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WILSON Georges  French actor and theatre and film director Died: 3 Feb. 2010

WILSON Gerald Stanley  American musician (trumpet, piano), arranger, composer and bandleader Died: 8 Sept. 2014

WILSON Gina  British children’s writer and poet

WILSON (Robert) Gordon  Scottish politician and solicitor ( retd) Died: 25 June 2017

WILSON Gordon  British singer (tenor)

WILSON Gretchen Frances  American singer, songwriter, musician (guitar) and producer

WILSON Heather Ann  American educational administrator and fmr air force officer; President, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

WILSON Ian  Northern Irish composer

WILSON, Dame Jacqueline   British writer, academic and university administrator; Pro-Chancellor, Roehampton University

WILSON James  British/Irish composer Died: 5 Aug. 2005

WILSON Jean Donald  American endocrinologist and academic; Professor Emeritus of Internal Medicine, University of Texas Southwestern Medical School

WILSON Jeanne Patricia Pauline   British writer

WILSON Jim Crawford  Scottish writer and poet; Creative Writing Tutor, University of Edinburgh

WILSON Joe  British musician (bass guitar)

WILSON Joe Lee  American jazz singer, composer and musician (guitar, piano, percussion) Died: 17 July 2011

WILSON, Sir John Foster  British international health administrator Died: 23 Nov. 1999

WILSON John P.  Irish politician and university lecturer Died: 9 July 2007

WILSON Keith  American poet and writer Died: 10 Feb. 2009

WILSON Kenneth Geddes  American physicist and academic Died: 15 June 2013

WILSON Keri-Lynn  Canadian conductor and flautist

WILSON Lanford  American dramatist and stage director Died: 23 March 2011

WILSON Linda S.  American chemist and fmr university administrator; President Emerita, Radcliffe College

WILSON, The Very Rev. The Hon. Lois Miriam  Canadian ecclesiastic , human rights campaigner , feminist and ecumenical theologian; Minister of Religion and Public Policy in Residence, Emmanuel College, University of Toronto

WILSON, Gen. Louis Hugh  American marine corps officer Died: 21 June 2005

WILSON Lynton Ronald  Canadian business executive

WILSON, Hon. Margaret  New Zealand lawyer, politician and academic ; Professor of Law and Public Policy, University of Waikato

WILSON Mari  British singer

WILSON Mark  New Zealand business executive; Group CEO, Aviva plc

WILSON Mark  Australian rock musician (bass guitar)

WILSON Mary  American singer and entertainer

WILSON Matt  American musician (drums) and composer

WILSON, Hon. Michael H.  Canadian banking executive, diplomatist and politician Died: 10 Feb. 2019

WILSON Nancy  American rock singer and musician (guitar, mandolin, keyboards, harmonica) Died: 13 Dec. 2018

WILSON Nigel  British business executive; Group Chief Executive, Legal & General Group Plc

WILSON Nigel Guy  British academic

WILSON Olly W., Jr  American composer, professor and scholar Died: 13 March 2018

WILSON Owen  American actor

WILSON Paul  Scottish musician (bass guitar) and backing singer

WILSON Paul  British singer (tenor, baritone); Director of Music and the Performing Arts , Whitgift School, Croydon

WILSON Peter  British musician (piano) , composer, arranger and teacher

WILSON Peter (Pete) Barton  American fmr politician and lawyer; Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

WILSON Peter L.  Australian architect

WILSON Reuben  American musician (organ)

WILSON Richard Edward  American composer, pianist and academic; Professor Emeritus of Music, Vassar College

WILSON Ricky  British singer

WILSON, Sir Robert   British astrophysicist Died: 2 Sept. 2002

WILSON Robert M.  American theatre and opera director and artist

WILSON Robert McLachlan  British retd professor of biblical criticism Died: 27 June 2010

WILSON Robert McLiam  British writer

WILSON, Sir Robert Peter  British business executive; Senior Adviser, Morgan Stanley

WILSON Robert Woodrow  American radio astronomer; Senior Scientist, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

WILSON Roger  British folk musician and songwriter

WILSON, Rt Rev. Roger Plumpton  British ecclesiastic Died: 24 June 1995

WILSON Ross L.  American academic and fmr diplomatist; Chairman Board of Governors, Institute for Turkish Studies

WILSON Sandy   (Deceased)

WILSON Steven  American academic and poet; Professor, Texas State University

WILSON Terrence  American pianist

WILSON Thomas  British university professor Died: 27 July 2001

WILSON Thomas Joseph  American business executive; Chairman, President and CEO , The Allstate Corporation

WILSON Timothy  British singer (countertenor)

WILSON Anthony (Tony) H.  British producer and journalist Died: 10 Aug. 2007

WILSON Trevor Gordon  New Zealand military historian and academic; Professor Emeritus and Honorary Visiting Research Fellow, School of History and Politics, University of Adelaide

WILSON William Julius  American sociologist and academic; Lewis P. and Linda L. Geyser University Professor, Harvard University

WILSON-BARNETT, Dame Jenifer  British nurse and academic

WILSON-JOHNSON David Robert  British baritone

WILSON OF DINTON, Baron (Life Peer), cr. 2003, of Dinton in the County of Buckinghamshire   British civil servant and college principal

WILSON OF TILLYORN, Baron (Life Peer), cr. 1992, of Finzean in the District of Kincardine and Deeside and of Fanling in Hong Kong  British diplomatist and public servant

WILSON-RAYBOULD Jody  Canadian lawyer and politician

WILTON, Dame Penelope Alice  British actress

WILTON-JONES Anni  British performance poet and learning development officer

WILTSHIRE Carolyn Margaret  Australian civil servant and business executive

WILUAN Kris Taenar  Indonesian business executive; Chairman, Citramas Group

WIMAN Christian  American poet and essayist; Senior Lecturer, Yale Institute of Sacred Music, Yale University

WIMBERGER Peter  Austrian singer (bass-baritone)

WIMBISH Doug  American musician (guitar, bass guitar)

WIN Aung  Myanma politician and diplomatist Died: 4 Nov. 2009

WIN Myint  Myanma politician; President

WIN U Kyaw  Myanma diplomatist and medical practitioner

WIN U Nay  Myanma diplomatist

WIN U Ye  Myanma diplomatist

WINANS Allan D.  American poet, writer and fmr civil rights investigator

WINANS Bebe  American singer

WINANS Cece  American singer

WINBECK Heinz  German composer and teacher

WINBERG (Sven) Håkan  Swedish politician and lawyer

WINBLAD Ann L.  American investment company executive; Managing Director, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners

WINCH Donald Norman  British academic Died: 12 June 2017

WINCH Terence Patrick  American poet, editor and musician


WINCHESTER Robert J.  American physician and academic; Professor of Pediatrics, Pathology, and Medicine, Division of Rheumatology, Department of Medicine, Columbia University

WINCHESTER Simon  American writer

WINCKLER Georg  Austrian university rector and academic; President, ERSTE Foundation

WINDER Anne  British broadcasting executive

WINDER Barbara Dietz  American academic and poet

WINDLE Alan Hardwick  British scientist and academic; Professor of Materials Science, University of Cambridge

WINDLESHAM, 3rd Baron and Baronet; Baron Hennessy (Life Peer), cr. 1999  British politician and fmr college principal Died: 21 Dec. 2010

WINDLEY Carol  Canadian writer

WINDMÜLLER Yaron  Israeli singer (baritone)


WINDRICH Erik Rudolph  Dutch singer, songwriter and musician (multi-instrumentalist)

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