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F Adam  British producer, remixer and DJ

FABBRI Fabio  Italian journalist, lawyer and politician

FABBRI Franca  Italian singer (soprano)

FABBRI Franco  Brazilian musician and musicologist; Aggregate Professor of Popular Music, University of Turin, Italy

FABBRICINI Tiziana  Italian singer (soprano)

FABEND Firth Haring  American writer and historian

FABÉNYI Júlia Borbala  Hungarian art historian and archaeologist

FABER Floreta  Albanian diplomatist; Ambassador to USA

FABER Lothar  German oboist Died: 1 Sept. 2005

FABER Michel  Dutch writer

FABER Sandra Moore  American astronomer; Professor Emeritus of Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of California Observatories/Lick Observatory, University of California, Santa Cruz

FABER Shane  American producer, songwriter, midi expert, musician (guitar, keyboards) and systems engineer

FABIAN Marta  Hungarian dulcimer player

FABIANO Emmanuel  Malawi politician and fmr university administrator; Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation

FABIANO Michael  American singer (tenor)

FABIANO Roberta Mary  American musician (guitar), singer and composer

FABILLI Mary  American poet, artist, museum curator and teacher Died: 9 Feb. 2011

FABIUS Laurent  French politician; President, Constitutional Council

FABRE Jan  Belgian artist, playwright and stage designer

FÁBREGA Jorge  Panamanian lawyer, judge and academic Died: 10 Dec. 2017

FABRI Peter  Hungarian writer, poet and librettist

FABRICIUS Fritz  German professor of law Died: 24 Feb. 2006

FABRIZI Pier Luigi  Italian professor of finance and banker; Professor of Financial Markets, Bocconi University

FABRIZI Sem  Italian diplomatist ; Ambassador of the European Union to Serbia

FABRY Anne  Belgian musician (drums, piano, keyboards)

FACCINI Piers Damian Gabrielli  British singer and songwriter

FACCO BONETTI Gianfranco  Italian diplomatist ; President, United World College of the Adriatic

FACOS James  American academic, writer, poet and dramatist Died: 14 May 2017

FADDEEV Ludvig Dmitriyevich  Russian mathematician and physicist Died: 26 Feb. 2017

FADELL Anthony (Tony) Michael  American technology industry executive; CEO, Nest Labs Inc.

FADERMAN Lillian  American historian, writer and academic; Professor Emerita, California State University, Fresno

FADEYECHEV Alexei Nikolayevich   Russian ballet dancer ; Choreographer, Teatr Wielki Opea Narodowa

FADEYECHEV Nikolay Borisovich  Russian ballet dancer

FADHLI Ahmad Obaid al-  Yemeni politician; Minister of Finance

FADIAH João Aladje Mamadu   Guinea-Bissau politician

FADIL Bushra El-  Sudanese

FADIMAN Anne  American writer, essayist, editor and academic; Francis Writer-in-Residence, Yale University

FADLALLAH Sylvie  Lebanese diplomatist

FADNAVIS Devendra Gangadharrao   Indian politician; Chief Minister of Maharashtra

FADOUL Abdoulaye Sabre  Chadian politician

FADUL Francisco José  Guinea-Bissau lawyer, politician and academic; President, Partido para a Democracia, Desenvolvimento e Cidadania (PADEC)

FAECKE Peter  German journalist, writer and editor Died: 23 March 2014

FAERBER Jörg  German conductor and composer

FAES Urs  Swiss writer, poet and dramatist

FAGAN Brian Murray  British academic and writer

FAGAN James  Australian singer, musician (bouzouki, mandolin, tin whistle, clarinet, guitar, piano) and composer

FAGEN Arthur  American conductor; Music Director, The Atlanta Opera

FAGEN Donald  American singer and musician (keyboards)

FAGERNÄS Peter  Finnish investment banker and business executive; Managing Partner, Hermitage & Co Oy

FAGÉUS Kjell  Swedish clarinettist

FAGGIONI Piero  Italian opera producer

FAGIN Claire Muriel Mintzer  American nurse and

FAGIOLI Franco  Argentine singer (counter-tenor)

FAGIOLO Silvio  Italian diplomatist and academic Died: 28 June 2011

FAGLES Robert  American academic, translator and poet Died: 26 March 2008

FAGUNDES TELLES Lygia  Brazilian writer

FAHBERG Antonia  Austrian singer (soprano) Died: 21 Oct. 2016

FAHEY Diane Mary  Australian writer and poet

FAHEY, Hon. John Joseph  Australian lawyer, politician and international organization official

FAHEY Noel  Irish diplomatist

FAHEY Siobhan  British singer, DJ and songwriter

FAHIM Makhdoom Muhammad Amin  Pakistani politician Died: 21 Nov. 2015

FAHIM Sulaiman Abdul Kareem Mohammad al-  United Arab Emirates business executive ; President and Chairman, Arab Union for Real Estate Development

FAHIM KHAN, Marshal Mohammad Qassim  Afghan politician and fmr guerrilla leader Died: 9 March 2014

FAHIYE Husayn Elabe  Somali politician

FAHMY M. Nabil  Egyptian diplomatist and politician

FÄHNDRICH Walter  Swiss violist and composer; Professor of Improvisation, Musikhochschule, Basel

FAHRENSCON Georg  German economist, politician and banking executive; President, Deutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband (German Savings Banks Association)

FAHRHOLZ Bernd  German lawyer and banking executive; Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Smartrac NV

FAHRNER Martin  Czech playwright , writer and poet

FAHRNI Fritz  Swiss academic and business executive

FAILLARD Hans  German biochemist and academic Died: 5 Aug. 2005

FAILY Lukman Abdulraheem A. Al-  Iraqi business executive and diplomatist; Ambassador to USA

FAINI Riccardo  Italian economist, academic and international organization official Died: 20 Jan. 2007

FAINLIGHT Ruth Esther  American poet, writer, translator and librettist

FAINSILBER Adrien  French urban designer and fmr architect

FAIRBAIRN Clive Stuart  British conductor

FAIRBAIRN John Sydney  British business executive and charity administrator

FAIRBAIRN, Hon. Joyce  Canadian journalist and fmr politician

FAIRBAIRN Keith  British musician (percussion)

FAIRBAIRNS Zoe Ann  British writer

FAIRBANK Richard (Rich) D.  American banking executive; Chairman and CEO, Capital One Financial Corporation

FAIRBANKS Douglas Elton, Jr  American actor, writer and producer Died: 7 May 2000

FAIRBRASS Graham John  British traveller, writer, poet and painter

FAIRBURN Eleanor M.  Irish writer Died: 2 Jan. 2015

FAIRCHILD Karen Renee  American country music singer and songwriter

FAIRCLOUGH Anthony John  British environmental protection/sustainable development consultant

FAIRCLOUGH, Rt Hon Ellen Louks  Canadian politician Died: 16 Nov. 2004

FAIRCLOUGH, Sir John (Whitaker)  British engineer Died: 5 May 2003

FAIRCLOUGH Troy Andrew  British playwright

FAIREY Michael (Mike) Edward   British business executive; Chairman, Hastings Group Holdings PLC

FAIRFAX John  British writer and poet Died: 14 Jan. 2009

FAIRFAX Kenneth J.  American business executive, diplomatist and international organization official

FAIRHEAD, Baroness (Life Peer), cr. 2017, of Yarm in the County of North Yorkshire  British business executive and government official; Minister of State, Department for International Trade

FAIRLEY John Alexander  British broadcasting executive and writer

FAIRSTEIN Linda  American lawyer and writer

FAIRUZ  Lebanese singer

FAIRWEATHER, Sir Patrick (Stanislaus)  British diplomatist ( retd)

FAIRWEATHER-LOW Andy  British singer and musician (guitar)

FAISAL Ameen  Maldivian politician; National Security Adviser

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