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G Kenny  American musician (saxophone), composer and songwriter

G-DRAGON  South Korean singer, songwriter, rapper and producer

G.E.M.  Chinese/Hong Kong singer, songwriter and musician (piano)

GAA Willy Calaud  Philippine lawyer and diplomatist

GAARDER Jostein  Norwegian writer

GABAGLIO Emilio  Italian trade union official; Chairman, National Labour Forum, Partito Democratico

GABAIX Xavier  French economist and academic; Pershing Square Professor of Economics and Finance , Harvard University

GABALDON Diana  American author and academic

GABALLA Ali Gaballa  Egyptian archaeologist and academic Died: 13 April 2012

GABARASHVILI Tamar  Georgian cellist and music teacher

GABARRÓ SERRA Salvador  Spanish engineer and business executive Died: 17 March 2017

GABBANA Stefano  Italian fashion designer; President, Dolce & Gabbana

GABBAY Avraham (Avi)  Israeli politician; Chairman, Israel Labour Party

GABBITAS Christopher Alan  British singer (baritone) ; Member, The King’s Singers

GABETTA Sol  Argentine cellist

GABLENTZ Otto von der  German diplomatist Died: 13 July 2007

GABOR Zsa Zsa  American (b. Hungarian) actress Died: 18 Dec. 2016

GABORIAU Simone Raymonde Andrée Jeanne  French judge

GABOS Gábor  Hungarian pianist Died: 27 Aug. 2014

GABR Shafik  Egyptian business executive; Chairman and Managing Director, Artoc Group for Investment and Development

GABRE-SELLASSIE, Dejazmatch Zewde  Ethiopian diplomatist Died: Dec. 2008

GABRENAITE Egle  Lithuanian actress

GABRIADZE Revaz (Rezo) Levanovich   Georgian scriptwriter, film director, sculptor and artist

GABRIEL  Italian record producer , songwriter and playwright

GABRIEL Ana  Mexican singer, songwriter, producer and actress

GABRIEL Edward M.  American business executive and fmr diplomatist; President and CEO, Gabriel Company LLC

GABRIEL Gilles (Blacky)  French musician (drums)

GABRIEL Juan  Mexican singer and songwriter Died: 28 Aug. 2016

GABRIEL Mariya  Bulgarian politician and EU official; European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society

GABRIEL Michal  Czech sculptor

GABRIEL Peter  British rock singer and songwriter

GABRIEL Sigmar  German politician

GABRIELIDES Andreas  Cypriot politician Died: 23 Jan. 2000

GABRIELLE  British singer and songwriter

GABRIELLI DE AZEVEDO José Sergio  Brazilian economist, academic and business executive

GABRIELSE Gerald  American physicist and academic; George Vasmer Leverett Professor of Physics , Harvard University

GABRIELYAN Vache  Armenian political scientist, academic, politician and fmr business executive; Adjunct Assistant Professor, American University of Armenia

GABRIELYAN Vahe  Armenian diplomatist , professor of linguistics and area studies and interpreter; Director, Diplomatic School of Armenia

GABUNIA Georgy Vasilyevich  Russian politician Died: 23 Jan. 2000

GABUNIA Nodar   composer, pianist and teacher Died: 31 Aug. 2000

GABURICI Chiril  Moldovan telecommunications industry executive and politician; Minister of Economy and Infrastructure

GACHECHILADZE Levan  Georgian business executive and politician

GACHECHILADZE Revaz  Georgian academic and diplomatist

GACHHADAR Bijaya Kumar  Nepalese politician; Chairman, Nepal Democratic Forum

GACIYUBWENGE, Maj.-Gen. Pontien   Burundian army officer and politician

GAD EL MAWLA Nazli  Egyptian professor of medical oncology Died: 2001

GADAMER Hans-Georg  German professor of philosophy Died: 14 March 2002

GADATSCH Hannelore  German journalist and broadcaster

GADD Stephen  British singer (baritone)

GADDA CONTI Piero  Italian writer Died: Jan. 1999

GADDAFI, Col Mu’ammar Muhammad al-  Libyan fmr head of state and army officer Died: 20 Oct. 2011

GADDAFI Seif al-Islam  Libyan foundation executive

GADDAFI Wanis  Libyan politician (Deceased)

GADDES Richard  British opera administrator and director

GADDIS John Lewis  American historian and academic; Robert A. Lovett Professor of Military and Naval History , Yale University

GADDUM Johann Wilhelm  German banker (retd)

GADE JENSEN Søren  Danish politician and organization official

GADENSTÄTTER Clemens  Austrian composer, conductor and teacher; Professor of Music Theory, Analyses and Composition , University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz

GADGIL Madhav  Indian ecologist, conservationist and academic

GADGIL Vithal Narhar  Indian politician Died: 6 Feb. 2001

GADHIA Jayne-Anne  British chartered accountant and business executive; CEO, Virgin Money

GADHOKE Sneh  Indian cardiologist

GADIESH Orit  Israeli business executive; Chairperson, Bain & Company

GADIO, Cheikh Tidiane   Senegalese international organization official and government official; President, Institut Panafricain de Stratégies

GADJIYEV Gadis Abdullayevich  Russian/Dagestan lawyer, judge and academic; Justice, Constitutional Court of Russian Federation

GADKARI Nitin Jairam  Indian politician, lawyer, business executive and agriculturalist ; Minister of Road Transport and Highways, of Shipping and of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation

GADONNEIX Pierre  French business executive; President of the Supervisory Board, Groupe Latécoère

GADSDEN, Sir Peter Drury Haggerston  British business executive and chartered engineer Died: 4 Dec. 2006

GAEBLER (Gerhard Otto) Rainer  German church leader and engineer

GAEDE Daniel  German violinist

GAEHTGENS Thomas Wolfgang  German art historian and academic; Director, The Getty Research Institute

GAETA Luis  Argentine singer (baritone)

GAFFEY Michael  Irish diplomatist; Permanent Representative to UN, Geneva

GAFFIGAN James  American conductor

GAFFNEY Frank J., Jr  American defence analyst and fmr government official; President and CEO, Center for Security Policy

GAFFNEY Maureen  Irish psychologist and consultant

GAFOOR Burhan  Singaporean diplomatist; Permanent Representative to United Nations

GAFT Valentin Iosifovich  Russian actor

GAGAULIA Gennadii  Georgian engineer and politician Died: 8 Sept. 2018

GAGE Elizabeth  American writer

GAGE Frances Marie  Canadian sculptor

GAGE Fred H.  American geneticist and academic; Professor and Vi and John Adler Chair for Research on Age-Related Neurodegenerative Diseases, Salk Institute for Biological Studies

GAGE Irwin  American pianist Died: 12 April 2018

GAGE Peter (Pete)  British musician (guitar, keyboards) , producer, arranger, programmer and engineer

GAGE Peter William  Australian physiologist and academic Died: 13 Aug. 2006

GAGEY Frédéric N. P. P.  French airline executive; Chief Financial Officer, Air France-KLM

GAGLIANO Frank  American playwright , screenwriter, novelist and academic

GAGNÉ Marc  Canadian academic and composer

GAGNÈRE Olivier  French designer

GAGNON Alain  Canadian composer Died: 26 March 2017

GAGNON, HE Cardinal Édouard  Canadian ecclesiastic Died: 25 Aug. 2007

GAGNON Jean-Marie  Canadian academic; Professor Emeritus of Finance, Laval University

GAGNON Madeleine  Canadian writer and poet

GAGNON-TREMBLAY Monique  Canadian politician

GĄGOR, Lt-Gen. Franciszek   Polish army officer Died: 10 April 2010

GAGOSIAN Lawrence (Larry) Gilbert   American gallery owner and art dealer

GAHAN David (Dave)  British singer and songwriter

GAHL Dankwart Arnold  German cellist and academic

GAHMBERG Carl G.  Finnish biochemist and academic; Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry, University of Helsinki

GÄHMLICH Wilfried  German singer (tenor)

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