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Czech composer, musicologist, writer and pianist

Date of birth: 30 April 1929

Place of birth: Prague

Parentage: s. of Ing. Karel Lachout and Marie Lachoutová

Family: m. (divorced)

Education: Charles Univ., Acad. of Musical Arts, Prague

Career: teacher of music and English 1952; Ed. Music Dept. Radio Prague 1953–79; freelance artist, composer and musicologist with specialization in Spanish and Latin American folk music from 1979

Honours and awards: recognition from Queen Sofía of Spain for promotion of Spanish music 1995, from Pres. Eduardo Frei of Chile for promotion of Chilean music in Prague 1999

Compositions include: Such is Cuba orchestral suite 1962, Symphonietta for grand orchestra, America Latina orchestral suite (including ‘Mar del Plata’), two string quartets, piano pieces

Radio: scripts for music programmes on Radio Prague of authentic music from Latin America, Spain and other countries, including Music From Cristóbal Colón's Land series 1974

Publications include: The Problem of Composer's Creation (dissertation) 1953, The World Sings (Czech Music Fund Prize) 1957, Music of Chile 1976, Music of Cuba (honoured by invitation from UNEAC to Music Festival, Havana 1986) 1979, Folk Music of Latin America (edn to commemorate 500th anniversary of discovery of S America, with two LPs and booklet) 1992, Folk Music of Spain (double LP and booklet) 1993

Leisure interests: languages (German, English, Spanish, Latin), travelling to explore origins of authentic folk music, relaxing in Spain at Costa Brava, philosophy of deeper sense of human life and belief in higher justice; active member, Czech Hussite Church; big collection of folk music (books, instruments, recordings etc.) from all over the world

Contact details: Address: Viklefova 11, 130 00 Prague 3, Czech Republic (home); Tel: (2) 71770347 (home).

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