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EABORN Colin  British scientist and professor of chemistry Died: 22 Feb. 2004

EADE Deborah  British editor; Editor-in-Chief, Development in Practice

EADY F. R.   (Deceased)

EAGLE Angela  British politician

EAGLE David Malcolm  Canadian composer, flautist and teacher

EAGLEBURGER Lawrence Sidney  American lawyer, diplomatist and fmr government official Died: 4 June 2011

EAGLEN Jane  British singer (soprano)

EAGLETON Terence (Terry) Francis   British academic and writer; Distinguished Professor of English Literature , Lancaster University

EAGLETON Thomas Francis  American politician and lawyer Died: 4 March 2007

EAGLETON William  American international organization official and diplomatist Died: 27 Jan. 2011

EAGLING Wayne John  Canadian ballet dancer, choreographer and artistic director

EALES Geoffrey (Geoff) Francis   British pianist, composer, arranger, musical director and writer

EALET Isabelle  French business executive; Co-Head of Securities, Goldman Sachs

EAMES, Most Rev., Baron (Life Peer), cr. 1995, of Armagh in the County of Armagh  British ecclesiastic

EANES, Gen. António dos Santos Ramalho  Portuguese politician and army officer

EANET Nick  American violinist

EARL Belinda Jane  British retail executive; Style Director, Marks & Spencer

EARL Robert I.  British business executive; Chairman and CEO, Planet Hollywood International Inc.

EARL SIXTEEN  Jamaican songwriter, singer and record producer

EARLE Hobart  American conductor; Music Director and Principal Conductor, Odesa Philharmonic Orchestra

EARLE Roderick  British singer (baritone) and teacher; Professor of Singing, Royal College of Music

EARLE Steve  American singer, songwriter and musician (guitar)

EARLE Sylvia Alice  American biologist, oceanographer and academic ; Explorer-in-Residence, National Geographic Society

EARLEY Thomas Powell   poet

EARLEY Tony  American writer and academic; Samuel Milton Fleming Chair in English, Vanderbilt University

EARLS Nick  Australian/British/Irish writer

EARLY David  British musician (drums, percussion) Died: Oct. 1996

EARLY Gerald  American academic, writer and poet; Merle Kling Professor of Modern Letters, Washington University in St Louis

EARNEY Beverly Verna   poet

EARNHARDT Dale, Jr  American racing driver

EASLEY Michael F.  American lawyer and politician

EASON Henry  British banking administrator Died: 30 Jan. 2007

EAST Leslie Charles  British music publisher, writer, consultant and administrator; Chairman, Board of Trustees, Association of British Choral Directors

EAST, Rt Hon. Paul Clayton  New Zealand politician, lawyer and diplomatist

EASTAUGH Kenneth  British critic and writer

EASTBURN Susanna de Martelly  British arts executive; Director of Music Strategy, Arts Council England

EASTCOTT Harry Hubert Grayson  British surgeon Died: 25 Oct. 2009

EASTHAM Alan W., Jr  American lawyer and diplomatist; Senior Fellow in International Relations and International Programs, Hendrix College

EASTHOPE Antony Kelynge Revington   British academic and writer Died: 14 Dec. 1999

EASTMAN Dean Eric  American physicist and academic Died: 4 March 2018

EASTMAN John L.  American lawyer and business executive; CEO, MPL Communications, Inc.

EASTMAN T. Ernest  Liberian politician and diplomatist Died: 28 Feb. 2011

EASTMOND Lynette  Barbadian politician

EASTON David  Canadian political scientist and academic Died: 19 July 2014

EASTON Michelle  American lawyer and civil servant; President, Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute

EASTON Robert Olney  American writer Died: 14 Nov. 1999

EASTON Sheena  British singer and actress

EASTWICK-FIELD Elizabeth  British architect Died: 8 March 2003

EASTWOOD Clint  American actor and film director

EASTWOOD, Sir David Stephen  British historian, academic and university administrator; Vice-Chancellor and Principal, University of Birmingham

EASTWOOD Trevor R.  Australian business executive (retd)


EATHORNE Wendy  British singer (soprano) and teacher

EATON Ashton James  American decathlete

EATON Charles Edward  American poet and writer Died: 23 March 2006

EATON Christopher  British singer, songwriter and musician (keyboards)

EATON Fredrik Stefan  Canadian business executive and fmr diplomatist; Chairman, White Raven Capital Corporation

EATON George  Irish chartered accountant; Consultant, Eaton Neary

EATON John C.  American composer Died: 2 Dec. 2015

EATON Nigel  British musician (hurdy-gurdy)

EATON Robert J.  American engineer and automobile industry executive (retd)

EATON William Alan  American diplomatist and academic

EATWELL, Baron (Life Peer), cr. 1992, of Stratton St Margaret in the County of Wiltshire  British economist and academic; President, Queens’ College, Cambridge

EAVES Will  British writer, editor and teacher; Associate Professor, University of Warwick

EAVIS Michael  British farmer and event manager; Organizer and Host, Glastonbury Festival

EBADI Shirin  Iranian lawyer, human rights activist and academic

EBAN Abba  Israeli politician Died: 17 Nov. 2002

EBANKS Donovan W. F.  Cayman Islands politician and public servant

EBASHI Setsuro  Japanese biophysicist, pharmacologist and academic Died: 17 July 2006

EBB Fred  American songwriter and lyricist Died: Sept. 2004

EBBECKE Michael  German singer (baritone)

EBBERS Bernard J.  American (b. Canadian) communications industry executive

EBDANE Hermogenes, Jr.  Philippine politician; Governor of Zambales

EBEN Petr  Czech composer Died: 24 Oct. 2007

EBERHARDT Cornelius  German conductor Died: 12 April 2011

EBERHART Richard  American poet Died: 9 June 2005

EBERHARTER Stephan  Austrian skier (retd)

EBERLE, Adm. Sir James Henry Fuller  British naval officer ( retd) (Deceased)

EBERLEY Helen-Kay  American singer, record company executive and publisher

EBERT Alan  American author

EBERT James David  American embryologist Died: 22 May 2001

EBERT Peter  British (naturalized) opera director Died: 31 Dec. 2012

EBERT Roger Joseph  American film critic, writer and lecturer Died: 4 April 2013

ÉBERT Tibor  Hungarian writer, poet and dramatist Died: 18 Aug. 2015

EBERT-GRAY Catherine (Cassy)  American diplomatist; Ambassador to Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu

EBIHARA Shin  Japanese diplomatist (retd)

EBISAWA Katsuji  Japanese broadcasting executive (retd)

EBOE-OSUJI Chile  Nigerian lawyer and international organisation executive; President, International Criminal Court

EBRAHIM Omar  British singer (baritone)

EBTEKAR Massoumeh  Iranian scientist, academic and politician; Vice-President for Women and Family Affairs

ECARMA, Maj. -Gen. (retd ) Natalio C., III  Philippine UN official, politician and fmr army officer

ECCLESTON Christopher  British actor

ECCLESTONE Bernard (Bernie) Charles   British business executive; Chairman Emeritus, Formula One Group

ECEVIT Bülent  Turkish politician and journalist Died: 5 Nov. 2006

ECHANDI JIMÉNEZ Mario  Costa Rican politician and diplomatist

ECHÁVARRI Luis Enrique  Spanish business executive and international organization official

ECHENOZ Jean Maurice Emmanuel  French writer

ECHEVARRIA, Most Rev. Javier  Spanish ecclesiastic Died: 12 Dec. 2016

ECHEVERRI CORREA Fabio  Colombian business executive Died: 28 Oct. 2017

ECHEVERRY GARZÓN Juan Carlos   Colombian economist, academic, politician and business executive; CEO, Ecopetrol SA

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