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TICKTIN Hillel H. BA, BSc, PhD
South African political scientist and academic
Professor Emeritus of Marxism, University of Glasgow

Date of birth: 1937

Place of birth: Cape Town

Family: married 1st 1965; one son, one daughter; married 2nd 2000; two step-children

Education: BA, University of Cape Town; BSc, University of Cape Town; PhD, Economics, University of Moscow 1965

Career: Hillel Ticktin is Professor Emeritus of Marxism, University of Glasgow. He had earlier been an assistant at the University in the Institute of Soviet and East European studies in 1965 and later became Lecturer, then Reader in Soviet Studies and finally Professor of Marxist Studies in 2000 until his retirement in 2002. He does research on contemporary political economy. In particular he is working on the concept and nature of capitalist decline, the laws and tendencies involved in the so-called transition in the former USSR and the political economy of post-apartheid South Africa. He teaches courses on Marxist political economy, the political economy of the disintegration of the USSR and its successor states, and the history of international Communism. Hillel Ticktin is Founding Editor of the journal Critique, Journal of Socialist Theory (see url below).

Publications include: Origin of the Crisis in the USSR, Political Economy of Disintegration 1992, The Ideas of Leon Trotsky (co-author) 1995, The Politics of Race Discrimination 1991; more than 80 articles in various journals on the USSR, its successor states, Marxism, Trotsky, South Africa, finance capital and the decline of capitalism

Contact details: Address: Ampherlaw House, Carnwath, ML11 8LH, Scotland; Tel: +44 (0)1555 840242; Email: [email protected] ; Email: [email protected] ; Website: .

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