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LA BARBARA Joan Lotz  American composer, singer and writer


LA FOREST Gerard V.  Canadian lawyer, academic and fmr judge ; Counsel, Stewart McKelvie Stirling Scales

LA FORTUNE Knolly Stephen  Trinidad and Tobago teacher (retd), poet and writer

LA GATTUTA Margo  American poet and teacher Died: 22 Aug. 2011

LA GRENADE Cécile Ellen Fleurette  Grenadian food technologist and public servant; Governor-General

LA LIME Helen R. Meagher  American diplomatist ; Ambassador to Angola


LA MOMPOSINA Totó  Colombian singer, dancer and teacher

LA MONTAINE John  American composer Died: 29 April 2013

LA PIERRE John   singer (tenor)

LA PLANTE Lynda  British television dramatist and novelist; Chairman, La Plante Productions Ltd

LA PORTE-PITICCO Laurie Margaret   Canadian singer, songwriter and musician (rhythm guitar, mandolin)

LA RIVIÈRE Jan Willem Maurits   Dutch environmental biologist and academic Died: 24 Aug. 2016

LA ROCHE Marie-Elaine A.  American banking executive (retd)

LaRUE (Adrian) Jan Pieters   academic Died: 2004

LA RUSSA Ignazio  Italian lawyer and politician

LA TOURETTE Jacqueline  American writer Died: 25 Jan. 2002

LA TOURETTE John Ernest  American economist and academic

LA YACONA Maria  American photographer

LAÂBI Abdellatif  Moroccan poet, novelist, essayist and translator

LAADE Wolfgang   ethnomusicologist Died: 2013

LAAFAI Monise  Tuvaluan politician; Minister of Communications and Transport

LAAGE Gerhart  German architect and town planner

LAAJAVA Jaakko  Finnish diplomatist and government official

LAAKMAN Willem   singer (bass-baritone)

LAANEOTS, Lt-Gen. Ants  Estonian army officer

LAANET Kalle  Estonian police officer and government official

LAAR Mart  Estonian historian and politician ; Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Bank of Estonia

LAÂRAYEDH Ali  Tunisian politician

LABADIE Bernard  Canadian conductor; Music Director, Les Violons du Roy and La Chapelle de Québec

LABAKI Nadine  Lebanese actress and director

LABARDAKIS Augoustinos  Greek ecclesiastic ; Greek Orthodox Metropolitan of Germany and Exarch of Central Europe

LABARGE Suzanne  Canadian banking executive (retd); Chancellor, McMasters University

LABARRÈRE-PAULÉ André  French politician and academic Died: 16 May 2006

LABARRIERE Jacques  French composer, arranger and musician (piano)

LABBEN Salwa Ayachi  Tunisian politician

LABELLE Dominique  Canadian singer (soprano)

LABELLE Huguette  Canadian international organization executive and fmr civil servant; Chair, Transparency International

LABELLE Patti  American singer and actress

LABÈQUE Katia  French pianist

LABÈQUE Marielle  French pianist

LABERGE Andrée  Canadian novelist

LABERGE Marie  Canadian playwright, author, poet and editor

LABIDI Hamida M’rabet  Tunisian lawyer and diplomatist

LABIN Suzanne  French writer and journalist Died: 22 Jan. 2001

LABIS Attilio  French ballet dancer, academic , choreographer and writer

LABOMBARD Joan  American poet Died: 23 Dec. 2016

LABRECQUE Thomas G.  American banker Died: 16 Oct. 2000

LABRIE Fernand  Canadian endocrinologist, physician and academic; President and CEO, Endoceutics Inc.

LABRO Philippe  French screenwriter , director and actor

LABROUSSE Jeanne  French business executive; Consultant, Jeanne Labrousse Conseil

LABUDA Gerard  Polish historian and academic Died: 1 Oct. 2010

LABUDA Izabela   singer (soprano)

LABUS Miroljub  Serbian economist, academic, lawyer and fmr politician ; Professor, Department of Economics, Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade

LaBUTE Neil  American playwright, film writer and director

LACALLE HERRERA Luis Alberto  Uruguayan farmer, lawyer and fmr head of state

LACAMBRA MONTERO Carmen  Spanish librarian

LACANT Jacques  French university professor and literary critic Died: 12 Aug. 2002

LACARTE-MURÓ Julio  Uruguayan international civil servant and diplomat Died: 4 March 2016

LACATON Anne  French architect; Partner, Lacaton & Vassal Architects

LACAZE, Gen. Jeannou  French politician and army officer Died: 1 Aug. 2005

LACEY Richard Westgarth  British microbiologist and academic

LACEY Robert  British writer

LACHANCE Janice Rachel  American lawyer and organization official; CEO Emeritus, Special Libraries Association

LaCHAPELLE David  American photographer

LACHENMANN Helmut  German composer

LACHMANN Elisabeth   singer (soprano)

LACHMANN Henri  French business executive; Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Schneider Electric SA

LACHMANN, Sir Peter Julius  British immunologist; Sheila Joan Smith Professor Emeritus of Immunology, University of Cambridge

LACHOUT Karel  Czech composer, musicologist, writer , pianist and teacher

LACHOWSKI Sławomir  Polish banking executive and business consultant; Founder, Consulting SL

LACINA Ferdinand  Austrian banker and fmr politician

LACK Andrew  American media industry executive; Chairman and CEO, NBC News

LÄCKBERG (Jean Edith) Camilla   Swedish crime novelist

LACKEY Kathleen (Kate) J.  New Zealand diplomatist

LACKEY Mercedes  American writer

LACKIN Winston G.  Suriname politician

LACKNER Christopher  New Zealand singer (baritone) ; Chorister, Royal Opera House

LACLOTTE Michel René  French museum director

LACOMBE Henri  French oceanographer Died: 4 June 2000

LACOMBE Jacques  Canadian conductor; Chief Conductor, Bonn Opera

LACOSTE Catherine  French amateur golfer

LACOSTE Paul  Canadian university administrator

LACOTTE Urs  Swiss international organization executive; Special Adviser, International Olympic Committee

LACOUTURE Jean Marie-Gérard   French writer Died: 16 July 2015

LACROIX Christian Marie Marc  French fashion designer

LACROIX, HE Cardinal Gérald Cyprien  Canadian ecclesiastic, academic and diplomatist; Archbishop of Québec and Primate of Canada

LACROIX Hubert T.  Canadian lawyer and broadcasting executive; President and CEO, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/Radio-Canada

LACROIX Jean-Pierre  French diplomatist and UN official; Under-Secretary-General, UN Peacekeeping Operations

LACSON Panfilo Morena ‘Ping’   Philippine politician

LACUNZA MAESTROJUÁN, HE Cardinal José Luis  Panamanian (b. Spanish) ecclesiastic; Bishop of David

LACY Alan J.  American business executive and financial analyst

LACY Steve  American jazz musician (soprano saxophone) and songwriter Died: 4 June 2004

ŁĄCZKOWSKI Paweł Julian  Polish politician and university teacher; Head of Political Council, Alliance of Polish Christian Democrats

ŁĄCZKOWSKI Zdzisław Tadeusz  Polish novelist, dramatist, poet and literary critic

LADARIA FERRER, HE Cardinal Luis Francisco  Spanish theologian and ecclesiastic; Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

LADD Diane  American actress

LADD Paul  British economist and UN official; Director, United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD)

LADER Malcolm Harold  British professor of clinical psychopharmacology; Professor Emeritus, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London

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