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JA Song-nam  North Korean diplomatist ; Permanent Representative, United Nations

JA RULE  American rap artist

JAAFAR Ali Hassan  Saudi Arabian diplomatist ; Ambassador to Iran

JAAFAR, Dato Paduka Haji Abdullah bin Haji  Brunei diplomatist

JAAFAR ALBAR, Tan Sri Syed Hamid  Malaysian lawyer and politician; Chairman, Land Public Transport Commission

JA‘AFARI Bashar  Syrian diplomatist ; Permanent Representative, United Nations

JAAFARI Ibrahim al-  Iraqi physician and politician; Minister of Foreign Affairs

JAAKSON Ernst  Estonian diplomatist Died: 2000

JAANI Karin  Estonian diplomatist and politician Died: 7 Oct. 2009

JAARSMA Ria (Maria) F.  Dutch politician

JÄÄTTEENMÄKI Anneli Tuulikki  Finnish politician

JABBOURI Youssif A. B. D. al-Jabbar al-  Iraqi poet and writer

JABER Fatima al-  United Arab Emirates business executive; Chief Operating Officer, Al Jaber Group

JABER Hessa Sultan al-  Qatar communications industry executive ; Minister for Communication and Information Technology

JABER Mohammed bin Issa al-  Saudi Arabian/Austrian business executive; Chairman and CEO, MBI International

JABER Rabee  Lebanese novelist and journalist

JABIR Jabir Habeb  Iraqi political scientist, academic and diplomatist

JABLONKA Ivan  French historian and writer; Professor, Contemporary History, Université Paris-XIII-Nord

JABŁOŃSKI Henryk   Polish politician and historian Died: 27 Jan. 2003

JABLONSKI Krzysztof  Polish pianist

JABLONSKI Peter  Swedish pianist

JACAMON Jean-Paul  French business executive; Senior Adviser, Cognetas SA

JACCOTTET Philippe  Swiss poet and writer

JACK Ian  British writer and journalist

JACK Ian (Robert James)  British academic, writer and editor Died: 3 Sept. 2008

JACK James Julian Bennett  New Zealand neurophysiologist and academic ( retd)

JACK Kenneth Henderson  British professor of applied crystal chemistry Died: 28 Jan. 2013

JACK Ronald Dyce Sadler  British academic and writer Died: 14 Dec. 2016

JACKAMAN Michael Clifford John   British business executive

JACKIW Stefan  American violinist

JACKLIN Anthony (Tony)  British professional golfer (retd)

JACKLIN Bill  British artist and painter

JACKMAN Brian  British journalist and writer

JACKMAN Hugh  Australian actor

JACKMAN Jeremy S.  British conductor, composer and arranger

JACKMAN Oliver  Barbadian diplomatist, journalist and UN official Died: 25 Jan. 2007

JACKMAN Stuart Brooke  British clergyman, editor and writer Died: 2002

JACKOWSKA Nicki  British poet, novelist, writer and teacher

JACKSON Alan  Scottish poet

JACKSON Alan Eugene  American country singer and songwriter

JACKSON Alan Robert  Australian business executive

JACKSON Alphonso  American business executive and fmr government official; Senior Advisor, First Data Corporation

JACKSON Andrew John  British poet


JACKSON Betty  British couturier

JACKSON Carl Eugene  American songwriter and musician (banjo)

JACKSON Caroline Frances  British politician

JACKSON Clarence  American producer and musician (steel guitar, resophonic guitar) Died: 4 April 2001

JACKSON Colin Ray  British fmr professional athlete

JACKSON Daryl Sanders  Australian architect

JACKSON David Nicholas George  British musician (saxophones, flute, whistles, Soundbeam) and teacher

JACKSON E. F.   (Deceased)

JACKSON Eleanor (Elly) Kate  British singer, musician (keyboards), songwriter and record producer

JACKSON Everatt  

JACKSON Francis Alan  British organist and composer; Organist Emeritus, York Minster

JACKSON Frank Cameron  Australian philosopher and academic; Professor Emeritus, Australian National University

JACKSON Garfield  British violist

JACKSON Glenda May  British actress and fmr politician

JACKSON Isaiah  American musician and conductor; Associate Professor of Composition, Berklee College of Music

JACKSON Jackie  American singer


JACKSON Janet Damita Jo  American singer and choreographer

JACKSON Jeanine E.  American diplomatist (retd) and consultant; Senior Consultant, Michael Baker International, LLC

JACKSON Jermaine Lajuan  American singer, musician (bass guitar) and record producer

JACKSON, Rev. Jesse Louis  American clergyman and civic leader; President, Rainbow PUSH Coalition

JACKSON Joe  British singer and songwriter

JACKSON John B(enard) H(aysom)   British barrister and business executive; Chairman Emeritus, Mishcon de Reya LLP

JACKSON Kenneth Terry  American academic and writer; Jacques Barzun Professor in History and Social Sciences , Columbia University

JACKSON Kevin  British journalist, author, broadcaster, critic and academic

JACKSON LaToya  American singer

JACKSON Laurence  British violinist; Leader, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

JACKSON Linda  British automobile industry executive ; CEO, Citroën

JACKSON Lisa P.  American fmr government official and business executive; Environmental Director, Apple, Inc.

JACKSON Margaret Anne  Australian business executive

JACKSON Marlon  American singer and musician (guitar)

JACKSON Michael  British broadcasting executive

JACKSON, Gen. Sir Michael (Mike) David  British military officer (retd) and consultant; Senior Advisor, PA Consulting Group

JACKSON Michael (Mike) J.  American business executive; Chairman, President and CEO , AutoNation Inc.

JACKSON Michael Joseph  American singer Died: 25 June 2009

JACKSON Michael (Mike) L.  American retail executive

JACKSON Millie  American singer

JACKSON, Sir Nicholas Fane St George (Bart)  British organist, harpsichordist and composer; Director, Concertante of London

JACKSON (Kevin) Paul  British media industry executive and television producer

JACKSON Peter  British historian and academic; Senior Lecturer in International Politics, University of Wales, Aberystwyth

JACKSON, Sir Peter  New Zealand film director and producer

JACKSON Peter John  British business executive

JACKSON Steven Randall (Randy)   American singer and musician (percussion)

JACKSON Rashleigh Esmond  Guyanese diplomatist

JACKSON Reuben M.  American archivist and poet; Host, Friday Night Jazz, Vermont Public Radio

JACKSON Richard Paul  American writer, poet, editor and academic; UT National Alumni Association Distinguished Service Professor, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

JACKSON Robert Louis  American academic, writer and editor; B.E. Bensinger Professor Emeritus, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Yale University

JACKSON Robert Porter  American diplomatist ; Ambassador to Ghana

JACKSON Ronald Shannon  American jazz musician and bandleader Died: 19 Oct. 2013

JACKSON Ronny Lynn  American physician and naval officer; Physician to the President

JACKSON Samuel L(eroy)  American film and television actor and film producer

JACKSON Sandra  American academic; Professor of Women's and Gender Studies and Director of the Center for Black Diaspora, DePaul University, Chicago

JACKSON Shirley Crite  American civil servant; Director, Jackson Enterprises

JACKSON Stephen (Steve) Philip  British biologist, entrepreneur and academic; Frederick James Quick and Cancer Research UK Professor of Biology, University of Cambridge

JACKSON Steve  British sound engineer and mixer

JACKSON Stevie  British singer, songwriter and musician (guitar)

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