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B Bela  German musician (drums), singer and songwriter

B. Eric  American DJ and MC

B. Primož  Slovenian musician (guitar) and songwriter

B REAL  American singer and rap artist


BÂ Amadou  Senegalese politician; Minister of the Economy and Finance

BA Amadou Lamine  Senegalese development consultant and diplomatist

BA Ibrahim Bocar  Malian diplomatist and government official ; Commissioner for Macro-Economic Policy, Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)

BA Jin  Chinese writer and journalist Died: 17 Oct. 2005

BA Ousmane  Mauritanian diplomatist and politician; Permanent Representative to United Nations

BA SWE U  Myanma politician Died: 1987

BAAH-WIREDU Kwadwo  Ghanaian politician and chartered accountant Died: 24 Sept. 2008

BAALBAKI Ayman  Lebanese artist

BAALBAKI Layla  Lebanese writer and journalist

BAALI Abdallah  Algerian diplomatist; Ambassador to USA

BAARO Makurita  I-Kiribati diplomatist

BAATAR Choisürengiin  Mongolian diplomatist

BABA Encik Abdul Ghafar Bin  Malaysian politician Died: 23 April 2006

BABA AMMI Hadji  Algerian economist and politician

BABACAN Ali  Turkish politician

BABADJHAN Ramz  Uzbekistani poet and playwright Died: 2008

BABAEV Agadzhan Geldyevich  Turkmenistani geographer and academic

BABAK Renate  Ukrainian Died: 31 Dec. 2003

BABALİ Tuncay  Turkish diplomatist and government official

BABANGIDA, Maj.-Gen. Ibrahim Badamasi  Nigerian army officer ( retd) and fmr head of state

BABANOV Omurbek  Kyrgyzstani politician and business executive ; Co-Chairman, Respublika-Ata Jurt Sayasiy Partiyasy (Republic-Homeland Political Party)

BABAR Alamgir Khan  Pakistani diplomatist ; Ambassador to Russia

BABAR Lutfuzzaman  Bangladeshi politician

BABATUNDE Rotimi  Nigerian author, poet and playwright

BABBAR Raj  Indian politician, actor and filmmaker

BABBITT Bruce Edward  American lawyer, business executive and fmr politician

BABBITT Harriet C.  American lawyer and fmr diplomatist

BABBITT Milton Byron  American composer Died: 29 Jan. 2011

BABCOCK Horace W.  American astronomer Died: 19 Aug. 2003

BABENKO Hector  Argentine filmmaker Died: 13 July 2016

BABESHKO Vladimir A.  Russian physicist and university official

BABI Parveen  Indian actress and interior decorator Died: Jan. 2005

BABICH Mikhail Viktorovich  Russian politician and diplomatist; Ambassador to Belarus

BABICHEV Vladimir Stepanovich  Russian politician and diplomatist

BABIKIAN Khatchik Diran  Lebanese politician and lawyer (Deceased)

BABINEAU Jean Joseph  Canadian teacher and writer

BABINGTON Amanda-Louise  British musician and musicologist

BABINGTON Anthony Patrick  British judge and writer (Deceased)

BABIŠ Andrej  Czech business executive and politician; Prime Minister

BABIUC Victor  Romanian politician and lawyer

BABLOYAN Ara Saeni  Armenian paediatrician and politician; Chairman, National Assembly

BABO SOARES Dionísio  Timor-Leste professor of law and politician; Minister of Foreign Affairs and Co-operation

BABOOLAL Linda  Trinidad and Tobago politician and physician

BABROWSKI Claire H.  American business executive

BABULJAK Karel  Czech musician (keyboards, zither, guitar, drums), composer and poet

BABURIN Sergei Nikolaevich  Russian politician, academic and university administrator


BABYDADDY  American musician (multi-instrumentalist)

BABYKIN Anatoly  Russian singer (bass)

BACA CARBO Raúl  Ecuadorean politician

BACA DE LA COLINA Susana  Peruvian singer

BACALE NCOGO, Col Alejandro  Equatorial Guinean army officer and government official; Minister of National Defence

BACALL Lauren  American actress Died: 12 Aug. 2014

BACAR Zena  Mozambican singer and songwriter

BACCHETTI Andrea  Italian musician (piano)

BACCHUS Brian Michel  American record company executive, record producer and academic; Instructor in Recorded Music Tisch School of Arts, New York

BACCINI John  British musician

BACCOUCHE Hedi  Tunisian politician

BACCOUCHE Taïeb  Tunisian politician

BACELAR, Vice- Adm. José Carlos Lima  Portuguese naval officer

BACELLI Monica  Italian singer (mezzo-soprano)

BACH Andreas  German pianist

BACH Christian Friis  Danish politician, journalist and UN official

BACH Jan Morris  American composer and educator ( retd); Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus, Northern Illinois University

BACH Leroy Frederick  American musician (guitar, keyboard) , composer and music producer

BACH Mechthild  German singer (soprano)

BACH Sebastian  American rock singer, lyricist and actor

BACH Thomas  German lawyer, business executive, sports administrator and international organization official; President, International Olympic Committee

BACH NUÑEZ Jaume  Spanish architect; Founder, Bach Arquitectes

BACH YEN  Vietnamese pop and folk singer

BACHA Edmar Lisboa  Brazilian economist; Director, Institute of Political and Economic Studies, Casa das Garças

BACHAR Gregory Paul  American musician, poet and editor

BACHARACH Burt  American composer, arranger, conductor and musician (piano)

BACHCHAN Amitabh  Indian actor , singer and television presenter

BACHELET JERIA (Verónica) Michelle  Chilean physician, politician, UN official and fmr head of state

BACHELIER Bernard  French agronomist

BACHELOT-NARQUIN Roselyne  French pharmacist and politician

BACHER Aron (‘Ali’)  South African sports administrator and fmr cricketer; Chairman, Community Trust

BACHER Robert Fox  American physicist and academic Died: 18 Nov. 2004

BACHIRI Isam  Danish producer, musician and songwriter

BACHIRI Mohamed  Moroccan administrator, engineer and business executive

BACHTIAR, Gen. ( retd) Da’i  Indonesian government official and diplomatist

BACHLER Nikolaus (Klaus)  Austrian artistic director; Intendant, Bayerische Staatsoper

BACHLUND Gary  American singer (tenor) and composer

BACHMAN Randy  Canadian singer, songwriter, musician (guitar) and producer

BACHMAN Richard  

BACHMAN Talbert (Tal) Charles Robert   Canadian singer, songwriter and musician

BACHMANN Beth  American poet and academic; Writer-in-Residence, Vanderbilt University

BACHMANN John William  American business executive; Senior Partner, Edward D. Jones & Co., LP

BACHMANN Michele Marie  American lawyer and politician

BACHMANN Rhonda  American singer (soprano)

BACHMANN-ARNOLD Ulrike  German musician (piano) and music teacher

BACHRACH Howard L.  American biochemist Died: 26 June 2008

BACHVAROVA Rumiana  Bulgarian politician

BACHYNSKI Morrel Paul  Canadian physicist and business executive Died: 21 March 2012

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