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Every entry page in The International Who's Who comprises two main elements:

Adjacent Entries

Entry Details

The Adjacent Entries list, on the left-hand side of the screen, indicates the position of the current entry (displayed in red) in relation to nearby entries, which are ordered by surname then first name. (This corresponds to the order of entries in the print version of The International Who's Who.)

All items in the Adjacent Entries list are hyperlinks and can be used to browse nearby entries.

Entry details appear near the middle of the screen. The red entry header includes main details such as surname, first names, qualifications, titles, nationality and profession.

Entrants' e-mail addresses and URLs appear as hyperlinks. Clicking an e-mail address creates a new e-mail message in which that address appears in the To: box. Clicking a URL links to the entrant's webpage, which will open in a separate browser window.

In the case of entries consisting entirely of a cross-reference to another entry (e.g. SUMNER, Gordon Matthew—see Sting), clicking on the cross-reference links to the main entry for that person.

If a long entry extends beyond the bottom of the screen, use the vertical scroll bar to view the whole entry. To return to the top of the page, click  back to top .

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