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M. Boštjan  Slovenian musician (drums, percussion)

M. Tomi  Slovenian singer and musician (guitar)

MA Canrong  Chinese diplomatist

MA Feng  Chinese writer Died: 2004

MA Fucai  Chinese oil industry executive

MA Hong  Chinese economist Died: 28 Oct. 2007

MA Huateng  Chinese telecommunications executive ; Chairman and CEO, Tencent

MA Jack  Chinese business executive; Founder, Alibaba Group

MA Jian  Chinese writer

MA Kai  Chinese politician

MA Mary  Chinese business executive; Non-Executive Vice-Chair, Lenovo Group Holdings

MA Mingzhe  Chinese business executive; Chairman and CEO, Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China Limited

MA Qingyun  Chinese architect and academic; Dean, School of Architecture, University of Southern California

MA Qizhi  Chinese politician

MA Sizhong  Chinese party and state official

MA Van Khang  Vietnamese writer

MA Wanfan  Chinese business executive

MA Wanqi (Ma Man Kei)  Chinese politician and business executive Died: 26 May 2014

MA Weihua  Chinese economist and business executive

MA Wen  Chinese government official

MA Xinsheng  Chinese economist, engineer and business executive; Chairman, Bailian Group Company Limited

MA Xiuhong  Chinese government official; Vice-Minister of Commerce

MA Ying-jeou  Taiwanese politician, academic and fmr head of state

MA Yo-Yo  American cellist

MA Yongwei  Chinese banker

MA Yuan  Chinese judge

MA Yuzhen  Chinese diplomatist

MA Zehua  Chinese economist and business executive; Chairman, China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company (COSCO)

MA Zhaoxu  Chinese diplomatist ; Permanent Representative, United Nations

MA Zhengang  Chinese diplomatist

MA Zhongchen  Chinese party official

MA Zonglin  Chinese business executive

MA DAYOU  Chinese acoustician Died: 4 March 2000

MA SI-HANG Frederick  Hong Kong business executive and fmr government official


MA TAO-LI, Hon. Geoffrey  Hong Kong barrister and judge; Chief Justice, Court of Final Appeal of Hong Kong

MAAETOFT Nils  Danish singer, songwriter and musician (guitar)

MA'AFU, Lord  Tongan politician and fmr military officer

MAAG Peter  Swiss conductor Died: 16 April 2001

MA’AHANUA Joseph  Solomon Islands diplomatist

MAAIT Mohamed Ahmed  Egyptian academic, financial executive and politician; Minister of Finance

MAAJAR Mwanaidi Sinare  Tanzanian lawyer and diplomatist; Chairperson, Vodacom Tanzania Limited

MAAL Baaba  Senegalese singer, musician (guitar) and songwriter

MAALIM Mahboub M.  Kenyan engineer and international organization official; Executive Secretary, Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD)

MAALOUF Amin  Lebanese/French writer

MAALOUF Maria  Lebanese journalist, television presenter and media executive

MAALY Khalid al-  Iraqi poet, writer, translator and publisher

MAAMAU Taneti  I-Kiribati politician and head of state; President

MAAN Gurdas  Indian singer, songwriter and actor

MAAROUFI Abdallah al-  Moroccan diplomatist and economist

MAAS Heiko  German lawyer and politician; Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs

MAAS Timo  German producer, remixer and DJ

MAASIKAS Matti  Estonian government official and diplomatist ; Permanent Representative, European Union

MAASS-GEIGER Joachim  German singer (bass-baritone)

MAATHAI Wangari Muta  Kenyan ecologist, international organization official and politician Died: 26 Sept. 2011

MAAZEL Lorin  American conductor and musician Died: 13 July 2014

MABANCKOU Alain  French writer and academic; Professor of French and Francophone Studies, University of California, Los Angeles

MABANDLA Brigitte S.  South African politician; Minister of Public Enterprises

MABBETT Ian William  British historian and academic; Adjunct Research Fellow, Monash University

MABEY Richard Thomas  British writer and broadcaster

MABHENA Sinqobile Bahle  Zimbabwean tribal chief

MABILANGAN Felipe H.  Philippine diplomatist and international organization official; Senior Foreign Affairs Adviser

MABKHOUT Shukri al-  Tunisian novelist and university administrator; President, Manouba University

MABROUK Ezzidin Ali  Libyan politician

MABUS Joel Dwight  American singer, songwriter and musician (guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin)

MABUS, Hon. Raymond (Ray) Edwin, Jr   American government official, lawyer, consultant and fmr politician

MABUZA Clement  Swazi diplomatist

MABUZA David  South African politician and fmr teacher; Vice-President

MABUZA Lindiwe  South African diplomatist

MABY Graham Geoffrey  British musician (bass guitar, guitar) and singer

McCORMACK Mike  Irish writer

MacKERNAN Pádraic  Irish diplomatist Died: 25 Jan. 2010

McADAM Colin  Canadian writer

McADAM Douglas John  American academic and writer; Ray Lyman Wilbur Professor of Sociology and Director of Urban Studies, Stanford University

McADAM Lowell C.  American engineer and telecommunications industry executive; Chairman and CEO, Verizon Communications Inc.

MacADAMS Lewis  American poet, journalist and film producer

McADAMS Ryan Bell  American conductor; Music Director, New York Youth Symphony Orchestra

MACADIE Jeremy James  British diplomatist (retd)

MACAIRE Robert Nigel Paul  British diplomatist ; Ambassador to Iran

MÁCAL Zdeněk  Czech conductor

MacALAN Peter  

McALEESE Mary Patricia  Irish academic, journalist and fmr head of state; Distinguished Professor in Irish Studies, St Mary’s University

McALISKEY (Josephine) Bernadette Devlin  Irish fmr politician, social enterprise manager, lecturer and writer; Programmes Co-ordinator, South Tyrone Empowerment Programme (STEP)

McALISTER Barbara  American singer (mezzo-soprano)

McALL Barnaby (Barney) Jonathon   Australian jazz musician (piano) and composer


McALLISTER Ian  Irish/Australian political scientist and academic; Professor of Political Science in the Research School of Social Sciences, Institute of Advanced Studies, Australian National University

McALLISTER, Sir Ian Gerald  British transport industry executive

McALMONT David Irving  British singer and lyricist

McALOON Patrick (Paddy) Joseph   British musician, singer and songwriter

McALPINE Katherine  American singer, voice teacher, poet and writer

McALPINE Rachel Phyllis  New Zealand poet, writer and web consultant

MacALPINE Tony  American rock musician (guitar, piano)

McALPINE William  British singer (tenor) Died: 2 Feb. 2004

MACAN Tom  British diplomatist (retd)

McANALLY Mac  American country music singer, songwriter, record producer and musician (guitar, keyboards, mandolin, percussion)

McANDREW Fiona  Irish/Australian singer (soprano)

McANDREW Ian  British artist manager; CEO, Wildlife Entertainment

MacANN Rodney   singer (baritone)

McANUFF Des  American/Canadian producer, director and writer

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