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X  FROM X Alan TO XU Zhihong

X Alan  British producer, writer, musician (keyboards) and DJ

X Richard  British producer and songwriter

XANTHOUDAKIS Elena  Greek/Australian singer (soprano)

XAYRULLOYEV, Col-Gen. Sherali   Tajikistani government official and army officer

XENAKIS Françoise Marguerite Claude  French journalist and writer Died: 12 Feb. 2018

XENAKIS Iannis  French composer, architect and engineer Died: 4 Feb. 2001

XHAÇKA Olta  Albanian human rights activist and politician; Minister of Defence

XHAFAJ Fatmir  Albanian lawyer and politician; Minister of Internal Affairs

XHAFERI Arben  Macedonian politician Died: 15 Aug. 2012

XHAFERI Musa  Macedonian politician

XHAFERI Talat  Macedonian fmr army officer and politician; Chairman, Sobranie (Assembly)

XHEPA Margarita  Albanian actress

XHUFI Pellumb  Albanian diplomatist , politician and academic

XI Guohua  Chinese business executive

XI Jinping  Chinese politician and head of state; President and General Secretary, CCP Central Committee

XI Zezong  Chinese astronomer Died: 27 Dec. 2008

XI Zhongxun  Chinese party official (Deceased)

XIA Juhua  Chinese party official and acrobat Died: 1989

XIA Liping  Chinese composer and music educator

XIA Peisu  Chinese computer engineer

XIAN Dingchang  Chinese nuclear physicist Died: 7 April 2014

XIANG Huaicheng  Chinese politician and economist

XIANG Junbo  Chinese fmr financial services executive

XIAO Gang  Chinese banker

XIAO Jie  Chinese engineer and politician; Secretary-General, State Council

XIAO Qian  Chinese diplomatist; Ambassador to Indonesia

XIAO Wenyan  Chinese singer and actress Died: 19 Sept. 2013

XIAO Yang  Chinese judge and party and government official

XIAO Yaqing  Chinese engineer, business executive, academic and government official; Director, State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission

XIE Bingxin  Chinese writer Died: 28 Feb. 1999

XIE Duyang  Chinese business executive and fmr civil servant

XIE Fei  Chinese party official Died: 27 Oct. 1999

XIE Feng  Chinese diplomatist ; Commissioner, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

XIE Heping  Chinese mining engineer, academic and university administrator; President, Sichuan University

XIE Jin  Chinese film director Died: 18 Oct. 2008

XIE Jun  Chinese chess player

XIE Lijuan  Chinese physician and party official

XIE Qihua  Chinese steel industry executive; Chairwoman, China Metallurgical Council

XIE Shijie  Chinese administrator

XIE Tieli  Chinese film director Died: 19 June 2015

XIE Xide  Chinese physicist Died: 4 March 2000

XIE Xuren  Chinese economist and government official

XIE Yi  Chinese chemist and academic; Professor, University of Science and Technology of China

XIE Zhenhua  Chinese civil servant; Vice-Minister, State Development and Reform Commission

XIMENES Charlson Pedro Vasconcelos   Brazilian songwriter, musician (guitar, bass guitar, drums, saxophone) and singer

XIMENES BELO, Mgr Carlos Filipe  Timor-Leste ecclesiastic

XIN, Lt-Gen. Dianfeng  Chinese air force officer

XING Bensi  Chinese philosopher and academic

XING Chongzhi  Chinese party official Died: 3 March 2000

XING Huina  Chinese athlete

XING, Gen. Shizhong  Chinese army officer

XINGWANA Lulama (Lulu)  South African politician

XIONG, Gen. Guangkai  Chinese diplomatist and army officer (retd)

XIONG Jihua  Chinese academic

XIONG Qingquan  Chinese party and state official

XIONG Shen  Chinese mechanical engineer and academic

XIONG Weiping  Chinese academic and business executive

XIRAU Ramón  Mexican writer and poet Died: 27 July 2017

XIUMIN  South Korean singer

XODJAYEV Batir Asadillaevich  Uzbekistani politician

XOLMURADOV Suxrob R.  Uzbekistani banking executive and politician; Deputy Prime Minister, responsible for Investment, Innovative Development, Co-ordination of Free Economic and Small Industrial Zones

XONGERIN Badai  Chinese Inner Mongolia administrator, writer and poet

XU Anbi  Chinese potter

XU Bin  Chinese automotive industry executive

XU Bing  Chinese artist; Vice-President, Central Academy of Fine Arts

XU Caidong  Chinese administrator and engineer Died: 14 April 2016

XU, Gen. Caihou  Chinese army officer Died: 15 March 2015

XU Chengshi  Chinese journalist

XU Guanhua  Chinese scientist and politician ; Wei Lun Research Professor of Space and Earth Sciences, Institute of Space and Earth Information Science, Chinese University of Hong Kong

XU Heyi  Chinese business executive; Chairman and President, Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Company Limited (Beijing Automotive Group)

XU Houze  Chinese geodesist and geophysicist

XU, Maj.-Gen. Huaizhong  Chinese writer

XU, Gen. Huizi  Chinese army officer and party official Died: 5 Jan. 2005

XU Jialu  Chinese linguist

XU Jian  Chinese business executive; General Manager, China National Machinery Industry Corporation (Sinomach)

XU Jianyi  Chinese business executive and government official

XU Jiatun  Chinese politician Died: 29 June 2016

XU Jiayin  Chinese real estate executive; President, Evergrande Real Estate Group Ltd

XU Kuangdi  Chinese engineer, academic and politician

XU Lejiang  Chinese steel industry executive; Chairman, Baosteel Group Corporation

XU Liuping  Chinese business executive; Chairman, China FAW Group

XU Ning  Chinese business executive; Chairman and General Manager, Shougang Corporation

XU Ping  Chinese automobile industry executive; General Manager and President, China South Industries Group Corporation

XU, Gen. Qiliang  Chinese air force officer; Vice-Chairman, State Central Military Commission

XU Qin  Chinese politician

XU Rongchu  Chinese government official

XU Rongkai  Chinese politician

XU Rongmao  Chinese business executive and property developer; Chairman, Shimao Corporation

XU Shaoshi  Chinese geologist and government official

XU Xianming  Chinese lawyer

XU Xianping  Chinese engineer and business executive; President, China FAW Group Corporation

XU, Gen. Xin  Chinese army officer and party official

XU Yinsheng  Chinese government official; President, Chinese Table Tennis Association

XU Yongjiu  Chinese fmr athlete

XU, Gen. Yongqing  Chinese army officer

XU Yongyue  Chinese politician

XU Youfang  Chinese politician

XU Yuanhe  Chinese philosopher

XU Zhenshi  Chinese photographer, artist and publisher

XU Zhihong  Chinese plant physiologist and academic

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