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QABOOS BIN SAID AS-SAID, Sultan of Oman   ; Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Defence and Finance

QADER Akramul  Bangladeshi diplomatist ; Ambassador to USA

QADIR Irfan  Pakistani lawyer and government official

QADIR Shahid  British political scientist and academic; Honorary Research Associate, Royal Holloway, University of London

QADRI Muhammad Tahir-ul-  Pakistani politician, scholar and fmr academic ; Founder and Chairman, Minhaj-ul-Quran International

QADRI Waqas  Danish producer and MC

QAEED Yousef al-  Egyptian novelist and writer

QAHTAN, Maj. -Gen. Abd al-Qader   Yemeni academic and politician

QAHTANI Hisham bin Sultan bin Zafir al-  Saudi Arabian diplomatist

QAHTANI, Sheikh  Saudi Arabian business executive; Chairman, Abdel Hadi Abdullah Al-Qahtani Group of Companies

QAMAR Syed Naveed  Pakistani politician

QÄMBÄR İsa Yunis oğlu  Azerbaijani politician and historian

QANDIL Hisham Mohamed  Egyptian water resources engineer and politician

QANOONI Younis  Afghan politician; Leader, Hizb-i Afghanistan-i Naween (New Afghanistan Party)

QARABALÏN Uzaqbay Süleymenulı   Kazakhstani politician and government official; Minister of Oil and Gas

QARADAWI Ilham Yousef al-  Qatari physicist and academic; Professor of Nuclear Physics, Qatar University

QARASE Laisenia  Fijian politician; Leader, Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA)

QASEM Subhi  Jordanian agriculturalist, politician and academic; Professor Emeritus, University of Jordan

QASIMI, HE Sheikha Hoor Al-  United Arab Emirates artist , curator and art foundation director; President, Sharjah Art Foundation

QASIMI, Sheikha Lubna bint Khalid bin Sultan al-  United Arab Emirates information technology manager, business executive and government official ; Minister of Development and International Co-operation

QASIMI, HH Sheikh Saqr bin Muhammad al-  United Arab Emirates Died: 27 Oct. 2010

QASIMI, HH Sheikh Saud ibn Saqr al-  United Arab Emirates ruler; Ruler of Ras al-Khaimah

QASIMI, HH Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad al-  United Arab Emirates

QASIMOV Alim  Azerbaijani singer and musician (mugham)

QASIMOV, Gen. Qalmuxanbet Nurmuxanbetulı  Kazakhstani army officer and government official; Minister of Internal Affairs

QASSEM, Sheikh Naim  Lebanese politician; Deputy Secretary-General, Hezbollah

QASSEMI, HH Sheikh Sultan Sooud al-  United Arab Emirates business executive and political commentator

QASSIS Nabil  Palestinian physicist, academic and politician

QAWASMI Hani al-  Palestinian academic and fmr government official

QAYYUM Malik Muhammad  Pakistani lawyer, judge and government official

QAZI Ashraf Jehangir  Pakistani diplomatist

QAZI Moin  Indian bank executive, writer and poet

QAZIXANOV Erjan  Kazakhstani diplomatist and politician

QI Huaiyuan  Chinese diplomatist and state official; President, Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries

QI Zhala  Chinese (Tibetan) government official; Governor, Tibet Autonomous Region

QI GONG (Aisin Giorro)  Chinese calligrapher and professor Died: 30 June 2005

QIAN Guanlin  Chinese politician

QIAN, Gen. Guoliang  Chinese army officer

QIAN Lingxi  Chinese university professor and civil engineer Died: 20 April 2009

QIAN Liren  Chinese party official

QIAN Qichen  Chinese diplomatist and state official Died: 9 May 2017

QIAN Renyuan  Chinese chemist and academic

QIAN, Gen. Shugen  Chinese army officer

QIAN Weichang  Chinese physicist and mathematician Died: 30 July 2010

QIAN Xinbo  Chinese journalist

QIAN Xuesen  Chinese scientist Died: 31 Oct. 2009

QIAN Yi  Chinese environmental scientist and academic; Professor, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering , Tsinghua University

QIAN Yongchang  Chinese politician; President, China Communication & Transportation Association

QIAN Yunlu  Chinese politician

QIAN Zhengying  Chinese engineer and government official

QIAN LINZHAO  Chinese scientist Died: 26 July 1999

QIANG Xiaochu  Chinese party official

QIAO Baoping  Chinese economist and business executive; Chairman, China Guodian Corporation

QIAO Shi  Chinese party official (retd) Died: 14 June 2015

QIAO Shibo  Chinese business executive

QIAO Shiguang  Chinese artist

QIN Huasun  Chinese diplomatist (retd)

QIN Jiaming  Chinese railway executive

QIN Wencai  Chinese energy industry executive

QIN Xiao  Chinese business executive; Chairman, Boyuan Foundation

QIN Yi  Chinese film actress

QIRBI Abu Bakr Abdallah al-  Yemeni medical consultant and politician; Minister of Foreign Affairs

QIU Bojun  Chinese business executive; Chairman, Zhuhai Jinshan Computer Co. Ltd

QIU Chunpu  Chinese business executive

QIU Guohong  Chinese diplomatist; Ambassador to South Korea

QIU Xiaoqi  Chinese diplomatist; Ambassador to Mexico

QIZILBASH Asad  Pakistani musician (sarod)

QOMI Hassan Kazemi  Iranian diplomatist

Q-TIP  American rap artist

QU Geping  Chinese administrator

QU Xing  Chinese political scientist and diplomatist ; President, China Institute of International Studies

QU Xixian  Chinese composer Died: 19 March 2008

QUACHEY Lucia Akosua  Ghanaian business executive

QUADEN, Baron  Belgian economist and banker

QUADFLIEG Will  German actor and director Died: 27 Dec. 2003

QUADRIO CURZIO Alberto  Italian economist and professor of political economy; Professor Emeritus of Political Economy of Institutions , Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan

QUAH Danny  British (b. Malaysian) economist and academic

QUAID Dennis  American actor

QUAITI Monasser al-  Yemeni economist and central banker; Governor, Central Bank of Yemen

QUAKE Stephen R.  American biophysicist and academic; Professor of Bioengineering, Stanford University

QUALTROUGH Carla  Canadian lawyer and politician; Minister of Sport, and Persons with Disabilities

QUAM Lois E.  American business executive and government official; Executive Director, Global Health Initiative, US Department of State

QUAN Shuren  Chinese party and government official

QUAN Zhenghuan  Chinese muralist, painter and academic

QUANDT William Bauer  American political scientist, academic and writer; Edward R. Stettinius Jr Professor Emeritus of Politics, University of Virginia

QUANT, Dame Mary   British fashion, cosmetic and textile designer; Joint Chairperson, Mary Quant Limited

QUARRACINO, HE Cardinal Antonio  Argentine ecclesiastic Died: 28 Feb. 1998

QUARREY David  British diplomatist; Ambassador to Israel

QUARRIE Donald (Don)  Jamaican athletic coach and fmr athlete

QUARRINGTON Joel  Canadian musician (double bass); Principal Double Bassist, London Symphony Orchestra

QUARTA Roberto  American (b. Italian) business executive; Partner and Chairman, Clayton, Dubilier & Rice Europe

QUARTARARO Florence  American singer (soprano) Died: 1994

QUARTON Marjorie  Irish farmer, writer, freelance journalist, editor, writing tutor and dog breeder

QUASTHOFF Thomas  German singer (bass-baritone); Professor, Hanns Eisler Music University

QUATRO Susan Kay (Suzi)  American rock singer, songwriter, musician (bass guitar, drums, piano), radio presenter and actor

QUAYE Finley  British singer

QUAYES Mohamed Mijarul  Bangladeshi academic, diplomatist and government official Died: 11 March 2017

QUAYLE James Danforth (Dan)  American international business consultant and fmr politician; Chairman, Cerberus Global Investments LLC

QUAYLE Quinton Mark  British diplomatist (retd)

QUBAISI Amal Abdullah Juma Karam Al  United Arab Emirates politician and academic; President and Speaker, Federal National Council

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