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YU Julian Jing-Jun  Australian/Chinese composer; Teacher of Composition, University of Melbourne

YU Junbo  Chinese politician; Deputy Secretary, Beijing Municipal Committee

YU Kuo-Hwa  Taiwanese politician and banker Died: 4 Oct. 2000

YU Kwang-Chung  Chinese academic, poet, essayist and translator

YU Long  Chinese conductor; Artistic Director, China Philharmonic Orchestra

YU Lu  Chinese theoretical physicist; Professor, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

YU Min  Chinese nuclear physicist

YŪ Miri  South Korean (b. Japanese) writer, playwright and essayist

YU Myeong-hee  South Korean microbiologist and academic; Principal Research Scientist and Director, 21C Frontier R&D Program, Functional Proteomics Center, Korean Institute of Science and Technology

YU Myung-hwan  South Korean diplomatist and politician

YU Nick Rongjun  Chinese playwright and director; Deputy General Manager, Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre

YU Qiuyu  Chinese writer and critic

YU Shumin  Chinese business executive; President, Hisense Group

YU Shyi-kun  Taiwanese politician

YU Wen  Chinese party official

YU Woo-ik  South Korean academic, diplomatist and politician

YU Xiang (Angelo)  Chinese violinist

YU Xintian  Chinese political scientist and academic; Chairwoman, Academic Committee, Shanghai Institutes for International Studies

YU Xubo  Chinese business executive; President, China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation (COFCO)

YU Ying-shih  Chinese/American writer and academic; Gordon Wu '58 Professor Emeritus of Chinese Studies , Princeton University

YU Yong  Chinese steel industry executive; Chairman and General Manager, HeSteel Group

YU, Gen. Yongbo  Chinese army officer and party official

YU Yongding  Chinese economist

YU Youxian  Chinese publisher

YU Zhen  Chinese politician

YU Zhengsheng  Chinese politician; Chairman, National Committee, Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC)

YU, Gen. Zhenwu  Chinese air force officer

YU-FOO Yee Shoon  Singaporean politician

YUAN Changqing  Chinese economist and banking executive; Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Agricultural Bank of China

YUAN Enfeng  Chinese folk singer

YUAN Guiren  Chinese academic and politician

YUAN Jason C.  Taiwanese politician and diplomatist

YUAN Kejia  Chinese academic, poet, writer, translator and editor

YUAN Li  Chinese insurance industry executive

YUAN Longping  Chinese agronomist

YUAN Maozhen  Chinese energy industry executive

YUAN, Gen. Shoufang  Chinese army officer

YUAN Weimin  Chinese sports administrator and civil servant

YUAN Zhongyi  Chinese archaeologist (retd)

YUASA Joji  Japanese composer and professor of music; Professor Emeritus of Music, University of California, San Diego

YUASA Nobuyuki  Japanese academic, poet and translator; Professor Emeritus, University of Hiroshima

YUASA Takuo  Japanese conductor; Associate Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts, Performing Art Centre

YUBIN  South Korean singer, rapper and actress

YUCHENGCO Alfonso Tiaoqui  Philippine diplomatist , banker and business executive Died: 15 April 2017

YUDASHKIN Valentin Abramovich  Russian fashion designer

YUDHOYONO Kristiani (Ani) Herrawati   Indonesian

YUDKIN Leon Israel  British academic and writer Died: 8 June 2013

YUDOF Mark George  American lawyer, academic and university administrator

YUE Denise  Hong Kong civil servant and politician

YUE Qifeng  Chinese government official

YUE Yi  Hong Kong banking executive; Chief Executive, Vice-Chairman and Executive Director, Bank of China (Hong Kong) Ltd

YUEN Nancy  Singaporean singer (soprano)

YUEN Woo-Ping  Chinese film director, actor and choreographer

YUILL Thomas (Tom)  American poet and academic; Artist-in-Residence, Guild Hall

YUILL Thomas M.  American virologist and academic; Professor Emeritus, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Wisconsin

YUK Zoya  Belarusian economist and academic

YUKAWA Setsuko  Japanese economist and academic

YULDASHEV Bekhzod  Uzbekistani nuclear physicist, politician and administrator

YULDASHEV Shavkat Muhitdinovitch   Uzbekistani politician

YUMASHEV Valentin Borisovich  Russian politician and journalist

YUMKELLA Kandeh K.  Sierra Leonean politician and fmr UN official

YUN Bulong  Chinese politician Died: 12 June 2000

YUN Byung-se  South Korean politician

YUN Gongmin  Chinese business executive; President and CEO, China Huadian Corporation

YUN Jong-yong  South Korean business executive; Company Adviser, Samsung Electronics Company Limited

YUN Joseph Y.  American economist and diplomatist; Ambassador to Malaysia

YUNG Joey  Hong Kong singer and actress

YUNG Larry  Chinese business executive

YUNIUPINGU (James) Galarrwuy  Australian community leader and business executive; Chairman, Yothu Yindu Foundation

YUNUPINGU Geoffrey Gurrumul  Australian singer and musician Died: 25 July 2017

YUNUS, Pengiran Haji  Brunei diplomatist ; Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

YUNUS Dilber  Finnish (b. Chinese) singer (lyric coloratura soprano)

YUNUS Muhammad  Bangladeshi banker and academic ; Chairman, Yunus Centre

YURISICH Gregory  Australian singer (baritone)

YURKO Allen  American business executive; Partner, Avista Capital Partners

YURSKY Sergei Yurievich  Russian actor, stage manager, film director and writer

YUSA  Cuban singer, songwriter and musician (guitar, piano, bass)

YUSGIANTORO Purnomo  Indonesian politician and international organization official

YUSHCHENKO Kateryna  Ukrainian economist and foundation executive; Chairperson of Supervisory Board, Ukraine 3000 International Charitable Foundation

YUSHCHENKO Viktor Andriyovich  Ukrainian economist, banker, politician and fmr head of state; Chairman, Our Ukraine (Nasha Ukraina)

YUSHENKOV, Col Sergey Nikolayevich  Russian politician Died: 17 April 2003

YUSHKIAVITSHUS Henrikas Alguirdas   Russian/Lithuanian international civil servant

YUSON Alfred  Philippine writer

YUSUF Abdulqawi Ahmed  Somali lawyer, academic and judge; Judge and Vice-President, International Court of Justice

YUSUF Hamza  American theologian; President, Zaytuna College

YUSUF Mohamed Abdi  Somali politician

YUSUF Nova Riyanti  Indonesian novelist

YUSUF Salim  Canadian (b. Indian) physician and professor of medicine; Director, Population Health Research Institute, McMaster University

YUSUF Sami  British singer

YUSUF AHMED, Col Abdullahi  Somali politician, military leader and fmr head of state Died: 23 March 2012

YUSUFI Khairinisso  Tajikistani politician; Vice Chairman, Assembly of Representatives (Majlisi Namoyandagon)

YUTHASAK, Gen. (retd) Sasiprapha   Thai politician and fmr military officer; President, National Olympic Committee of Thailand

YUVAL-DAVIS Nira  British/Israeli professor of gender and ethnic studies and sociologist ; Professor and Director, Centre for Research on Migration, Refugees and Belonging, University of East London


YUZHANOV Ilya Arturovich  Russian economist, politician and business executive; Chairman, Polymetal Open Joint Stock Company

YVON Christopher  British diplomatist ; Permanent Representative, Council of Europe

YZAGUIRRE Raúl Humberto   American community activist and diplomatist

YZERMAN Steve  Canadian sport organization executive and professional ice hockey player (retd); Vice-President and General Manager, Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Club

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