swiss UN official

ABDEL HADY Aisha  Egyptian trade union official and politician

ABDEL-LATIF Ahmed  Saudi Arabian banker

ABDEL-MALEK Anouar I.  Egyptian academic and writer Died: 15 June 2012

ABDEL-MEGUID Ahmed Esmat  Egyptian diplomatist and lawyer Died: 21 Dec. 2013

ABDEL-RAHMAN Aisha  Egyptian writer and university professor Died: 1 Dec. 1998

ABDEL-RAHMAN YOUSSEF Ali  Egyptian construction engineer, academic, fmr university administrator and business executive; Chairman, Engineering Consultation Office

ABDEL-RAZEQ Omar  Palestinian economist, academic and government official

ABDELA Lesley Julia  British journalist, organization executive and consultant; Chief Executive, Project Parity and Senior Partner, Eyecatcher Associates/Shevolution

ABDELA’ALI Fawzi  Libyan lawyer and politician

ABDELAZIZ Maged Abdelfattah  Egyptian diplomatist and UN official; Permanent Observer for League of Arab States, United Nations

ABDELKERIM Mahamat Nour  Chadian fmr rebel leader and government official

ABDELLAH Faye Glenn  American nurse, psychologist and naval officer Died: 24 Feb. 2017

ABDELLAH Muhammad Samir  Tunisian diplomatist

ABDELLAH Slaheddine  Tunisian diplomatist

ABDELLI Abderrahmane  Algerian singer, songwriter and composer

ABDELMAHMOUT Issa Mahamat  Chadian politician

ABDENUR Roberto  Brazilian diplomatist ( retd)

ABDERAHMANE Iyad Moussa Ben  Algerian singer and musician

ABDÉRÉMANE HALIDI Ibrahim  Comoran politician Died: 23 Feb. 2020

ABDESSALAM Belaid  Algerian politician Died: 27 June 2020

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