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HA Van Lau  Vietnamese diplomatist

HAACKE Hans Christoph Carl  German artist and professor of art; Professor Emeritus of Art, Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

HAAG Rudolf  German physicist Died: 5 Jan. 2016

HAAK Willem Elize (Pim)  Dutch fmr chief justice

HAAKON, HRH Crown Prince (Haakon Magnus)  

HAAKONSEN Bent  Danish diplomatist (retd)

HAAN Pieter de  Dutch academic Died: 7 Oct. 2005

HAAN Richard  Slovak singer (baritone)

HAAN Romi  South Korean business executive; CEO, HAAN Corporation

HAARDE Geir Hilmar  Icelandic politician, economist and diplomatist; Ambassador to USA

HAARMANN Pirkko-Liisa  Finnish judge (retd)

HAAS Kenneth  American orchestra executive

HAAS (Benjamin) Michael  British classical producer; CEO, Coralfox Limited

HAAS Peter E.  American business executive Died: 3 Dec. 2005

HAAS Peter M.  American political scientist and academic; Professor of Political Science, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

HAAS Richard John  American artist

HAAS Robert Douglas  American business executive; Chairman Emeritus, Levi Strauss & Company

HAAS Sandra Ingrid  German singer and songwriter

HAAS-BERGER Regina Maria  Dutch politician and organization executive

HAASAN Kamal  Indian actor , filmmaker and screenwriter; Founder and President, Makkal Needhi Maiyyam

HAASE Barry Wayne  Australian politician, government official and business executive

HAASIS Heinrich  German banking executive and politician

HAASS Christian  German biochemist and academic; Professor of Neurobiochemistry, Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich

HAASS Richard N.  American fmr government official and fmr diplomatist; President, Council on Foreign Relations

HAAVELMO Trygve  Norwegian economist Died: 31 July 1999

HAAVIKKO Paavo Juhani  Finnish writer and publisher Died: 6 Oct. 2008

HAAVISTO Heikki Johannes  Finnish politician

HABAKKUK, Sir Hrothgar John  British economic historian Died: 3 Nov. 2002

HABARUGIRA Tharcisse  Democratic Republic of the Congo politician

HABASH George  Palestinian nationalist leader Died: 26 Jan. 2008

HABASH Lily  Palestinian government official; Governance and Capacity Building Expert, UNDP

HABASHI Wagdi George  Canadian (b. Egyptian) engineer, academic and entrepreneur ; Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, McGill University

HABAYEB Huzama  Palestinian novelist, translator, columnist and poet

HABBEL Wolfgang R.  German business executive and lawyer

HABBEMA Cox  Dutch actress , theatre director and politician Died: 18 April 2016

HABBESTAD Kjell Helge  Norwegian teacher and composer; Professor in Theory, Norwegian Academy of Music

HABER Emily  German diplomatist; Ambassador to USA

HABER Hansjörg  German diplomatist ; Ambassador of the European Union to Turkey

HABEREDER Agnes  Swiss/German singer (soprano); Leader of Singing Department, Leopold-Mozart-Zentrum , Augsburg University

HABERER Jean-Yves  French government official (retd)

HABERMANN Michael Robert  American pianist, piano instructor and composer

HABERMAS Jürgen  German philosopher, sociologist and writer ; Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, University of Frankfurt

HABGOOD, Sir Anthony John  British business executive and banking executive; Chairman, Court of Bank of England

HABGOOD, Rt Rev. and Rt Hon., Baron (Life Peer), cr. 1995, of Calverton in the County of Buckinghamshire   British ecclesiastic (retd)

HABIB Irfan  Indian historian and academic; Professor Emeritus, Aligarh Muslim University

HABIB, Adm. Muhammad Farid  Bangladeshi naval officer

HABIB Rafiq M.  Pakistani business executive; Group Chairman, House of Habib

HABIB Randa  Lebanese/French journalist; Director and Head, Middle East and North Africa, Agence France Presse Foundation

HABIB-DELONCLE Michel  French politician, lawyer and international consultant Died: 26 Oct. 2006

HABIBI, Gen. Abdullah Khan  Afghan military commander and government official

HABIBI Hassan Ibrahim  Iranian politician and academic Died: 31 Jan. 2013

HABIBIE Bacharuddin Jusuf  Indonesian aviation engineer, politician and fmr head of state

HABICHT Werner  German academic; Professor Emeritus of English, University of Würzburg

HABILA Helon  Nigerian writer and academic; Associate Professor, Department of English, George Mason University

HÁBOVÁ Dana  Czech translator

HABRAKEN Nicolaas John  Dutch architect; Professor Emeritus of Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

HABRÉ Hissène  Chadian politician and fmr head of state

HABSBURG-LOTHRINGEN Otto von  Austrian/German/Hungarian politician and author Died: 4 July 2011

HABTOUR Abdul Aziz bin-  Yemeni politician

HACE Jani  Slovenian musician (bass guitar)

HACHANA Mohamed Nejib  Tunisian diplomatist

HACHANI Ali  Tunisian diplomatist (retd)

HACHETTE Jean-Louis  French publisher

HACHIGO Takahiro  Japanese engineer and automotive executive; President and CEO, Honda Motor Company Limited

HACKE Alexander  German musician (guitar, electronics)

HACKER Alan Ray  British clarinettist, conductor and lecturer (retd) Died: 16 April 2012

HACKER Katharina  German writer

HACKER Marilyn  American poet, writer, critic, editor and academic

HACKER Peter Michael Stephen  British philosopher and writer

HACKETT Brett  Australian diplomatist

HACKETT Christopher Fitzherbert   Barbadian international organization official and diplomatist

HACKETT Eric Dexter  American musician (keyboards)

HACKETT Grant George  Australian swimmer

HACKETT James  British political scientist and academic; Editor of the Military Balance, International Institute for Strategic Studies

HACKETT James (Jim) Patrick  American business executive; President and CEO, Ford Motor Company

HACKETT Kenneth F.  American international organization official and diplomatist; Ambassador to the Holy See (Vatican City)

HACKETT Steve  British musician (guitar)

HACKING Ian MacDougall  Canadian academic; Professor Emeritus, Collège de France

HACKMAN Gene  American actor and writer

HACKNEY Frances Marie Veda  Australian writer, poet and scientist Died: 2006

HACKNEY Roderick (Rod) Peter  British architect; Managing Director, Rod Hackney and Associates Limited

HACKNEY (Francis) Sheldon  American historian, academic and university administrator Died: 12 Sept. 2013

HACON Christopher  American (b. British) mathematician and academic; Distinguished Professor of Mathematics, University of Utah

HADAD Astrid  Mexican singer and actress

HADARI Omri  Israeli conductor

HADAS Rachel  American academic, poet and writer; Board of Governors Professor of English, Rutgers University

HADAWAL Khan Afzal  Afghan banker; First Deputy Governor, Da Afghanistan Bank

HADDAD Amir  French/Israeli singer and songwriter

HADDAD Diana  Lebanese singer

HADDAD Fawwaz  Syrian writer

HADDAD Joumana  Lebanese journalist, poet and translator; Instructor, Lebanese American University

HADDAD Sepehr  American musician (keyboards, guitar)

HADDAD Sulaiman Ahmed el  Kuwaiti politician and banker

HADDAD-ADEL Gholam-Ali  Iranian politician and institute director; Director, Academy of Persian Language and Literature

HADDADIN Muwaffaq  Jordanian pharmacist and administrator

HADDAWAY Nestor Alexander  German singer and dancer

HADDIDI Helmi al-  Egyptian politician

HADDOCK Marcus Jerome  American singer (tenor) ; Instructor in Applied Voice, Hobart William Smith Colleges

HADDOCK Michael Kenneth  British diplomatist

HADDON Mark  British writer and illustrator

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