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MURRAY Stuart  Australian fmr architect and planner Died: 20 Dec. 2015

MURRAY Timothy Vincent  Canadian architect

MURRAY William   singer (baritone)

MURRAY OF EPPING FOREST, Rt Hon., Baron (Life Peer), cr. 1985, of Telford in the County of Shropshire  British trade union official Died: 20 May 2004

MURRELL David (Dave) Evan  British musician, arranger and academic

MURRELL John  Canadian dramatist and translator; Executive Artistic Director, The Banff Centre

MURSAL OSMAN Mohamed  Somali politician and fmr diplomatist; Minister of Defence

MURSHED Yasmeen  Bangladeshi educationalist, business executive and diplomatist

MURSI Muhammad  Egyptian politician and fmr head of state

MURTA Jack Burnett  Canadian politician and farmer

MURTAGH Ben  British lecturer in Indonesian and academic; Lecturer in Indonesian and Malay, Department of the Languages and Cultures of South East Asia, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

MURTAGH Peter  Irish journalist; Reporter, The Irish Times

MURTEIRA NABO Francisco Luís   Portuguese economist and business executive; Senior Partner , SaeR-Sociedad Estratégia e Risco, Lda.

MURTHY D. Srikantha  Indian geologist and poet

MURTHY N(agavara) R(amarao) Narayana   Indian business executive and software engineer; Chairman Emeritus, Infosys Technologies Ltd

MURTHY Vivek Hallegere  American physician and government official; Surgeon–General

MURTI K(otikalapudi) V(enkata) S(uryanarayana)  Indian writer, poet and academic (retd)

MURTO Janne  Finnish musician (saxophone, flutes) and music teacher

MURTO Matti Yrjö Juhani  Finnish composer and academic; Manager, Modus Musiikki Oy

MURTON John Evan  British diplomatist ; Deputy High Commissioner in Nairobi

MUSA Said  Belizean politician and attorney-at-law

MUSACCHIO Martina   singer (soprano)

MUSAMBACHIME Mwelwa C.  Zambian diplomatist and fmr university professor

MUSBACH Ruth Ann  American poet and writer

MUSCĀ Monica Octavia  Romanian politician and fmr teacher

MUSCARDINI Cristiana  Italian politician

MUSCAT Joseph  Maltese journalist and politician; Prime Minister

MUSCATELLI, Sir Anton (Vito Antonio)  British economist, academic and university administrator; Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of Glasgow

MUSCHG Adolf  Swiss writer, dramatist and academic

MUSEMINARI Rosemary  Rwandan diplomatist and politician

MUSEVENI, Gen. (retd) Yoweri Kaguta  Ugandan head of state and fmr army officer ; President

MUSGRAVE Susan  Canadian writer

MUSGRAVE Thea  British composer

MUSGRAVES Kacey Lee  American country music singer, songwriter and musician (guitar, mandolin, harmonica)

MUSGROVE David Ronald (Ronnie)   American lawyer and fmr politician ; Founding Member, Musgrove Smith Law

MUSGROVE Frank  British academic and writer Died: 29 Aug. 2011

MUSHARRAF, Gen. (retd) Pervez   Pakistani politician, fmr head of state and fmr army officer

MUSHIKIWABO, Hon. Louise  Rwandan politician; Minister of Foreign Affairs and Co-operation

MUSHINGI Tulinabo S.  American (b. Democratic Repub. of the Congo) diplomatist

MUSHKETIK Yuri Mikhailovich  Ukrainian writer

MUSHOK Mike  American musician (guitar)

MUSHROOM  British musician (keyboards) and producer

MUSICANT Ivan Martin  American naval historian Died: 5 March 1999

MUSICK Martin  

MUSIN Aslan Yespulayevich  Kazakhstani government official

MUSK Elon  Canadian/American (b. South African) engineer and business executive; CEO and Chief Technology Officer, SpaceX

MUSKE-DUKES Carol Anne  American poet, writer and academic; Poet Laureate of California

MUSLERA Graciela  Uruguayan architect and politician

MUSLIMYAR Fazl Hadi  Afghan politician; Speaker, Meshrano Jirga

MUSOKE, Rt Hon Kintu  Ugandan politician, journalist and publisher

MUSOKOTWANE Kebby Sililo Kambulu   Zambian politician and educationist Died: 11 Feb. 1996

MUSOKOTWANE Situmbeko  Zambian economist and government official

MUSOLENO Rosemary  American singer (soprano)

MUSONDA Moses  Zambian diplomatist , academic and government official

MUSONGE Peter Mafany  Cameroonian civil engineer and politician; Grand Chancellor of National Orders

MUSONI James  Rwandan politician

MUSSA Michael  American economist and academic Died: 15 Jan. 2012

MUSSALLEM Helen Kathleen  Canadian health consultant and Died: 9 Nov. 2012

MUSSARD Pascale  French business executive; Co-Artistic Director, Hermès International SA

MUSSELWHITE Charlie  American blues-harp player

MUSSO Guillaume  French writer

MUSSOLINI Alessandra  Italian politician, fmr actress and fmr model

MUSSOMELI Joseph Adamo  American lawyer and diplomatist; Ambassador to Slovenia

MUSTAFA Isa  Kosovo politician; Chairman, Lidhja Demokratike e Kosovës (Democratic League of Kosovo)

MUSTAFA Muhammad Taha  Yemeni diplomatist

MUSTAFAJ Besnik  Albanian writer, academic, politician and diplomatist

MUSTAINE Dave  American singer, musician (guitar) and songwriter

MUSTAPHA Faisz  Sri Lankan lawyer and diplomatist; Minister of Sports, Provincial Councils and Local Government

MUSTAPHA Shettima  Nigerian politician

MUSTILL, Baron (Life Peer), cr. 1992, of Pateley Bridge in the County of North Yorkshire  British barrister, judge, author and arbitrator Died: 24 April 2015

MUSTONEN Olli  Finnish pianist, composer and conductor

MUSYOKA (Stephen) Kalonzo  Kenyan lawyer and politician; Leader, Wiper Democratic Movement

MUTA Taizo  Japanese theoretical physicist, university administrator and academic

MUTABOBA Joseph  Rwandan diplomatist and UN official

MUTAFCHIEVA Vera  Bulgarian writer , historian and academic Died: 9 June 2009

MUTAIWEE Abd ar-Rahman Ghanim al-   United Arab Emirates diplomatist, banker and civil servant; Ambassador to UK

MUTALIBOV Ayaz Niyazi Oğlu   Azerbaijani politician

MUTALLAB Alhaji Umaru Abdul  Nigerian government official and accountant

MUTALOV Abdulkhashim Mutalovich   Uzbekistani politician and business executive

MUTAMBA TSHAMPANGA Jean-Pierre   Democratic Republic of the Congo diplomatist

MUTAMBARA, Brig. Gen. ( retd) Agripa  Zimbabwean army officer ( retd) and diplomatist; President, Zimbabwe People First

MUTAMBARA Arthur  Zimbabwean politician

MUTASA Didymus Noel Edwin  Zimbabwean politician

MUTATI Felix C.  Zambian accountant and politician

MUTAWAKIL Wakil Ahmad  Afghan politician

MUTEBI II, HM; Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Edward Frederick Kimera Muwenda Mutebi  

MUTHARIKA Arthur Peter  Malawi lawyer, academic, politician and head of state; President and Minister of Defence

MUTHARIKA Bingu Wa  Malawi politician, economist and head of state Died: 5 April 2012

MUTHURAMAN Balasubramanian   Indian steel industry executive

MUTI Ornella  Italian actress

MUTI Riccardo  Italian conductor; Music Director, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

MUTIS Alvaro  Colombian poet and novelist Died: 22 Sept. 2013

MUTKO Vitalii Leontyevich  Russian mechanical engineer and politician; Deputy Chairman of the Government

MUTO Kabun  Japanese politician Died: 4 Nov. 2009

MUTOLA Maria Lurdes  Mozambican athlete

MUTSAERS Charlotte Jacoba Maria   Dutch writer, painter and illustrator

MUTSCH Lydia  Luxembourg politician; Mayor of Esch-sur-Alzette and Member of Parliament

MUTSCHLER Carlfried  German architect Died: 1999

MUTTER Anne-Sophie  German violinist

MÜTZELBURG Bernd  German diplomatist

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