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POWELL Jonathan Nicholas  British political adviser and diplomatist; Special Envoy to Libya

POWELL Joseph E.  American academic and poet; Professor of English, Central Washington University

POWELL Kendall (Ken) J.  American business executive; Chairman and CEO, General Mills, Inc.

POWELL Mel  American composer Died: 24 April 1998

POWELL Michael James David  British mathematician and academic Died: 19 April 2015

POWELL Michael K.  American lawyer and fmr government official; President and CEO, National Cable and Telecommunications Association

POWELL Mike  American fmr athlete

POWELL Nancy J.  American diplomatist (retd)

POWELL Neil Ashton  British writer and poet

POWELL Owen  British musician (guitar)

POWELL Padgett  American academic and writer; Professor of Creative Writing, University of Florida, Gainesville

POWELL, Sir (Arnold Joseph) Philip  British architect Died: 5 May 2003

POWELL Robert  American political scientist and academic; Professor of Political Science, University of California, Berkeley

POWELL Robert  British actor

POWELL Sandy  British costume and set designer

POWELL Talmage  American writer Died: 2000

POWELL JOBS Laurene  American business executive and philanthropist; Founder and Chairwoman, Emerson Collective

POWELL OF BAYSWATER, Baron (Life Peer), cr. 2000, of Bayswater  British company director, policy adviser and fmr diplomatist

POWELLS Jimmy  British musician (mandolin, guitar) and singer

POWER Brendan  New Zealand musician (chromatic and diatonic harmonica)

POWER Carla  American journalist

POWER Cat  American singer and songwriter

POWER Clement  British conductor

POWER Glen Joseph  Irish musician (drums) and singer

POWER John Timothy  British singer, songwriter and musician (guitar)

POWER Lawrence  British violist

POWER Marjorie  American poet and homemaker

POWER Nick  British musician (organ)

POWER Patrick  New Zealand singer (tenor)

POWER Samantha  American academic, journalist and diplomatist

POWER Simon  New Zealand lawyer, business executive and fmr politician ; General Manager, Consumer Banking and Wealth, Westpac New Zealand Ltd

POWER Susan M.  American lawyer and writer

POWER Vince  Irish music promoter



POWERS Anthony  British composer

POWERS Kevin C.  American author

POWERS M. L.   (Deceased)

POWERS Phyllis Marie  American diplomatist

POWERS Richard  American writer and academic; Emeritus Professor of English, University of Illinois

POWERS Stephen H.  American record producer and entrepreneur

POWERS Thomas Moore  American writer and editor

POWERS William C., Jr  American lawyer, university administrator and academic Died: 10 March 2019

POWERS-FREELING Laurel Claire  American/British business executive

POWIS Alfred  Canadian business executive

POWLES Tim  New Zealand musician (drums) and producer

POWNALL David  British author and dramatist

POWTER Adrian  British singer (baritone)

POWTER Daniel  Canadian singer and songwriter

POY, Hon. Vivienne  Canadian politician and author; Senator

POYER Joseph (Joe) John  American author, editor and publisher Died: 3 April 2018

POYNTER Dougie  British musician (bass guitar) and singer

POYNTER John Riddoch  Australian historian, academic and university administrator; Professor Emeritus and Professorial Fellow, University of Melbourne

POYNTZ, Rt Rev. Samuel Greenfield  Irish ecclesiastic (retd) Died: 18 Feb. 2017

POŽELA Juras  Lithuanian physicist Died: 20 Nov. 2014

POZGAJEC Branko  Croatian singer and musician (flute)

POZNER Vladimir Gerald Dmitri Vladimirovich   Russian/French/American broadcaster

POZO CRESPO Mauricio  Ecuadorean banker, economist and government official

POZUELO PAGES Maria Elena  Costa Rican diplomatist

PRABHAKAR Vishnu  Indian writer and poet Died: 11 April 2009

PRABHAKARAN Velupillai  Sri Lankan resistance leader Died: 18 May 2009

PRABHU Suresh Prabhakar  Indian chartered accountant and politician; Minister of Commerce and Industry

PRADA Michel André Jean Edmond  French fmr civil servant; Chairman, Public Sector Accounting Standards Council

PRADA Miuccia  Italian fashion designer

PRADA BORDENAVE Emmanuelle  French government official; Director General, Agence de la Biomédecine

PRADHAN Adrian  Nepalese pop singer

PRADHAN Mukti Narayan  Nepalese lawyer and fmr government official

PRADHAN, Lyonpo Om  Bhutanese diplomatist , politician and business executive

PRADHAN Sahana Devi  Nepalese lawyer, women’s rights activist and politician Died: 22 Sept. 2014

PRADHAN Trilochan  Indian physicist and academic; Professor Emeritus, Institute of Physics, Bhubaneshwar

PRADIER Henri Joseph Marie  French engineer Died: 21 Aug. 2012

PRADO Benjamin  Spanish writer and poet

PRADO Edward Charles  American diplomatist; Ambassador to Argentina

PRADO ARANGUIZ Jorge José   Chilean politician and agriculturalist

PRADO FREITAS Adélia Luzia   Brazilian poet and writer

PRAEGER Cheryl Elisabeth  Australian mathematician and academic; Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, University of Western Australia

PRAESENT Gerhard  Austrian composer and conductor; Professor, University of Music, Graz

PRAHAR Peter Alan  American diplomatist

PRAISNER Wanda S.  American poet

PRAIZ  Nigerian R&B singer, songwriter, musician (piano) and record producer

PRAK Sokhon  Cambodian politician, fmr army officer and fmr diplomatist; Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation

PRAKASH Vishnu  Indian diplomatist

PRAKKE Lucas  Dutch academic; Professor Emeritus of Law, University of Amsterdam

PRALL Stuart Edward  American historian, academic and writer; Professor Emeritus of History, City University of New York

PRAMOEDYA ANANTA TOER  Indonesian novelist , essayist and critic Died: 30 April 2006

PRAMUDWINAI Don  Thai diplomatist; Minister of Foreign Affairs

PRANCE, Sir Ghillean Tolmie  British botanist

PRANCKIETIS Viktoras  Lithuanian agronomist, politician and academic; Chairman (Speaker), Seimas (Parliament)

PRANDINI Giovanni  Italian politician

PRANTERA Amanda  British author

PRANTL Pavel  Czech concertmaster and academic

PRAPAS CHARUSATHIRA General   (Deceased)

PRASAD Alok  Indian diplomatist (retd); Senior Advisor, India/South Asia, BowerGroupAsia

PRASAD Ashoka  Indian psychiatrist , academic, author and newspaper columnist

PRASAD Ganga  Indian business executive and politician; Governor of Sikkim

PRASAD H. Rajesh  Indian civil servant and government official; Member Secretary, Delhi Dialogue and Development Commission

PRASAD Jayant  Indian diplomatist ; Director-General, Institute of Defense Studies and Analyses

PRASAD Mahabir  Indian politician Died: 28 Nov. 2010

PRASAD Mata  Indian politician

PRASAD Satyendra  Fijian diplomatist; Permanent Representative to United Nations

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