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BATURIN Yuri Mikhailovich DJur
Russian politician, cosmonaut, lawyer and journalist
Director, S.I. Vavilov Institute of the History of Science and Technology, Russian Academy of Sciences

Date of birth: 12 June 1949

Place of birth: Moscow

Family: m.; one d.

Education: Moscow Inst. of Physics and Tech., All-Union Inst. of Law, Moscow State Univ. School of Journalism, Mil. Acad. of Gen. Staff

Career: worked in research production union Energia 1973–80; Inst. of State and Law USSR (now Russian) Acad. of Sciences 1980–91; Research Scholar, Kennan Inst. for Advanced Russian Studies, The Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington, DC, USA 1991; on staff of Pres. Mikhail Gorbachev Admin 1991; member Pres.’s Council 1993, Asst to Pres. on legal problems 1993–94, on Nat. Security Problems 1994–96, member Council on Personnel Policy of Pres. 1994–97; Sec., Defence Council of Russian Fed. 1996–97; Asst to Pres., Chair. Cttee for Mil. Ranks and Posts 1995–97; currently Dir S.I. Vavilov Inst. of the History of Science and Tech., Russian Acad. of Sciences; columnist, Novaya Gazeta newspaper 1997–; cosmonaut and test pilot of the Cosmonaut Corps 1998–2009, Deputy Commr 2000–09, participated in space flight to Mir Station EP-4 1998, second space flight to Int. Space Station EP-1 2001; Professor of Computer Law, Moscow Inst. of Eng and Physics; Professor, Moscow Inst. of Physics and Tech. ; Professor, School of Journalism, Moscow Univ., Pres. of the School, Media Law and Policy Centre; Chair. Centre for Anti-Corruption Research and Initiative Transparency Int. 2000–

Honours and awards: Union of Journalists Prize 1990, Award for Outstanding Contribution to Mass-Media Law 1997, Themis Award 1998

Exhibition: Short Rendezvous with Earth (art photography) 1999

Films: documentaries: We barely made it with one nozzle left 1997, Stairway to the sky 2000

Publications: drafts of the laws on the freedom of the press of the USSR 1989 and of Russia 1991, Problems of Computer Law 1991

Contact details: Address: Institute for the History of Science and Technology, 109012 Moscow, Staropansky per. 1/5, Russian Federation (office); Tel: (495) 988-22-80 (office); Fax: (495) 988-22-80 (office); Email: [email protected] (office); Website: (office).

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