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U-GOD  American MC and rap artist

UBAGO Álex  Spanish singer, songwriter and musician (guitar)

UBAIDULLAYEVA Rano  Uzbekistani politician and economist; Director, National Center of Public Opinion Study

UBAIDULLOYEV Mahmadsaid   Tajikistani politician and electrical engineer; President, National Assembly (Majlisi Milliy);

UBEDA RIVERA Gioconda  Costa Rican diplomatist and international organization official; Secretary-General, Agency for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean

UCH Kiman  Cambodian diplomatist ; Minister-Delegate in the Prime Minister's Office

UCHEAGWU Grace Ukamaka  Nigerian nurse and nursing school principal

UCHIDA Irene Ayako  Canadian scientist, paediatrician and academic Died: 30 July 2013

UCHIDA, Dame Mitsuko   Japanese/British pianist ; Artistic Director, Marlboro Music Festival

UCHIDA Tsuneji  Japanese electronics industry executive

UCHIDA Yukio  Japanese business executive; President and Representative Director, JX Holdings, Inc.

UCHINAGA Yukako  Japanese business executive

UCHITEL Aleksei Yefimovich  Russian film director; Founder and Director-General, Rock Studio

UCHIYAMADA Takeshi  Japanese automotive industry executive; Chairman and Representative Director, Toyota Motor Corporation

UCISIK Ahmet Hikmet  Turkish engineer and academic

UDAGAWA Hideko  Japanese violinist

UDALL Mark Emery  American politician

UDALL Stewart Lee  American politician Died: 20 March 2010

UDALL Thomas (Tom) S.  American lawyer and politician; Senator from New Mexico

UDALOVA Irina  Russian singer (soprano) Died: 12 Oct. 2016

UDALTSOV Sergei Stanislavovich   Russian lawyer and political activist; Chairman, Left Front

UDAY HUSSEIN  Iraqi militia leader, media executive and politician Died: 22 July 2003

UDEN Martin  British diplomatist (retd) and banking executive ; Government Liaison, HSBC

UDENFRIEND Sidney  American biologist Died: Dec. 1999

UDOVENKO Hennadiy Yosipovich  Ukrainian diplomatist and politician Died: 12 Feb. 2013

ŪDRE Ingrīda  Latvian politician

UDUGOV, Brig. -Gen. Movladi  Russian/Chechen economist and politician

UEBBER Bodo  German business executive

UEBERROTH Peter Victor  American sports administrator and business executive; Chairman and Managing Director, Contrarian Group Inc.

UEDA Hideaki  Japanese diplomatist ; Ambassador in Charge of Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs

UEHARA Ayako  Japanese pianist

UEHARA Haruya  Japanese banking executive

UEHARA Kosuke  Japanese politician

UEMATSU Kunihiko  Japanese engineer Died: 28 April 2009

UEMURA Hiroyuki  Japanese insurance industry executive

UENO Chizuko  Japanese sociologist and academic; Professor, Ritsumeikan University

UENO Hirofumi  Japanese banking executive

UFFEN Kenneth James  British diplomatist (retd)

UFFEN Robert James  Canadian geophysicist and academic Died: 18 July 2009

UGALDE Sylvia  Costa Rican diplomatist

UGEUX Georges  Belgian/American investment banker, lawyer, economist and financier; Chairman and CEO, Galileo Global Advisors LLC

UGGLAS, Baroness Margaretha af  Swedish foundation executive and fmr politician

UGLOW Euan  British artist and lecturer Died: 31 Aug. 2000

UGLOW Jennifer (Jenny) Sheila  British publisher (retd), biographer and writer

UGOLINI Giovanni Francesco  San Marino politician

UGORSKI Anatol  Russian pianist

UGRESIC Dubravka  Dutch (b. Croatian) novelist, essayist and literary scholar

UHDE Milan  Czech politician, journalist and playwright

UHL Petr  Czech human rights activist and journalist

UHLEN Gisela  Swiss actress and writer Died: 16 Jan. 2007

UHLIG Harald Friedrich Hans Volker Sigmar  German economist and academic; Professor of Economics, University of Chicago

UHLIK Tomislav  Croatian composer, conductor and academic; Professor, Zagreb Music Academy

UHNAK Dorothy  American writer Died: 8 July 2006

UHOMOIBHI Martin Ihoeghian  Nigerian diplomatist and UN official; Joint Special Representative for Darfur and Head, African Union–UN Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID), United Nations

UHRIG John Allan  Australian business executive (retd)

UHRMACHER Hildegard  German singer (soprano)

UHRMAN Celia  American artist and poet Died: 30 Jan. 1998

UHRMAN Esther  American social worker, artist, poet, writer and dramatist Died: 2 Feb. 2004

UI CHEALLAIGH Aine  Irish singer, musician (violin) and teacher

UJFALUSSY József  Hungarian musicologist Died: 22 Jan. 2010

UJIIE Junichi  Japanese business executive; Senior Advisor to the Board, Nomura Holdings Inc.

UKEC LUETH UKEC John  Sudanese diplomatist

UKEJE Rose Nonyem  Nigerian high court judge

UKIĆ Zoran  Croatian musician (drums) , composer and manager

ULAAN Chültemiin  Mongolian economist and politician

ULBRICH Andrea Edina  Hungarian-Italian singer (mezzo-soprano)

ULDUM Andreas René  Greenlandic social worker, musician and politician

ULEHLA Ludmila  American composer and pianist Died: 5 Dec. 2009

ULFUNG Ragnar  Norwegian singer (tenor) and opera producer

ULIBARRI-BILBAO Eduardo  Costa Rican journalist, academic and diplomatist; Permanent Representative, United Nations

ULIKI (WU LIJI)  Chinese politician

ULITSKAYA Ludmila Yevgenyevna  Russian writer and screenwriter

ULIVIERI Nicola  Italian singer (bass)

ULLENDORFF Edward  British academic Died: 6 March 2011

ULLENIUS Christina C. I.  Swedish scientist

ULLMAN Myron (Mike) Edward, III   American retail executive; Chairman, Mercy Ships International

ULLMAN Tracey  British actress and singer

ULLMANN Agnès  French (b. Romanian) microbiologist and academic; Professor Emerita, Institut Pasteur

ULLMANN Elisabeth  Austrian organist and academic

ULLMANN Jakob  German composer, organist and philosopher

ULLMANN Linn  Norwegian author , journalist and literary critic

ULLMANN Liv Johanne  Norwegian actress

ULLMANN Marcus  German singer (tenor)

ULLRICH Axel  German biochemist and academic; Director, Department of Molecular Biology, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry

ULLRICH Jan  German professional cyclist

ULLSTEN Ola  Swedish international organization official , diplomatist and fmr politician

ULMANIS Guntis  Latvian fmr head of state

ULMANN Martine Régine  French economist and civil servant

ULMER James Kenneth  American academic, poet and writer; Professor in English, Houston Baptist University

ULOUM Ibrahim Muhammad Bahr al-   Iraqi politician

ULRICH Jing  Chinese investment manager and business executive; Managing Director and Vice-Chairman, Asia Pacific, JPMorgan Chase

ULRICH Lars  Danish/American musician (drums)

ULRICH Robert (Bob) J.  American retail executive; Chairman Emeritus, Target Corporation

ULRICH Shari  American composer, musician (violin, mandolin, piano, guitar, dulcimer, flute), singer and broadcaster

ULRIK Hans Jensen  Danish musician (saxophone, flute)

ULSTRUP Thomas Viderø  Danish musician (moog synthesizers, keyboards, modified piano), composer, agent and teacher


ULUFA’ALU Bartholomew  Solomon Islands politician Died: 25 May 2007

ULUSU, Adm. (retd) Bülent   Turkish politician and naval officer (retd) Died: 23 Dec. 2015

ULVÆUS Björn Kristian   Swedish songwriter, musician (guitar), singer and producer

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