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YA KID K  Congolese/Belgian rap artist

YA NDAKOLO Penda  Namibian politician and fmr resistance fighter; Minister of Defence

YAACOB, Tan Sri Nik Mohamed Bin Nik  Malaysian business executive; Chairman, Scomi Energy Services Bhd

YAACOBI Gad  Israeli politician, diplomatist, author and economist Died: 27 Aug. 2007

YAAD (Muhammad) Mansha  Pakistani writer and playwright Died: 15 Oct. 2011

YAAKOB, Datuk Muhammad Shahrul Ikram bin  Malaysian diplomatist; Permanent Representative to United Nations

YA'ALON, Lt-Gen. (retd) Moshe  Israeli politician and army officer (retd)

YAAR Mohammad Daud  Afghan economist, academic, government official and diplomatist

YAAR Ora  Israeli architect Died: 1989

YABLOKOV Alexey Vladimirovich  Russian population biologist and ecologist Died: 10 Jan. 2017

YABLONOVITCH Eli  American physicist and academic; Professor and James and Katherine Lau Chair in Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California, Berkeley

YACHROUTU Mohamed Caabi El  Comoran politician and diplomatist

YACOB Halimah  Singaporean politician and head of state; President

YACOUB, Sir Magdi Habib  British/Egyptian cardiac surgeon and academic; Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery, National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London

YACOUBA Ibrahim  Niger trade unionist and politician

YACOUBOU Fassassi Adam  Benin diplomatist , economic consultant and civil servant

YADAV Akhilesh  Indian politician; President, Samajwadi Party

YADAV Ayodhi Prasad  Nepalese academic and government official; Chief Election Commissioner

YADAV Lalu Prasad  Indian politician; Leader, Rashtriya Janata Dal (National People’s Party)

YADAV Mulayam Singh  Indian politician

YADAV Ram Baran  Nepalese physician, politician and fmr head of state

YADAV Ram Naresh  Indian lawyer, politician and government official Died: 22 Nov. 2016

YADAV Sharad  Indian politician

YADAV Upendra  Nepalese politician; Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health and Population

YADE Ramatoulaye (Rama)  French politician and consultant

YADLIN Aharon  Israeli politician and educationalist

YADOV Vladimir Aleksandrovich  Russian sociologist and research institute director Died: 2 July 2015

YAFFA Sami  Finnish musician (guitar)

YAFFE James  American academic (retd), writer and dramatist Died: 4 June 2017

YAFI Abdullah Aref al–  Lebanese politician and lawyer Died: 4 Nov. 1986

YAFTALI, Gen. Mohammad Sharif  Afghan army officer; Chief of General Staff National Defence and Security Forces

YAGHI Omar Mwannes  Jordanian/American chemist and academic; James and Neeltje Tretter Chair Professor of Chemistry , University of California, Berkeley

YAGI Makoto  Japanese business executive; Chairman, Kansai Electric Power Company Inc.

YAGI Takeshi  Japanese diplomatist; Ambassador to Germany

YAGI Yasuhiro  Japanese engineer

YAGNIK Alka  Indian singer

YAGODIN Gennadiy Alekseyevich  Russian physical chemist and academic

YAGUELLO Marina  French linguist and writer

YAHAV Yona  Israeli lawyer and politician; Mayor of Haifa

YAHR Carol  American singer (mezzo-soprano)

YAHYAI Sharifa bint Khalfan bin Nasser al-  Omani academic and government official

YAK Mary Jervase  South Sudanese politician; Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Planning

YAKAR Rachel  French singer (soprano)

YAKCOP, Tan Sri Nor Mohamed  Malaysian economist and politician

YAKER Layashi  Algerian civil servant

YAKÉTÉ Joseph  Central African Republic politician

YAKHINA Guzel  Russian author and screenwriter

YAKHLEF Yahya  Palestinian novelist, writer and fmr politician

YAKIŞ Yaşar  Turkish politician

YAKOBASHVILI Temuri  Georgian diplomatist and politician; Senior Transatlantic Fellow, German Marshall Fund of the United States

YAKORO Rémi  Central African Republic economist and government official

YAKOVENKO Alexander Vladimirovich   Russian diplomatist ; Ambassador to UK

YAKOVLEV Aleksandr Maksimovich   Russian lawyer

YAKOVLEV Aleksandr Nikolayevich   Russian politician Died: 18 Oct. 2005

YAKOVLEV Veniamin Fedorovich  Russian politician and lawyer Died: 24 July 2018

YAKOVLEV Vladimir Anatolyevich   Russian politician (retd)

YAKOVLEV, Gen. Vladimir Nikolayevich  Russian army officer

YAKOVLEV Yegor Vladimirovich  Russian journalist and newspaper editor Died: 18 Sept. 2005

YAKOVLEV Yuri Vassilievich  Russian actor Died: 30 Nov. 2013

YAKOVLEVA Olga Mikhailovna  Russian actress

YAKUB ALI A. M.  Bangladeshi diplomatist

YAKUNIN Gleb Pavlovich  Russian politician and ecclesiastic Died: 25 Dec. 2014

YAKUNIN Vladimir I.  Russian transport industry executive; Founding President, World Public Forum—Dialogue of Civilizations

YALÁ Kumba  Guinea-Bissau politician and fmr head of state Died: 4 April 2014

YALDIZ Marianne  German art historian and museum director (retd)

YALE Brian  American musician (bass guitar)

YALOW Rosalyn Sussman  American medical physicist Died: 30 May 2011

YAM Joseph C. K.  Hong Kong banker and academic; Distinguished Research Fellow, Lau Chor Tak Institute of Global Economics and Finance, Chinese University of Hong Kong

YAM Vivian Wing-Wah  Hong Kong chemist and academic; Chair of Chemistry and Philip Wong Wilson Wong Professor in Chemistry and Energy, University of Hong Kong

YAMADA Akira  Japanese diplomatist ; Ambassador to Brazil

YAMADA Amy (Eimi)  Japanese writer

YAMADA Kazuki  Japanese conductor; Residential Conductor, Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus

YAMADA Noboru  Japanese business executive; Representative Director, Chairman and CEO, Yamada Denki Company Ltd

YAMADA Ruth Chizuko  Canadian artist Died: 2001

YAMADA Tadataka (Tachi)  American (b. Japanese) physician, academic and foundation executive; Executive Vice-President, Chief Medical and Scientific Officer, Takeda Pharmaceuticals International Inc.

YAMADA Taichi  Japanese screenwriter, playwright and novelist

YAMAGUCHI Kenji  Japanese government official and economist; Representative, WELL (World Economy and Land Laboratory)

YAMAGUCHI Masanori  Japanese business executive; President and CEO, Sun Corporation

YAMAGUCHI Nobuo  Japanese business executive

YAMAGUCHI Shigeru  Japanese judge ( retd)

YAMAGUCHI Tsuruo  Japanese politician

YAMAGUCHI Yoshiko  Japanese musician (guitar) Died: 7 Sept. 2014

YAMAGUCHI Yutaka  Japanese business executive

YAMAHANA Sadao  Japanese politician and barrister Died: 14 July 1999

YAMAKOSHI Brian Seiji  American musician (koto—Japanese harp) and composer

YAMAMOTO Donald Y.  American diplomatist ; Ambassador to Somalia

YAMAMOTO Keith R.  American biochemist, academic and writer; Vice-Chancellor for Research, University of California, San Francisco

YAMAMOTO Masami  Japanese business executive; Chairman and Representative Director, Fujitsu Limited

YAMAMOTO Tadamichi  Japanese diplomatist and UN official; Secretary-General's Special Representative and Head, UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, United Nations

YAMAMOTO Tadashi  Japanese research institute director Died: 15 April 2012

YAMAMOTO Takuma  Japanese business executive

YAMAMOTO Yohji  Japanese fashion designer

YAMAMOTO Yuji  Japanese politician

YAMANAKA Shinya  Japanese medical scientist and academic; Director, Center for iPS Cell Research and Application , Kyoto University

YAMANI, Sheikh Ahmed Zaki  Saudi Arabian government official and oil industry executive

YAMANI Hashim bin Abdullah bin Hashim al-  Saudi Arabian politician

YAMANI Khaled Hussein al-  Yemeni politician and diplomatist; Minister of Foreign Affairs

YAMANISHI Kenichiro  Japanese business executive; Executive Corporate Adviser, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

YAMANOUCHI Takashi  Japanese automotive industry executive

YAMASAKI Taku  Japanese politician

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