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TROVOADA Miguel dos Anjos da Cunha Lisboa  São Tomé and Príncipe UN official and fmr head of state

TROVOADA Patrice Emery  São Tomé and Príncipe politician

TROW George W. S.  American writer and dramatist Died: 24 Nov. 2006

TROW Zane Roderick  British composer and artistic director

TROWBRIDGE Alexander Buel, Jr.   American business executive Died: 27 April 2006

TROWBRIDGE William  American poet, editor and academic; Mentor, Low-Residency MFA in Writing Program, University of Nebraska

TROWELL Brian Lewis  British academic Died: 12 Nov. 2015

TROWER Robin  British musician (guitar)

TROYANOVSKY Oleg Aleksandrovich   Russian diplomatist Died: 21 Dec. 2003

TROYAT Henri  French writer Died: 3 March 2007

TRPČESKI Simon  Macedonian pianist

TRPEVSKI Ljube  Macedonian politician, banker and academic

TRUAX Barry  Canadian composer

TRUBASHNIK Simon   oboist

TRUBETSKOI Kliment Nikolayevich   Russian geochemist; Adviser, Research Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources, Russian Academy of Sciences

TRUBETSKOV Dmitry Ivanovich  Russian physicist and academic; Head Chair of Electronics, Oscillations and Waves, Saratov State University

TRUBETSKY Tonu (Prince)  Estonian singer, composer, poet, writer and actor

TRUBNIKOV, Gen. (retd) Vyacheslav Ivanovich  Russian security officer, politician and diplomatist (retd )

TRUCK Robert-Paul   poet, critic and historian

TRUDEAU Garry B.  American cartoonist

TRUDEAU Justin Pierre James  Canadian politician; Prime Minister

TRUDEAU, Rt Hon. Pierre Elliott  Canadian politician and lawyer Died: 28 Sept. 2000

TRUDEL Alain  Canadian trombonist and conductor; Music Director,Toledo Symphony

TRUE Michael  American academic, writer and poet; Professor Emeritus, Assumption College

TRUE, Baron (Life Peer), cr. 2010, of East Sheen in the County of Surrey  British politician and fmr civil servant; Leader of the Council, London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames

TRUE Roger  American country singer and musician (guitar)

TRUE Stefanie  Canadian singer (soprano)

TRUEBODY Miriam  Namibian business executive, anthropologist and rural development consultant; Development Consultant, Miriam Truebody Development Consultant

TRUEFITT Alison  British singer (soprano)

TRUESDALE Tommy  British singer, entertainer, actor and radio presenter

TRUESDELL Ryan  American jazz composer, arranger and record producer

TRUJILLO Robert  American musician (bass guitar)

TRUJILLO Solomon Dennis (Sol)  American telecommunications industry executive

TRUJILLO MOLINA, Gen. Héctor Bienvenido  Dominican Republic army officer and politician Died: 19 Oct. 2002

TRUKHANOVSKY Vladimir Grigoryevich   Russian historian Died: 10 May 2000

TRUMAN Edwin Malcolm  American economist and academic; Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics

TRUMAN James  British journalist

TRUMAN Jill  British teacher, writer and dramatist

TRUMAN (Mary) Margaret  American writer Died: 29 Jan. 2008

TRUMKA Richard Louis  American lawyer and trade union official; President, American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO)

TRUMP Donald John, Sr  American business executive, property developer, politician and head of state; President

TRUMP Melania  American (b. Slovenian) fmr model; First Lady

TRUMPINGTON, Baroness (Life Peer), cr. 1980, of Sandwich in the County of Kent  British politician Died: 26 Nov. 2018

TRUONG My Hoa  Vietnamese politician

TRUONG Nhu Tang  Vietnamese lawyer and politician

TRUONG Tan Sang  Vietnamese politician and fmr head of state

TRUSS, Rt Hon. Elizabeth (Liz) Mary  British management accountant and politician; Chief Secretary to the Treasury

TRUSS Lynne  British writer

TRUSS Warren Errol  Australian farmer and politician

TRUSSARDI Beatrice  Italian fashion industry executive; President and CEO, Trussardi, SpA

TRUSSARDI Louis  French musician (contrebass) Died: 29 April 2010

TRUSSEL Jacques  American singer (tenor)

TRUSZCZYŃSKI Jan  Polish politician, diplomatist and international organization official

TRUTNEV Yurii Petrovich  Russian politician; Deputy Prime Minister and Presidential Representative to Far Eastern Federal Okrug

TRYON Valerie Ann  Canadian (b. British) concert pianist and academic

TRYTHALL Harry Gilbert (Gil)  American composer and academic

TRZECIAKOWSKI Witold Mieczysław   Polish economist and politician Died: 21 Jan. 2004

TSACHEVA DANGOVSKA Tsetska  Bulgarian jurist and politician; Minister of Justice

TSAGOLOV, Maj.-Gen. Kim Makedonovich  Russian/Ossetian Died: 11 Oct. 2015

TSAI Eng-Meng  Taiwanese business executive; Chairman and CEO, Want Want China Holdings Ltd

TSAI Hong-tu  Taiwanese insurance industry executive; Chairman, Cathay Life Insurance Company Ltd

TSAI Ing-wen  Taiwanese politician, professor of law and head of state; President

TSAI Jolin  Chinese singer, dancer and actor

TSAI Michael Ming-hsien  Taiwanese politician and diplomatist

TSAI Ming-liang  Taiwanese film dir

TSAI Wan-Lin  Taiwanese insurance executive Died: 27 Sept. 2004

TSAI Wan-tsai  Taiwanese banker Died: 5 Oct. 2014

TSAKALOTOS Euclid  Greek economist and politician ; Minister of Finance

TSAKHNA Margus  Estonian politician

TSALLAGOVA Elena  Russian singer (soprano)

TSALOUMAS Dimitris  Australian poet, editor, translator and teacher Died: 3 Feb. 2016

TSANG, Sir Donald Yam-kuen  Chinese government official

TSANG John Chun-wah  Chinese government official

TSANG Yok-Sing  Hong Kong politician

TSAO Robert H.C.  Taiwanese electronics industry executive; Chairman Emeritus, United Microelectronics Corporation

TSAPOGAS Makis Joakim  Greek medical scientist and academic; Professor of Vascular Diseases, New York University and University of London

TSARUKYAN Gagik  Armenian business executive, sportsman and politician

TSATSOS-SYMEONIDIS Dora  Greek dancer, teacher and choreographer Died: 15 June 2000

TSCHABOLD Matthias  Swiss poet

TSCHAIKOV Basil Nichols  British clarinettist Died: 14 Sept. 2016

TSCHAMMER Hans  German singer (bass)

TSCHANZ KRAMEL Beatrice  Swiss journalist and business executive; Chairman, Oase Holding AG

TSCHERGOV Michail  Bulgarian singer (tenor, baritone)

TSCHIRA Klaus  German software industry executive Died: 31 March 2015

TSCHUDI Hans-Peter   Swiss politician Died: 29 Sept. 2002

TSCHUDI-MADSEN Stephan  Norwegian art historian Died: 11 Oct. 2007

TSCHUMI Jean-Raymond  Swiss poet and teacher Died: 29 July 2014

TSCHÜTSCHER Klaus  Liechtenstein politician and academic

TSE David K. S.  British playwright, actor and director; Creative Director, Chinatown Arts Space

TSE Nicholas  Hong Kong singer and actor

TSEKOA Mohlabi Kenneth  Lesotho politician, educator and diplomatist

TSELKOV Oleg  Russian artist

TSENG Cheng Kui  Chinese biologist Died: 2005

TSENG Kwang-shun  Taiwanese politician Died: 13 June 2001

TSENOVA Julia-Maryanna  Bulgarian composer, pianist and lecturer Died: 11 April 2010

TSEPKALO Valery V.  Belarusian academic, government official and fmr diplomatist; Director, High-Tech Park Administration

TSEPOV Boris Anatolyevich  Russian diplomatist

TSERENDULAM Rentsen  Mongolian zoologist

TSERETELI Zurab Konstantinovich   Georgian sculptor and artist; President, Russian Academy of Arts

TSHABALALA-MSIMANG Mantombazana (Manto) Edmie  South African medical practitioner and politician Died: 16 Dec. 2009

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