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WA THIONG’O Ngugi  Kenyan writer, dramatist, critic and academic; Distinguished Professor of English and Comparative Literature , University of California, Irvine

WAAGE Lars  Danish singer (bass-baritone)

WAAGSTEIN Finn  Danish cardiologist and academic; Professor Emeritus in Cardiology, Institute of Internal Medicine, Sahlgrenska Academy, Gothenberg University

WAAKTAAR Pål  Norwegian musician (guitar), singer and composer

WAALER Bjarne Arentz  Norwegian professor of medicine Died: 17 June 2007

WAAS Anna-Luise  German artist

WABERI Abdourahman A.  Djibouti/French novelist, essayist, poet and academic; Professor of French and Francophone Studies and Creative Writing, George Washington University

WABUDEYA Beatrice  Ugandan politician and veterinary surgeon

WACHNER Julian  American conductor, composer and musician (piano, organ); Director of Music and the Arts, Trinity Wall Street

WACHS Joel  American lawyer and arts administrator; President, Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

WACHTEL Eleanor  Canadian writer and broadcaster

WÄCHTER Erich  German conductor

WACHTMEISTER, Count Wilhelm Hans Frederik  Swedish fmr diplomatist Died: 3 Feb. 2013

WACKERNAGEL Mathis  Swiss engineer and environmental organization administrator ; President, Global Footprint Network

WAD Hussain al-  Tunisian author, critic and academic

WADA Akihiro  Japanese motor industry executive

WADA Akiyoshi  Japanese research director and academic

WADA Emi  Japanese costume designer Died: 2011

WADA Hiroko  Japanese business executive and consultant; CEO, Office Wada

WADA Isami  Japanese real estate industry executive; Chairman, CEO and Representative Director, Sekisui House Group

WADA Norio  Japanese telecommunications industry executive

WADAGNI Romuald  Benin chartered accountant and politician; Minister of Economy and Finance

WADDELL (John) Rankin  British photographer; Director, Rankin Photography

WADDELL Martin  British children's writer

WADDINGTON, Baron (Life Peer), cr. 1990, of Read in the County of Lancashire  British politician Died: 23 Feb. 2017

WADDINGTON Henry  British singer (bass)

WADDINGTON Leslie  British art dealer; Chairman, Waddington Custot Galleries Died: 30 Nov. 2015

WADDINGTON Miriam Dworkin  Canadian poet and academic Died: 3 March 2004

WADDINGTON Susan  British adult education specialist and politician

WADDINGTON-FEATHER John Joseph   British fmr writer, poet, Anglican priest and publisher Died: 28 April 2017

WADE Abdoulaye  Senegalese lawyer, politician and fmr head of state; Secretary-General, Parti Démocratique Sénégalais

WADE David  British writer

WADE, Sir (Henry) William (Rawson)  British academic Died: 12 March 2004

WADE Jan Louise Murray  Australian lawyer and fmr politician

WADE Kenneth  British scientist and academic Died: 16 March 2014

WADE Simon  Australian composer

WADE (Sarah) Virginia  British broadcaster and fmr tennis player

WADE-GERY, Sir Robert (Lucian)  British fmr diplomatist and banker; Fellow, All Souls College, Oxford Died: 16 Feb. 2015

WADGE Amy Victoria  British singer, songwriter and musician (guitar)

WADHWA Anil  Indian diplomatist

WADHWANI Sushil Baldev  British economist and investment manager; CEO, Wadhwani Asset Management

WADIA Coomi  Indian musician; Conductor and Director of Music, Paranjoti Academy Chorus

WADIA Jamshed (Jim)  British chartered accountant

WADIA Nargis  British visual designer and advertising executive; Director, New World Strategies Pvt. Ltd

WADIA Nusli  Indian business executive; Chairman, Wadia Group

WADLEY Veronica Judith Colleton   British journalist and editor ; London Chair, Arts Council England

WADSWORTH Matthew  British lutenist

WADSWORTH Stephen  American stage director, translator and librettist

WADSWORTH Tony  British music industry executive

WADVANI Sanjay Mark  British diplomatist; Ambassador to Turkmenistan

WAELBROECK Jean Louis  Belgian economist and academic (retd ); Professor Emeritus, Free University of Brussels

WAELSCH Salome G.  American geneticist and academic Died: 7 Nov. 2007

WAENA, Sir Nathaniel Rahumaea  Solomon Islands politician and government official

WAFFA-OGOO Susan  Gambian government official and diplomatist

WAFY Abdallah  Niger civil servant and diplomatist; Permanent Representative to United Nations

WAGAR Kirk  American (b. Canadian) lawyer, political campaign organizer and diplomatist

WAGEMANS Peter-Jan  Dutch composer

WAGENAAR Diderik  Dutch composer

WAGENER Hans  German business executive and accountant

WAGENFUHRER Roland  German singer (tenor)

WAGER Henrik Rickard  British/Swedish singer and songwriter

WAGGONER Paul Edward  American horticultural scientist; Distinguished Scientist, Department of Forestry and Horticulture, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

WAGHORN Gary  British musician (guitar, banjo)

WAGNER Allison  American fmr swimmer and swimming coach

WAGNER Ann Louise  American diplomatist

WAGNER Eliot  American writer Died: 2 Oct. 2009

WAGNER Erica  American writer and journalist

WAGNER Falk (Oskar Paul Alfred)   German academic (Deceased)

WAGNER Heinz Georg  German scientist and academic; Professor Emeritus, Institut für Physikalische Chemie, University of Göttingen

WAGNER Herbert  German theoretical physicist and academic; Professor Emeritus, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

WAGNER Heribert  Austrian musician (violin) and composer; Owner, Art In Music

WAGNER Jacquelyn  American soprano

WAGNER James   singer (tenor)

WAGNER Jaques  Brazilian politician; Head of the Cabinet Office

WAGNER Katharina  German opera director ; Co-Director, Bayreuther Festspiele

WAGNER Kurt  American singer, musician (guitar) and songwriter

WAGNER Robert  American actor

WAGNER Sieglinde  Austrian singer (mezzo-soprano) Died: 31 Dec. 2003

WAGNER Sue Ellen  American state official; Member, Nevada Gaming Commission

WAGNER Sune Rose  Danish singer and musician (guitar)

WAGNER Susan L.  American business executive

WAGNER William (Bill)  American record producer Died: 3 June 2011

WAGNER Windy  American singer

WAGNER Wolfgang  German opera director Died: 21 March 2010

WAGNER-MARTIN Linda  American academic, poet and writer; Frank Borden Hanes Professor of English and Comparative Literature, University of North Carolina

WAGNER-PASQUIER Eva  German opera director ; Co-Director, Bayreuther Festspiele

WAGNER TIZÓN Allan  Peruvian politician and diplomatist

WAGONER (Robert D.) Dan  American dancer , choreographer, dance company director and academic; Professor Emeritus, School of Dance, Florida State University

WAGONER David Russell  American writer and academic; Professor Emeritus of English, University of Washington

WAGONER G. Richard, Jr  American automobile industry executive (retd)

WAGONER Porter  American country singer and songwriter Died: 28 Oct. 2007

WAGSTAFF Patty  American aerobatic pilot and business executive; CEO, Patty Wagstaff Airshows

WAGSTAFF Paul ‘Wags’  British musician (guitar)

WAH Fred  Canadian teacher and poet

WAHAMAKI Benjamin (Ben) Michael   American folk rock musician (bass guitar)

WAHEED HASSAN MANIK Mohamed  Maldivian politician, fmr UN official and fmr head of state

WAHID Abdurrahman  Indonesian politician and religious leader Died: 30 Dec. 2009

WAHL Jacques Henri  French fmr civil servant

WAHL Philippe  French business executive; Chairman, President and CEO , La Poste

WAHLBECK Jan-Christer  Finnish psychologist, poet and writer

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