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WILLIAMSON, Sir (George) Malcolm  British banker; Chairman, Strategy and Development Board, Cass Business School

WILLIAMSON Malcolm Benjamin Graham  British composer, pianist and organist Died: 2 March 2003

WILLIAMSON Matthew  British fashion designer

WILLIAMSON Nicol  British actor Died: 16 Dec. 2011

WILLIAMSON Oliver E.  American economist and academic; Professor of the Graduate School and Edgar F. Kaiser Professor Emeritus of Business, Economics, and Law, University of California, Berkeley

WILLIAMSON Philip G.  British writer

WILLIAMSON, Sir (Robert) Brian  British business executive

WILLIAMSON Steve  British saxophonist

WILLIAMSON OF HORTON, Baron (Life Peer), cr. 1999, of Horton in the County of Somerset  British government official Died: 30 Aug. 2015

WILLIS Bruce Walter  American actor

WILLIS Connie  American science fiction writer


WILLIS Elizabeth  American poet and academic

WILLIS, Sir Eric Archibald  Australian politician Died: 10 May 1999

WILLIS Gary Glen  American musician (electric bass) and composer

WILLIS Helen  British singer (mezzo-soprano)

WILLIS Kenneth G.  British economist and academic; Professor of Environmental Economics and Director of the Centre for Research in Environmental Appraisal and Management, University of Newcastle

WILLIS Meredith Sue  American author and educator; Adjunct Assistant Professor of Creative Writing, New York University

WILLIS Norman David  British trade union official Died: 7 June 2014

WILLIS Nuala  British singer (mezzo-soprano)

WILLIS Ralph  Australian politician

WILLIS-SØRENSEN Rachel  American singer (soprano)

WILLMOTT Hedley Paul  British lecturer and writer

WILLMOTT Peter S.  American business executive; Chairman and CEO, Willmott Services Inc.

WILLOCH Kåre Isaachsen  Norwegian politician (retd)

WILLOTT (William) Brian  British public official

WILLOUGHBY Brian  British musician (guitar)


WILLOUGHBY Christopher R.  British economist

WILLOUGHBY Katrina Agness  New Zealand librarian and poet

WILLOUGHBY (Helen) Lynette (Estelle)   British computer scientist and academic

WILLS Arthur  British composer and cathedral organist

WILLS Dean Robert  Australian business executive

WILLS Garry  American writer, journalist and academic; Professor of History Emeritus, Northwestern University

WILLS Mark  American country singer

WILLS Mary Jo  American diplomatist (retd) and academic; Visiting Professor, College of International Security Affairs, National Defense University

WILLSON C. Grant  American chemist and academic; Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Rashid Engineering Regents Chair, University of Texas

WILLSON Francis Michael Glenn  British university administrator and academic Died: 2014

WILLSON-PIPER Marty  British musician (guitar), singer and songwriter

WILLUMSEN Dorrit  Danish writer

WILLUMSTAD Robert B.  American insurance executive; Senior Adviser, Brysam Global Partners

WILLYBIRO SAKO Jean  Central African Republic diplomatist

WILMER Clive  British academic, writer, poet, translator and broadcaster; Emeritus Fellow, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge

WILMERS Mary-Kay  British editor; Editor, London Review of Books

WILMOTT Peter Graham  British consultant and fmr civil servant

WILMUT, Sir Ian   British geneticist; Director, Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh

WILNER Eleanor  American poet and teacher

WILOCH Thomas  American poet, writer and editor Died: 4 Sept. 2008

WILSEY, Gen. Sir John Finlay Willasey  British fmr army officer and business executive

WILSON, Sir Alan Geoffrey  British geographer, mathematician, academic and fmr university vice-chancellor; CEO, Alan Turing Institute

WILSON Alexander  British librarian Died: 13 Feb. 2002

WILSON Alexander (Sandy) Galbraith   British writer and composer Died: 27 Aug. 2014

WILSON Allan  British conductor

WILSON Allison  American academic and poet; Professor, Jackson State University

WILSON A(ndrew) N(orman)  British writer

WILSON Ann D.  American rock singer and musician (flute, guitar, bass guitar, autoharp, keyboards)

WILSON, Sir Anthony   British accountant ( retd)

WILSON August  American playwright Died: 2 Oct. 2005

WILSON Bertha  Canadian Supreme Court judge Died: 28 April 2007

WILSON Blake Shaw  American medical scientist, electrical engineer and academic

WILSON Blenda Jacqueline  American fmr university administrator

WILSON Brian  American musician (bass, keyboards), singer, songwriter and producer

WILSON Brian G.  Australian/British physicist and university administrator ( retd)

WILSON Brian Scott  American composer, conductor, jazz musician (piano) and academic; Chair and Professor of Music, Sonoma State University

WILSON Cassandra  American jazz singer

WILSON Catherine  British singer (soprano) and performance coach Died: 11 July 2016

WILSON Charles Martin  British journalist

WILSON, Sir Charles Haynes  British university administrator Died: 9 Nov. 2002

WILSON Charles Mills  Canadian composer ( retd)

WILSON Christopher  British lutenist and vihuela player

WILSON Christopher  British novelist and semiotician

WILSON Christopher R.  British academic; Professor of Music, University of Hull

WILSON Cindy  American singer

WILSON Clare Eleanor  Australian (b. British) clinical psychologist and academic; Director, Psychological Services Clinic , Edith Cowan University

WILSON, Sir Colin Alexander St John  British architect Died: 14 May 2007

WILSON Colin Henry  British writer Died: 5 Dec. 2013

WILSON Damian Augustine Howitt   British singer and songwriter

WILSON, Sir David Mackenzie  British fmr museum director

WILSON Dennis Edward  American musician (trombone) , producer, arranger and conductor; Associate Professor of Jazz and Contemporary Improvisation , University of Michigan

WILSON Dierdre  American dance instructor, director and choreographer

WILSON Donald M.  American journalist and publishing executive Died: 29 Nov. 2011

WILSON Edward Osborne, Jr  American biologist, academic and writer; University Professor Emeritus, Harvard University

WILSON Edwin James  Australian poet and painter

WILSON Eliane  Swiss writer

WILSON Elisa  Australian singer (soprano)

WILSON Ernest Dion  American/Canadian DJ, rapper, songwriter, record producer and record executive; Executive Vice President, Capitol Music Group

WILSON Frances Jean  British teacher and poet

WILSON Fraser Andrew  British diplomatist (retd)

WILSON Fredric Woodbridge  American musicologist Died: 15 May 2010

WILSON G. Willow  American author, journalist and comics writer

WILSON, Hon. Geoffrey Hazlitt  British accountant and business executive

WILSON Georges  French actor and theatre and film director Died: 3 Feb. 2010

WILSON Gerald Stanley  American musician (trumpet, piano), arranger, composer and bandleader Died: 8 Sept. 2014

WILSON Gina  British children’s writer and poet

WILSON (Robert) Gordon  Scottish politician and solicitor ( retd) Died: 25 June 2017

WILSON Gordon  British singer (tenor)

WILSON Gretchen Frances  American singer, songwriter, musician (guitar) and producer

WILSON Heather Ann  American educational administrator and fmr air force officer; President, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

WILSON Ian  Northern Irish composer

WILSON, Dame Jacqueline   British writer, academic and university administrator; Pro-Chancellor, Roehampton University

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