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MR C  British rap artist, singer, musician (guitar), actor and record producer

C Melanie  

CAAMAÑO DOMÍNGUEZ Francisco  Spanish lawyer, politician and academic

CAAN James  American actor and director

CABACTULAN Libran Nuevas  Philippine diplomatist ; Permanent Representative, United Nations

CABALLÉ Montserrat  Spanish singer (soprano)

CABALLERO Gladys Aida  Honduran politician

CABALLERO BONALD José Manuel   Spanish poet, novelist, academic and essayist; President, Caballero Bonald Foundation

CABALLERO GÓMEZ Paula  Colombian government official; Director of Economic, Social and Environmental Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

CABALLEROS Rómulo Alfredo   Guatemalan economist, diplomatist and politician

CABALLEROS LÓPEZ Harold Osberto  Guatemalan lawyer, business executive and politician; Secretary-General, Visión con Valores

CABANA Marie-Claude Jeanne Blanche   French diplomatist Died: 22 Nov. 1999

CABAÑAS RODRÍGUEZ José Ramón  Cuban diplomatist and government official; Head of Cuban Interests Section (Embassy of Switzerland) in USA


CABANIS José  French writer Died: 6 Oct. 2000

CABANISS William J., Jr  American business executive and fmr diplomatist

CABAS ROSALES Andrés Mauricio   Colombian musician

CABBLE Lise  Danish songwriter, singer and musician (guitar)

CABELL Nicole  American singer (soprano)

CABELLO (Karla) Camila  American singer

CABEZA Maia  Canadian musician (violin)

CABEZAS MOLINA Eduardo  Ecuadorean economist, diplomatist and fmr central banker

CABEZAS MORALES Rodrigo Eduardo   Venezuelan politician and economist; Chairman, Grupo Parlamentario Venezolano

CABI Martinho N’Dafa  Guinea-Bissau politician

CABIALLAVETTA Mathis  Swiss banker

CABIBBO Nicola  Italian physicist and academic Died: 16 Aug. 2010

CABLE Margaret  British singer (mezzo-soprano)

CABLE Stuart  Welsh musician (drums) and radio presenter Died: 7 June 2010

CABLE, Sir (John) Vincent (Vince)  British politician and economist; Leader, Liberal Democrat Party

CABOT Meggin (Meg) Patricia  American writer

CABRA MARTÍNEZ Eduardo José   Puerto Rican musician, producer and composer

CABRAAL Ajith Nivard  Sri Lankan chartered accountant and fmr central banker; Principal Consultant, Cabraal Consulting Group (Pvt) Ltd

CABRAL Alfredo Lopes  Guinea-Bissau diplomatist

CABRAL Esperanza I.  Philippine cardiologist, academic and fmr government official

CABRAL Luís de Almeida  Guinea-Bissau politician Died: 30 May 2009

CABRAL BARRETO Ireneu  Portuguese judge and government official; Representative of the Portuguese Republic in the Autonomous Region of Madeira

CABRAL DEL HOYO Roberto  Mexican poet Died: 4 Oct. 1999

CABRAL (KURTZ) Olga Marie   poet and writer Died: 1997

CABREJAS Santiago Cembrano  Colombian government official and international organization official

CABRERA Cesar Benito  American business executive, politician and fmr diplomatist; Senior Advisor, Husch Blackwell Sanders LLP

CABRERA Miguel  Venezuelan professional baseball player

CABRERA CALVO-SOTELO Mercedes  Spanish academic and politician

CABRERA INFANTE Guillermo  British writer Died: 21 Feb. 2005

CABRINETY Patricia Ann Butler  American writer, poet, illustrator and teacher

CACCIAVILLAN, HE Cardinal Agostino  Italian ecclesiastic and diplomatist

CACCIOTTOLO Neil J.  Italian/American studio musician, arranger, producer , publisher and music educator; Senior Editor, The Chicago Municipal News (CNN)

CÁCERES German  Salvadorean composer and conductor; Principal Conductor and Music Director, Orquesta Sinfónica de El Salvador

CÁCERES CARDOZO Manuel María   Paraguayan diplomatist ; Ambassador to Brazil

CÁCERES CHÁVEZ Juan Ramón Carlos Enrique  Salvadorean banker and politician

CÁCERES CONTRERAS Carlos  Chilean politician

CACHEMAILLE Gilles  Swiss singer (bass-baritone)

CACHIA CARUANA Richard  Maltese diplomatist and press officer ; Adviser to the Prime Minister

CACHIN Françoise  French museum director Died: 4 Feb. 2011

CACIA Paul Scott  American musician (trumpet), bandleader and producer

ČAČIĆ Radimir   Croatian business executive and politician

CACOYANNIS Michael  Greek film and stage director and actor Died: 25 July 2011

CACTUS Françoise  French singer, musician (guitar, drums), writer and artist

CADBURY, Sir (Nicholas) Dominic  British business executive

CADBURY Richard (Dik) Benjamin   British musician (bass, guitar), singer and composer

CADBURY-BROWN Henry Thomas  British architect Died: 9 July 2009

CADDY Ian Graham  British singer (bass-baritone) and stage director

CADE Robin   (Deceased)

CADENAS Rafael  Venezuelan poet and essayist

CADET Jean  French fmr diplomatist

CADIEUX Pierre H.  Canadian politician and lawyer

ČAĐO Stanislav  Bosnia and Herzegovina politician

CADOGAN, Sir John Ivan George  British chemist and academic

CADOL Christine  French singer (mezzo-soprano)

CADOT Michel François Jacques   French civil servant and administrator ; Prefect, Préfecture de Police, Paris

CADUFF Sylvia  Swiss conductor and academic

CADY Jack Andrew  American writer and academic Died: 14 Jan. 2004

CADY Jean-Christian  French international organization official

CAENS Thierry  French musician (trumpet)

CAETANI Oleg  Italian conductor

CAFÉ Maria Mambo  Angolan economist and politician Died: 1 Dec. 2013

CAFFARELLI Luis A.  Argentine/American mathematician and academic; Sid Richardson Chair, University of Texas, Austin

CAFFARELLI Paulo Rogério  Brazilian business executive; President of the Executive Board and CEO, Banco do Brasil

CAFFARRA, HE Cardinal Carlo  Italian ecclesiastic Died: 6 Sept. 2017

CAFFEY Charlotte Irene  American singer, musician (guitar, keyboards, bass) and songwriter

CAFFREY Idris  British writer

CAFFREY Leon  British musician (drums)

CAFORIO Armando  Italian singer (bass)

CAFU  Brazilian professional footballer (retd)

CAGATAY Mustafa  Cypriot politician

CAGE Nicolas  American actor and film company executive

CAGIATI Andrea  Italian diplomatist

CAĞLAR Cavit  Turkish business executive and fmr government minister

ÇAĞLAYAN Zafer  Turkish business executive and politician

ÇAĞLAYANGIL Ihsan Sabri  Turkish politician (Deceased)

CAHEN Alfred  Belgian diplomatist Died: 19 April 2000

CAHILL Dennis M.  American guitarist and composer


CAHILL Teresa Mary  British singer (soprano) ; Professor of Voice, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

CAHIT Neriman  Turkish-Cypriot journalist, writer and teacher (retd); Journalist and Investigator, Yeni Düzen Newspaper

CAHN Aviel  Swiss opera administrator; Artistic Director/Intendant, Vlaanderen (Flemish Opera)

CAHN John Werner  American chemist, materials scientist and academic Died: 14 March 2016

CAHOVA Monika  Czech singer (soprano)

CAHUC Pierre  French economist and academic; Professor of Economics, Ecole Polytechnique

CAI Guo-Qiang  Chinese artist

CAI Jin-Yong  Chinese economist, banker and fmr international organization official; Executive Vice-President and CEO, TPG Capital Ltd

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