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Reigning Royal Families

Biographical entries of most of the reigning monarchs and of certain other members of the reigning royal families will be found in their appropriate alphabetical order in the biographical section of this site.

The name under which they can be found in the text of the site is listed and hyperlinked in this section in bold UPPERCASE type.


Reigning Monarch:

HSH PRINCE ALBERT II, Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre Grimaldi
b. 14 March 1958; succeeded 6 April 2005, on the death of his father, Prince Rainier III; daughter (Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, b. 4 March 1992) with Tamara Rotolo; son (Alexandre Coste, b. 24 August 2003) with Nicole Coste; married 2 July 2011, Charlene Lynette Wittstock (Charlene, Princess of Monaco), b. 25 January 1978; daughter, Princess Gabriella, b. 10 December 2014; son, Prince Jacques, b. 10 December 2014.

Parents of the Prince:

HSH Prince Rainier III, Rainier Louis Henri Maxence Bertrand Grimaldi, b. 31 May 1923, died 6 April 2005; married 18 April 1956, Grace Patricia Kelly (b. 12 November 1929, died 14 September 1982).

Sisters of the Prince:

Princess Caroline Louise Marguerite, b. 23 January 1957; married 1st 28 June 1978, Philippe Junot (divorced 1980, marriage annulled 1992); married 2nd 29 December 1983, Stefano Casiraghi (died 3 October 1990); son, Andrea Albert Pierre, b. 8 June 1984; daughter, Charlotte Marie Pomeline, b. 3 August 1986; son, Pierre Rainier Stefano, b. 5 September 1987; married 3rd 23 January 1999, Prince Ernst August of Hanover; stepson, Prince Ernst August of Hanover, b. 19 July 1983, stepson, Prince Christian of Hanover, b. 1 June 1985; daughter, Princess Alexandra of Hanover, b. 20 July 1999.

Princess St├ęphanie Marie Elisabeth, b. 1 February 1965; married 1st 1 July 1995, Daniel Ducruet (divorced 1996); son, Louis Robert Paul, b. 26 November 1992; daughter, Pauline Grace Maguy, b. 4 May 1994; daughter, Camille Marie Kelly Gottlieb, b. 15 July 1998; married 2nd 10 September 2003, Adans Lopez Peres (divorced 2004).

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