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NA-RANONG Kittiratt  Thai financial services industry executive and government official

NAAF Dagmar  German singer (mezzo-soprano)

NAAMANI Houda K. al-  Lebanese poet and artist

NAARENDORP Harvey Harold  Suriname lawyer, government official and diplomatist

NÄÄTÄNEN Risto Kalervo   Finnish psychologist and academic; Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Tartu

NABARRO David  British physician, public health official and UN official; Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, United Nations

NABARRO Frank Reginald Nunes  British physicist and academic Died: 20 July 2006

NABÉ Louceny  Guinean central banker and fmr politician; Governor, Banque Centrale de la République de Guinée

NABHAN Walid  Maltese

NABI Mohammed Abdel  Egyptian author and translator

NABIULLINA Elvira Sakhipzadovna   Russian economist, government official and central banker; Governor, Bank Rossii—Central Bank of the Russian Federation

NABLI Mustapha Kamel  Tunisian economist, academic, consultant and fmr central banker ; Chairman, Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP)

NABORS James (Jim) Thurston  American entertainer, actor and musician (piano) Died: 30 Nov. 2017

NACHTIGALL Dieter  German physicist and academic Died: 26 July 2010

NACHTWEY James  American photojournalist and war photographer

NACUA Mahmoud  Libyan political activist, writer and diplomatist; Ambassador to UK

NADAL PARERA Rafael (Rafa)  Spanish professional tennis player

NADAR Shiv  Indian business executive, engineer and philanthropist; Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer, HCL Technologies

NADAREISHVILI Zurab  Georgian composer

NÁDAS Péter  Hungarian novelist, essayist and playwright

NÁDASDY Adam  Hungarian poet

NADAUS Roland  French writer and poet

NADELLA Satya  American (b. Indian) computer industry executive; CEO, Microsoft Corporation

NADELMANN Noëmi   singer (soprano)

NADER Ralph  American lawyer, author and consumer advocate

NADICH Judah  American rabbi and writer Died: 26 Aug. 2007

NADINGAR Emmanuel  Chadian politician

NADIR Asil  Turkish Cypriot/British fmr business executive

NADJ ABONJI Melinda  Swiss author, singer and musician

NADLER Sheila  American singer (mezzo-soprano)

NADOLNY Sten  German writer

NADOR Magda  Hungarian singer (soprano)

NADZAM Bonnie  American author

NAEEM Mohamed Monaza  Maldivian business executive and politician

NAEEM Mohammad  Pakistani physicist; Chairman, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission

NAEEMI Abdul Jabbar  Afghan diplomatist , politician and government official

NAEF Yvonne  Swiss singer (mezzo-soprano)

NAEGELE Philipp Otto  American/German violinist , violist and academic Died: 31 Jan. 2011

NAEGLE Sue  American television executive; President, HBO Entertainment

NAEK Farooq Hamid  Pakistani lawyer and politician

NAFAR Tamer  Israeli (Arabic) rapper

NAFE Alicia   singer (mezzo-soprano)

NAFEH Ibrahim  Egyptian journalist

NAFFAH Fouad Georges  Lebanese politician and lawyer

NAFISEE Khalid Abdalrazaq Al-  Saudi Arabian chemical engineer, business executive and diplomatist

NAFISI Azar  Iranian writer and academic; Executive Director, Dialogue Project, School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University

NAFORNITA Valentina  Moldovan singer (soprano)

NAFTALI Ben   (Deceased)

NAG Dipali  Indian musician and musicologist Died: 20 Dec. 2009

NAG Rajat Mohan  Canadian engineer, economist and financial analyst ; Managing Director General, Asian Development Bank

NAGA Alobo  Indian singer, songwriter and musician (piano, guitar)

NAGAE Shusaku  Japanese business executive; Chairman, Panasonic Corporation

NAGAI Kiyoshi  Japanese biologist and academic; Senior Research Scientist, Structural Studies Division , Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology

NAGAI Koji  Japanese financial services executive; Group CEO, Nomura Holdings, Inc.

NAGAI Yohei  Japanese musical instrument researcher

NAGAKURA Saburo  Japanese scientist

NAGAMINE Yasumasa  Japanese politician and diplomatist; Ambassador to South Korea

NAGAMOOTOO Moses Veerasammy  Guyanese journalist, lawyer and politician; Prime Minister and First Vice-President

NAGANO Kent  American conductor; General Music Director and Chief Conductor, Hamburg State Opera

NAGANO Tsuyoshi  Japanese business executive; President and CEO, Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc.

NAGAO Makoto  Japanese academic and engineer; President, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)

NAGARE Masayuki  Japanese sculptor

NAGARKAR Kiran  Indian writer and playwright

NAGASE Jinen  Japanese politician

NAGASHIMA Shigeo  Japanese professional baseball player and manager (retd)

NAGATA Masao  Japanese business executive

NAGATA Takao  Japanese business executive

NAGATO Masatsugu  Japanese business executive; President and CEO, Japan Post Holdings Company Ltd

NAGATSUKA Ryuji  Japanese academic and writer

NAGATSUMA Akira  Japanese lawyer and politician

NAGAYAMA Osamu  Japanese business executive; Chairman, Sony Corporation

NAGAYASU Katsunori  Japanese business executive; Senior Advisor, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Limited

NAGEL Andrés  Spanish artist

NAGEL Günter  German landscape architect

NAGEL Ivan  German professor of aesthetics and history of performing arts Died: 9 April 2012

NAGEL Mónica B.  Costa Rican lawyer, international organization official and fmr government official

NAGEL Paul Chester  American historian and writer Died: 22 May 2011

NAGEL Thomas  American academic; Professor of Philosophy and Law, School of Law, New York University

NÄGELE Barbara  Austrian recorder player

NAGELSTAD Catherine  American singer (soprano)

NAGGAR Zaghloul Raghib an-  Egyptian geologist and academic; Chairman, Committee of Scientific Notions in the Quran

NAGRA Daljit  British poet and teacher; Poetry Tutor, Faber Academy

NAGUCKA Ruta Rafaela  Polish academic; Professor Emerita, Jagiellonian University

NAGUIB, Patriarch Antonios  Egyptian ecclesiastic and academic; Patriarch Emeritus of Alexandria (Coptic)

NAGY Gáspár  Hungarian poet, writer and editor Died: 4 Jan. 2007

NAGY Janos B.  Hungarian singer (tenor)

NAGY Paul  Hungarian writer

NAGY Peter Alan  American artist, curator and gallery owner; Founder and Director, Nature Morte Gallery

NAGY Phyllis  American/British playwright, filmmaker and theatre director

NAGY Robert  American singer (tenor) Died: 7 Nov. 2008

NAHAL Chaman Lal  Indian writer Died: 29 Nov. 2013

NAHLES Andrea Maria  German politician; Chairman, Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands

NAHM Werner  German mathematical physicist and academic; Director and Senior Professor, School of Theoretical Physics, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies

NAHNAH, Sheikh Mahfoud  Algerian politician Died: 20 June 2003

NAHODHA Shamsi Vuai  Tanzanian politician

NAHÓN (Maria) Cecilia  Argentine government official and diplomatist

NAHORNY Włodzimierz  Polish pianist and composer

NAHRA Nancy Ann  American poet, novelist and academic; Professor of Humanities, Champlain College

NAHYAN, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed an-  United Arab Emirates government official and diplomatist ; Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation

NAHYAN, Sheikh Ahmed bin Zayed an-  United Arab Emirates business executive and government official Died: 26 March 2010

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