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QUBAISI Amal Abdullah Juma Karam Al  United Arab Emirates politician and academic; President and Speaker, Federal National Council

QUBAISI Khadem Abdulla al-  United Arab Emirates business executive

QUBAYSI, Sheikha Munira al-  Syrian educator; Founder and Director, Al-Qubaysiat

QUDAH Adel  Jordanian government official

QUE AZCONA Vivian  Philippine business executive


QUEEN LATIFAH  American rap artist and actress


QUEFFÉLEC Anne  French concert pianist

QUEFFÉLEC Yann  French writer

QUEK, Tan Sri Leng Chan  Malaysian barrister and business executive; Executive Chairman and CEO, Hong Leong Group Malaysia

QUELCH John Anthony  British/American academic; Vice-Provost for Executive Education, University of Miami

QUELER Eve  American conductor

QUENÉ Theo  Dutch civil servant (retd) Died: 4 June 2011

QUERALT Stephen Paul  British musician (bass guitar)

QUÉRÉ Maryse  French civil servant, computer scientist and academic

QUERRY Ronald (Ron) Burns  American novelist

QUESADA PASTOR, Lt Gen. José   Portuguese army officer

QUESSEP ESGUERRA Giovanni  Colombian poet

QUESTIAUX Nicole Françoise   French civil servant and politician

QUESTROM Allen I.  American retail executive; Senior Advisor, Lee Equity Partners LLC

QUETA Adelino Mano  Guinea-Bissau lawyer, diplomatist and politician

QUEVEDO, HE Cardinal Orlando Beltrán  Philippine ecclesiastic; Archbishop Emeritus of Cotabato

QUEYRANNE Jean-Jack  French politician

QUEYRAS Jean-Guihen  Canadian/French musician (cello)

QUEYRAS Sina  Canadian poet

QUEZADA TORUÑO, HE Cardinal Rodolfo  Guatemalan ecclesiastic Died: 4 June 2012

QUIBEL Robert Henri Maurice  French musician (double bass), arranger and director Died: 17 Jan. 2013

QUICK Barbara  American novelist , poet and journalist

QUIGLEY Michael (Mike)  British/Australian business executive

QUIGLEY, Sir (William) George (Henry)  British business executive Died: 3 March 2013

QUIGNARD Pascal Charles Edmond   French writer

QUIJANO CAPURRO José Manuel   Uruguayan economist and international organization official

QUILÈS Paul  French politician; Mayor of Cordes-sur-Ciel (Tarn)

QUILICO Gino  Canadian singer (baritone)

QUILLA CROFT Howard  British singer (baritone)

QUILLEN Daniel G.  American mathematician and academic Died: 30 April 2011

QUILLEY Denis  British actor and singer Died: 7 Oct. 2003

QUILLIVIC Jean  French composer and musician (saxophone)

QUIN Andrew James  British composer, musician (keyboards, percussion) and music lecturer

QUIN, Baroness (Life Peer), cr. 2006, of Gateshead in the County of Tyne and Wear  British politician

QUINDLEN Anna Marie  American journalist and author

QUINE Willard Van Orman  American academic Died: 15 Dec. 2000

QUING Miao  Chinese singer (mezzo-soprano)

QUINLAN Gary Francis  Australian civil servant and diplomatist; Ambassador to Indonesia

QUINLAN, Sir Michael Edward  British civil servant Died: 26 Feb. 2009

QUINLAN Michael (Mike) R.  American business executive; Chairman Emeritus, McDonald's Corporation

QUINN Aidan  American actor

QUINN Aidy  Irish singer

QUINN Andrea  British conductor and music director

QUINN Anthony Rudolph Oaxaca  American actor-director Died: 3 June 2001

QUINN Brian  British banker, economist and consultant; Chairman, Bvalco Ltd

QUINN Catherine  Australian ballet dancer

QUINN Eimear  Irish singer

QUINN Gerard  British singer (baritone)

QUINN John  British musician (drums)

QUINN Julia  American writer

QUINN Kimberly  American publisher and editor

QUINN Marc  British artist

QUINN Martin  Australian diplomatist; High Commissioner to Nauru

QUINN Mick  British musician (bass guitar)

QUINN Patrick (Pat) Joseph, III   American lawyer and fmr politician

QUINN Ruairi  Irish politician, architect and town planner

QUINNEY Richard  American author, photographer and academic; Professor Emeritus, Northern Illinois University

QUINONES Sam  American journalist, reporter and author

QUIÑONES AMEZQUITA Mario Rafael  Guatemalan lawyer and diplomatist

QUIÑÓNEZ Alfonso   Guatemalan lawyer, diplomatist and international organization executive

QUIÑÓNEZ ABARCA Anibal Enrique  Honduran diplomatist and international organization official

QUINTANA Leroy V.  American poet, writer and academic; Professor of English, San Diego Mesa College

QUINTANILLA SCHMIDT Carlos  Salvadorean lawyer and politician

QUINTAVALLE Umberto Paolo  Italian writer Died: 1996

QUINTERO Gabriela  Mexican musician (guitar)

QUINTERO José  Panamanian theatre director Died: 26 Feb. 1999

QUINTON, Baron (Life Peer), cr. 1982, of Holywell in the City of Oxford and County of Oxfordshire  British academic Died: 19 June 2010

QUINTON, Sir John Grand  British fmr banker Died: 28 April 2012

QUIRK James Patrick  Australian agricultural scientist and academic; Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, University of Western Australia

QUIRK, Baron (Life Peer), cr. 1994, of Bloomsbury in the London Borough of Camden  British academic Died: 20 Dec. 2017

QUIROGA RAMÍREZ Jorge Fernando   Bolivian engineer and politician; Leader, Acción Democrática Nacionalista (ADN)

QUITTMEYER Susan  American singer (mezzo-soprano)

QUIVAR Florence  American singer (mezzo-soprano)

QUJAUKITSOQ Vittus  Greenlandic politician

QURAISHI Abdul Aziz Bin Said Al   Saudi Arabian government official and business executive; CEO, Ali Zaid Al-Quraishi & Brothers Company Ltd

QURAISHI Shahabuddin Yaqoob  Indian fmr government official and author

QURASHI Mazhar Mahmood  Pakistani science administrator and researcher Died: 21 Nov. 2011

QURAY Ahmad  Palestinian diplomatist and politician

QURBONOV Abdusalom  Tajikistani politician

QURBONOV, Maj.-Gen. Bahodir  Uzbekistani army officer and politician; Minister of Defence

QURBONOVA Ruqiya  Tajikistani politician; Deputy Prime Minister for Social Matters

QURESHI Afrasiab Mehdi Hashmi  Pakistani diplomatist ; High Commissioner to New Zealand

QURESHI Ashraf  Pakistani diplomatist and public servant

QURESHI Aziz  Indian lawyer and politician

QURESHI Fazal  Indian musician (tabla, dholak, kanjira)

QURESHI Haq Nawaz (Aki)  British producer

QURESHI Moeen Ahmad  American (b. Pakistani) economist, international organization official and business executive Died: 22 Nov. 2016

QURESHI, Makhdoom Shah Mehmood  Pakistani politician; Minister of Foreign Affairs

QURESHI Taufiq  Indian musician (percussion)

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