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VAAHTORANTA Tapani  Finnish academic and research institute director

VACA NARVAJA Patricia  Argentine politician and diplomatist; Ambassador to Mexico

VACANTI Joseph Philip  American physician , medical scientist and academic; John Homans Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School; Surgeon-in-Chief and Chief of Pediatric Surgery and Director of Laboratory for Tissue Engineering and Organ Fabrication and Co-Director of Center for Regenerative Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital

VĂCĂROIU Nicolae   Romanian politician and economist

VACCHI Fabio   Italian composer

VACEK Milos  Czech composer Died: 29 Feb. 2012

VACEK, Gen. (retd) Miroslav   Czech politician and army officer (retd)

VACHÉ Warren Webster  American musician (string bass) and bandleader Died: 4 Feb. 2005

VACHON Louis  Canadian banker; President and CEO, National Bank of Canada

VACHON, HE Cardinal Louis-Albert  Canadian ecclesiastic Died: 29 Sept. 2006

VACHSS Andrew Henry  American attorney, consultant and writer

VACIK Milos  Czech journalist and poet Died: 5 May 1999

VACKOVÁ Jarmila  Slovak art historian

VACULÍK Ludvík  Czech writer, journalist and essayist Died: 6 June 2015

VADERA, Baroness (Life Peer), cr. 2007, of Holland Park in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea  British investment banker, international organization official and fmr government official; Chair, Santander UK plc

VADIM Roger Plemiannikov  French film director Died: 11 Feb. 2000

VĂDUVA Leontina  French singer (soprano)

VAEA OF HOUMA, Baron  Tongan politician Died: 7 June 2009

VAERNES Knut  Norwegian musician (guitar), composer, bandleader and record company executive

VAES, Baron Robert, cr. 1985  Belgian diplomatist Died: 2000

VAGELOS Pindaros Roy  American biochemist, academic and pharmaceutical industry executive; Chairman, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.

VAGGIONE Horacio  Argentine composer

VAGHUL Narayanan  Indian banker

VAGNORIUS Gediminas  Lithuanian politician

VAGO Constant  French pathologist and academic Died: 6 Feb. 2012

VAGO Pierre  French architect and town planner Died: 27 Jan. 2002

VAHANVATI Goolam E.  Indian lawyer and government official Died: 2 Sept. 2014

VAHER Ken-Marti  Estonian politician

VÄHI Tiit  Estonian engineer, business executive and fmr politician; Commercial Director, Silmet AS

VAHID-DASTJERDI Marzieh  Iranian gynaecologist, academic and politician

VAHIDI, Brig. Gen. Ahmad  Iranian army officer and government official; Head of the Strategic Centre of the General Staff, Iran Armed Forces

VAI Steve  American musician (guitar)

VAID Krishna Baldev  Indian writer

VAIKŠNORAS, Maj. Gen. Vitalijus   Lithuanian military officer; Commandant, Baltic Defence College

VAIL Frederick Scott  American recording studio executive ; President and CEO, Treasure Isle Recorders

VAIL Peter R.  American oceanographer and academic; Professor Emeritus, Earth Science Department, Rice University

VAILE, Hon. Mark Anthony James  Australian consultant and fmr politician; Chairman, SmartTrans Holdings Ltd

VAILLANT Daniel  French politician

VAILLAUD Pierre  French fmr oil industry executive

VAINIO Vesa Veikko  Finnish business executive

VAINO Anton Eduardovich  Russian (b. Estonian) diplomatist and politician; Chief of Staff of the Presidential Administration

VAINSHTEIN Aleksander Lvovich  Russian media executive and theatre producer

VAINSHTOK Semyon Mikhailovich  Russian business executive

VAISEY David George  British librarian and archivist; Fellow Emeritus, Exeter College, Oxford

VAITHILINGAM Thiru V.  Indian politician; Speaker, Puducherry Legislative Assembly

VAITIEKŪNAS Petras  Lithuanian diplomatist (retd) and politician

VAIZEY, Lady Marina   British (b. American) art critic, lecturer and writer

VAJDA György  Hungarian engineer

VAJDA Janos  Hungarian composer

VAJDI Shadab  Iranian poet

VAJNAR Frantisek  Czech conductor Died: 9 Dec. 2012

VAJPAYEE Atal Bihari  Indian politician Died: 16 Aug. 2018

VAJPEYI Ashok  Indian poet, essayist, critic and fmr civil servant

VAKARELIS Janis  Greek pianist

VAKHROMEYEV Geliy Sergeyevich  Russian scientist

VAKHROMEYEV Kyril Varfolomeyevich  

VAKSBERG Arkady Iosifovich  Russian writer, journalist and lawyer Died: 8 May 2011

VALA Vajubhai Rudabhai  Indian politician and state official; Governor of Karnataka

VALADARES DUPRET Luís António   Cabo Verde diplomatist

VALADE Pierre-André  French conductor

VALADIAN Margaret  Australian education administrator

VALAKIVI ÁLVAREZ Jakke Raimo Milagro  Peruvian economist and politician

VALASKAKIS Gail Guthrie  American/Canadian professor of communications studies Died: 19 July 2007

VALAYRE Sylvie  French singer (soprano)

VALCARCEL Edgar  Peruvian pianist and composer Died: 11 March 2010

VALCHEV Daniel Vassilev  Bulgarian academic and politician; Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education and Science

VALCOURT (Joseph) Bernard  Canadian politician and lawyer

VALCOURT Richard R.  American political scientist and academic; Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence

VÂLCOV Darius Bogdan  Romanian economist and politician

VALČUHA Juraj  Slovak conductor; Music Director, Teatro San Carlo, Naples

VALDENBERG Mikhail Romanovich  Russian aviation engineer

VALDES Alberto  Bolivian diplomatist and agricultural economist

VALDÉS Bebo  Cuban pianist, composer and arranger Died: 22 March 2013

VALDÉS Chucho  Cuban jazz musician (piano, keyboards) and bandleader

VALDÉS Juan Gabriel  Chilean politician and diplomatist

VALDES Maximiano  Chilean conductor

VALDES DANCUART, Gen. Oscar Eduardo  Peruvian politician and fmr army officer

VALDÉS MENÉNDEZ Ramiro (Ramirito)  Cuban government official; Vice-President

VALDÉS PULIDO Rodrigo  Chilean economist, academic and politician

VALDÉS ZACKY Dolores  American advertising executive; President, In Culture Communications LLC

VÁLDEZ ALBIZÚ Héctor   Dominican Republic economist and central banker; Governor, Banco Central de la República Dominicana

VALDEZ CARILLO Jorge Luis  Peruvian diplomatist

VALDEZ CUETO Sixto Julio  Bolivian journalist and diplomatist; Consul in Patagonia

VALDIVIESO MONTANO Luis Miguel   Peruvian economist, politician and diplomatist; President, Asociación de AFP Perú

VALDIVIESO SARMIENTO Alfonso  Colombian politician and diplomatist

VALDY  Canadian singer, songwriter, musician (guitar) and producer

VALE Ronald David  American biologist and academic; Professor and Vice-Chairman, Department of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology, University of California, San Francisco

VALE DE ALMEIDA João  Portuguese diplomatist and European Union official; Ambassador and Head of the European Union Delegation , United Nations

VÁLEK Vladimír  Czech conductor

VALENÇA PINTO, Gen. (retd) Luís Vasco  Portuguese military officer ( retd)

VALENCAK Hannelore   writer and poet Died: 9 April 2004

VALENCIA AMORES José Samuel   Ecuadorean politician and diplomatist; Minister of Foreign Affairs and Migration

VALENCIA BENAVIDES Andrés Leopoldo  Mexican diplomatist

VALENCIA COSSIO Fabio  Colombian politician and diplomatist

VALENCIA RODRÍGUEZ Luis   Ecuadorean diplomatist , lawyer and academic

VALENSI Nick  American musician (guitar)

VALENSISE Michele  Italian diplomatist

VALENTE Benita  American singer (lyric soprano)

VALENTE Francesca  Italian arts executive; Art Consultant, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

VALENTE Vasco Pulido  Portuguese diplomatist and academic; Research Coordinator, Instituto de Ciências Sociais, Universidade de Lisboa

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