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BELLO Walden PhD
Philippine author, political analyst, environmentalist and academic
Executive Director of Focus on the Global South, Bangkok and Professor of Sociology and Public Administration, University of the Philippines at Diliman

Date of birth: 1945

Place of birth: Manila

Education: PhD, Sociology, Princeton University, USA 1975

Career: Walden Bello is one of the leading critics of the current model of economic globalization, combining the roles of intellectual and activist. As a human rights and peace campaigner, academic, environmentalist and journalist, he has made a major contribution to the international case against corporate-driven globalization. Bello was born in Manila in the Philippines in 1945. He became a political activist following the declaration of Martial Law by Ferdinand Marcos on 21 September 1972. Over the next two decades, he became a key figure in the international movement to restore democracy in the Philippines, co-ordinating the Anti-Martial Law Coalition and establishing the Philippines Human Rights Lobby in Washington, DC. He was arrested repeatedly and finally jailed by the US authorities in 1978 for leading the non-violent takeover of the Philippine consulate in San Francisco. He was released three weeks later after a hunger strike to publicize human rights abuses in his home country. While campaigning on human rights he took the risk of breaking into the World Bank headquarters in Washington, DC and brought out 3,000 pages of confidential documents that provided the material for a book of his that became an underground bestseller in the Philippines and contributed to expanding the citizen's movement that eventually deposed Marcos in 1986. After the fall of Marcos, Bello joined the non-governmental organization Food First in the USA. In 1995, he co-founded of Focus on the Global South, of which he is now executive director. He has also played a leading role as an environmentalist, and is former chairman of the board of Greenpeace Southeast Asia. Bello has campaigned for years for the withdrawal of US military bases in the Philippines, Okinawa and Korea, and has helped set up several regional coalitions dedicated to denuclearization and demilitarization. Bello's current and immediate past roles include: National Chairman Emeritus and National Chairman of the party Akbayan, Professor of Sociology and Public Administration at the University of the Philippines at Diliman since 1997, Executive Director of Focus on the Global South, member and former Chairman of the Board of Greenpeace South East Asia and member of the Board of Food First, the International Forum on Globalisation, and the Transnational Institute. He is currently a columnist for the Philippine Daily Inquirer and Foreign Policy in Focus and co-editor of Review of International Political Economy (see url below). He taught at the University of California, Berkeley from 1978–82 and was a Visiting Professor at UCLA in 2002 and UC Irvine and UC Santa Barbara in 2006. He was Chancellor's Fellow at UC Irvine in 2004 and is a Fellow of the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam.

Honours and awards: Hon. PhD (Panteion University, Athens) 2005; New California Media Award for Best International Reporting 1998, Suh Sang Don Prize (South Korea) 2001, Right Livelihood Award (Alternative Nobel Prize) 2003

Publications include: author or co-author of 14 books on global, Asian, and Philippines issues, including: Development Debacle: The World Bank in the Philippines 1982, American Lake: The Nuclear Peril in the Pacific 1984, People and Power in the Pacific 1992, A Siamese Tragedy: Development and Disintegration in Modern Thailand (Chancellor's Award for Best Book, University of the Philippines 2000) 1998, Dark Victory: The United States and Global Poverty 1999, Global Finance: Thinking on Regulating Speculative Capital Markets 2000, The Future in the Balance: Essays on Globalisation and Resistance 2001, The Anti-Development State: The Political Economy of Permanent Crisis in the Philippines 2004, Deglobalisation: Ideas for a New World Economy 2004, Dilemmas of Domination: The Unmaking of the American Empire 2005, The Food Wars 2009; numerous articles in periodicals, including Review of International Political Economy, Third World Quarterly, Foreign Policy, Race and Class, Le Monde Diplomatique, Le Monde, Guardian, Boston Globe, Far Eastern Economic Review, and La Jornada

Contact details: Address: Department of Sociology, College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, Palma Hall, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, 1101, Philippines; Tel: +63 (0)2 9205301; Fax: +63 (0)2 9263486; Email: [email protected] ; Email: [email protected] ; Website: ; Website: ; Website: ; Website: .

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