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PÄÄBO Svante  Swedish biologist and academic; Director, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

PAAKKUNAINEN Seppo Toivo Juhani ‘Baron’  Finnish jazz and folk composer, arranger and musician (flute, saxophone)

PAAR Vladimir  Croatian physicist and academic; Professor of Physics, Zagreb University

PAASIKIVI Lilli  Finnish singer (mezzo-soprano)

PAASIO Pertti Kullervo  Finnish politician and organization official

PABISCH Peter Karl  American/Austrian poet, artist and academic; University Professor Emeritus, University of New Mexico

PABLO ROSSO Pedro  Chilean paediatrician, academic and university administrator; Professor Emeritus, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

PABRIKS Artis  Latvian politician, political scientist and academic

PABST Michael  Austrian singer (tenor)

PACARI VEGA Nina  Ecuadorean lawyer and politician

PACE Patrizia  Italian singer (soprano)

PACE, Gen. (retd) Peter  American management consultant and military officer (retd); Chairman, Haystax Technology, Inc.

PACEA Ion  Romanian painter Died: Sept. 1999

PAČES Vaclav  Czech biochemist and academic; Chairman, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

PACH Zsigmond Pál  Hungarian historian Died: 9 Sept. 2001

PACHACHI Adnan  Iraqi politician and diplomatist (retd)

PACHAURI Rajendra Kumar  Indian economist, academic, research director and international organization official

PACHE Bernard  French business executive and engineer Died: 28 Aug. 2013

PACHE Jean  Swiss poet and writer Died: 2001

PACHECO Abel  Costa Rican psychiatrist , writer and fmr head of state

PACHECO José Condungua António   Mozambican politician; Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation

PACHECO José Emilio  Mexican writer and poet Died: 26 Jan. 2014

PACHECO GUTIERREZ, Adm. Armando  Bolivian naval officer

PACHECO LUÍZ GOMES José   Portuguese diplomatist

PACHECO MATTE Máximo  Chilean economist, business executive and politician

PACHTA-REYHOFEN Georg  German engineer and business executive

PACINI Sophie  German-Italian pianist

PACINO Al (Alfredo James)  American actor

PACIOREK Grażyna  Polish composer

PACK Doris  German politician

PACK Robert  American academic, poet and writer

PACKER George  American journalist, writer and playwright

PACKER James Douglas  Australian media company executive; Co-Chairman, Melco Crown Entertainment

PACKER Kerry Francis Bullmore  Australian business executive Died: 26 Dec. 2005

PACKER, Sir Richard John  British business executive and fmr government official

PACKER William John  English artist, art critic and teacher

PACKER Zuwena Z.  American writer and academic

PACKHAM Blair James Marc  Canadian singer, songwriter, composer and musician (guitar); President, Blare! Music Inc.

PACKWOOD Bob  American politician and lawyer

PACOLLI Behgjet Isa  Kosovo/Swiss business executive and politician; First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs

PACQUEMENT Alfred  French museum administrator; Director, Musée National d’Art Moderne, Centre Pompidou

PACQUIAO Emmanuel (Manny) Dapidran   Philippine professional boxer, politician, actor and singer

PACZYNSKI Georges  French musician (drums)

PADAR Ivari  Estonian politician

PADDA Bali  British business executive; CEO and President, Lego Group

PADDISON Ronan  British geographer and academic; Professor of Geography, University of Glasgow

PADEL Ruth  British poet, writer and journalist

PADEN Jurica  Croatian composer, musician (guitar) and singer

PADEN Thomas (Tom) C.  American songwriter, publisher and musician (piano); Owner, Paden Place Music

PADFIELD Peter Lawrence Notton  British author and historian

PADGAONKAR Dileep  Indian journalist Died: 25 Nov. 2016

PADGETT Ron  American poet, writer and translator

PADGETT Stephen  British political scientist and academic; Professor of Government, University of Strathclyde

PADGHAM Hugh Charles  British record producer and engineer

PADHY Pravat Kumar  Indian geologist and poet; General Manager, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation

PADILLA Ignacio  Mexican writer, novelist, academic and diplomatist Died: 20 Aug. 2016

PADILLA James (Jim) J.  American automobile industry executive (retd); Chairman, Magellan Fuel Solutions Inc.

PADILLA José  Spanish producer, remixer and DJ

PADILLA ARANCIBIA, Gen. David  Bolivian army officer and fmr head of state Died: 25 Sept. 2016

PADILLA DE LEÓN, Gen. (retd) Freddy   Colombian army officer, government official and diplomatist

PADILLA GIL Dora Nancy  Colombian biologist, heteropterist and academic

PADILLA TOÑOS Pedro Luciano   Dominican Republic economist and diplomatist

PADIYARA, HE Cardinal Anthony  Indian ecclesiastic Died: 23 March 2000

PADMANABAN Anandam  Indian civil servant and writer

PADMANABHAN Neela  Indian engineer (retd), poet and writer

PADMORE Elaine Marguirite  British artistic director, broadcaster , singer, lecturer and writer

PADMORE Mark Joseph  British singer (tenor)

PADO Martin  Slovak politician

PADOA-SCHIOPPA Tommaso  Italian banker, economist and government official Died: 18 Dec. 2010

PADOAN Pier Carlo  Italian economist, international organization executive, academic and government official

PAĎOUROVÁ Lýdie   Czech singer (mezzo-soprano) and teacher

PADOVANI Jean-Marc  French musician (saxophone) and composer

PADOVANO Anthony Thomas  American academic and writer; Distinguished Professor of Literature and Philosophy , Ramapo College of New Jersey

PADRINO LÓPEZ Vladimir  Venezuelan military commander and politician; Minister of Defence

PADRÓS David  Spanish composer and pianist

PADROS Jaime  Spanish composer and pianist Died: 15 April 2007

PADUKONE Deepika  Indian film actress and fashion model

PADURA FUENTES Leonardo  Cuban novelist, essayist and critic

PADVA Genrikh Pavlovich  Russian lawyer; Managing Partner, Padva & Partners

PAE Chong-yeul  South Korean electronics industry executive

PAEFFGEN Gilbert  German musician (drums, hammered dulcimer) and composer

PAEK Nam-sun  North Korean government official and diplomatist Died: 2 Jan. 2007

PAEK Ryong-chon  North Korean government official and central banker; Governor, Central Bank of the DPRK

PAEK Yung-sun  South Korean diplomatist

PAEMEN Hugo  Belgian diplomatist and international civil servant

PAENIU, Rt Hon Bikenibeu  Tuvaluan politician and economist

PAES Leander Adrian  Indian professional tennis player

PAES de SOUSA Rômulo  Brazilian epidemiologist, public policy adviser and international organization official; Senior Investigator, Fiocruz

PAET Urmas  Estonian journalist and politician

PÁEZ ÁVALOS Rodolfo (Fito)  Argentine musician (piano), singer, songwriter, film director and scriptwriter

PAFFRATH Hans-Georg  German art dealer Died: 18 Sept. 2013

PAGAN Adrian Rodney  Australian economist and academic; Professor Emeritus of Economics, University of Sydney

PAGANI Rémy  Swiss writer and politician

PAGANO Emmanuelle  French writer

PAGANO Gino  Italian business executive

PAGBALHA Geleg Namgyai  Chinese administrator; Vice-Chairman of National Committee, 12th Chinese People's Political Consultative Congress

PAGE Andrew John Walter  British diplomatist

PAGE Anne  Australian organist

PAGE Ashley  British classical dancer, choreographer, artistic director and opera director

PAGE Bruce  British journalist

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