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PETERSON Russell Wilbur  American politician, conservationist, scientist and business executive Died: 21 Feb. 2011

PETERSON Sandra E.  American business executive; CEO, Bayer CropScience

PETERSON Thage Edvin Gerhard  Swedish politician; Senior Adviser, Expandum AB

PETERSON Victoria (Vicki) Anne   American musician (guitar) and singer

PETERSON Walter  American politician, educationist and real estate executive Died: 2 June 2011

PETERSONS Ingus  Latvian singer (tenor)

PETERSSON Lars-Eric Gustav  Swedish business executive

PETERSSON Sven-Olof  Swedish diplomatist ; Ambassador to Australia

PETHICA, Sir John Bernard  British physicist and academic; Principal Investigator, School of Physics, Trinity College, Dublin

PETHRICK Richard Arthur  British physical chemist and academic; Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, University of Strathclyde

PETIBON Patricia  French singer (soprano)

PETIT Christine  French geneticist, biochemist and academic ; Director, Laboratory of Genetics and Physiology of Hearing , Institut Pasteur

PETIT Jean-Louis  French conductor, harpsichordist and composer

PETIT Pascale  French poet and fmr editor

PETIT Philippe  French jazz musician (guitar) and composer

PETIT Pierre  French composer Died: 27 June 2000

PETIT Roland  French dancer and choreographer Died: 10 July 2011

PETITCLERC Chantal  Canadian wheelchair racer and television presenter; Senator, Quebec

PETITPIERRE Anne  Swiss academic and lawyer; Professor, Università della Svizzera Italiana

PETTIT Nancy Lois Bikoff  American diplomatist; Ambassador to Latvia

PETKOFF MALEC Teodoro  Venezuelan politician, journalist and economist; President, TalCual newspaper

PETKOV Dimiter   singer (bass)

PETKOV Petko Danev  Bulgarian politician

PETKOV Rumen Yordanov  Bulgarian politician

PETKOVA Vanya  Bulgarian poet and journalist Died: 26 April 2009

PETKOVSKI Tito  Macedonian politician

PETO, Sir Richard   British epidemiologist; Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology, University of Oxford

PETRAEUS, Gen. (retd) David Howell  American government official, academic and fmr army officer ; Visiting Professor of Public Policy, Macaulay Honors College, City University of New York

PETRAKIS Harry Mark  American writer

PETRAKOV Mikhail Ivanovich  Russian diplomatist ; Ambassador to South Africa

PETRAKOV Nikolai Yakovlevich  Russian economist Died: 9 Jan. 2014

PETRÁŇOVÁ Ludmila  Czech business executive; CEO, Lumen Energy a.s.

PETRÁŇOVÁ Lydia  Czech historian and ethnographer

PETRASSI Goffredo  Italian composer Died: 2 March 2003

PETRE Leonardus Josephus  Belgian trumpet teacher

PETRE Zoe  Romanian historian, academic and politician ; Vice-President, Actiunea Populara (Popular Action)

PETRENKO Aleksey Vasilyevich  Ukrainian actor Died: 22 Feb. 2017

PETRENKO Kirill  Russian conductor; General Music Director, Bayerische Staatsoper

PETRENKO Mikhail  Russian singer (bass)

PETRENKO Vasily  Russian conductor; Chief Conductor, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

PETRESCU Ioana Maria  Romanian economist, academic and government official

PETRESKI Dušan  Macedonian association executive

PETREU Marta  Romanian editor, essayist and poet; Professor of Philosophy, Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj

PETRI Michala  Danish musician (recorder player)

PETRIASHVILI Aleksi  Georgian politician

PETRIČ Ernest  Slovenian judge, diplomatist and academic ; Judge, Constitutional Court

PETRIC Ivo  Slovenian musician, composer and conductor

PETRIČ, Rear Adm. Renato  Slovenian naval officer; Deputy Chief of General Staff

PETRICCA Nicholas William  American singer, songwriter and musician (keyboards)

PETRIDES Paul  Greek historian and academic; Professor, Thessaloniki University

PETRIE Charles  British/French diplomatist and UN official

PETRIE James Colquhoun  British professor of medicine Died: 31 Aug. 2001

PETRIE Paul James  American academic and poet Died: 9 Nov. 2012

PETRIE, Sir, 5th Bt, cr. 1918, of Carrowcarden  British diplomatist

PETRILLI Giuseppe  Italian administrator Died: 10 May 2001

PETRIN Tea  Slovenian economist, academic, politician and diplomatist; Chairman, Postgraduate Studies in Entrepreneurship Programme , University of Ljubljana

PETRINI Anna  Swedish musician (recorder)

PETRINI Carlo  Italian journalist, political activist and academic Died: 16 April 2012

PETRINSKY Natascha  Austrian singer (mezzo-soprano)

PETRITSCH Wolfgang  Austrian diplomatist and writer; President, Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation

PETRO Janos   conductor, music director and composer

PETROBELLI Pierluigi  Italian musicologist, academic and writer Died: 1 March 2012

PETROFF-BEVIE Barbara  German singer (soprano) and academic

PETRONE Vincenzo  Italian diplomatist

PETRONI Luigi  Italian singer (tenor)

PETROS VII, His Beatitude Pope and Patriarch  Greek-Cypriot/Egyptian ecclesiastic Died: 11 Sept. 2004

PETROSKI Catherine  American writer and photographer

PETROSKI Henry  American engineer, academic, historian and writer; Vesic Professor of Civil Engineering and Professor of History, Duke University

PETROV Aleksander Aleksandrovich   Russian scientist Died: 2011

PETROV Andrei Borisovich   Russian ballet dancer and choreographer; Artistic Director, Kremlin Ballet Theatre

PETROV Andrei Pavlovich  Russian composer Died: 15 Feb. 2006

PETROV Božo  Croatian psychiatrist and politician; President (Speaker), Assembly (Sabor)

PETROV Ivan  Russian singer (bass) Died: 26 Dec. 2003

PETROV Ivo  Bulgarian diplomatist ; Head, Ashgabat Centre, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

PETROV Nikolai Arnoldovich  Russian pianist and academic Died: 3 Aug. 2011

PETROV Petar  Bulgarian musician (bass)

PETROV Petar Konstantinov  Bulgarian composer and pianist

PETROV Rem Viktorovich  Russian immunologist

PETROV Vadim  Czech composer and academic; President, The Dilia

PETROV Vassil  Bulgarian pop and jazz musician and singer

PETROV Yuriy Vladimirovich  Russian politician

PETROV-STOYKOVICH Marina   pianist and academic

PETROVA Dimitrina Gueorguieva  Bulgarian/British legal philosopher, equality law expert, human rights activist and fmr politician; Executive Director, The Equal Rights Trust

PETROVA Elena  Czech composer Died: 7 April 2002

PETROVA Petia   singer (mezzo-soprano)

PETROVIC Bosko  Croatian musician (vibraphone) , composer, record producer and writer Died: 10 Jan. 2011

PETROVIĆ Slobodan  Kosovo lawyer and politician

PETROVIĆ Vladimir  Serbian political consultant, government official and diplomatist; Partner, Roberti+White

PETROVICS Emil  Hungarian composer Died: 30 June 2011

PETROVSKY Artur Vladimirovich  Russian psychologist and academic Died: 2006

PETROVSKY Boris Vasiliyevich  Russian surgeon Died: 4 May 2004

PETROVSKY Vladimir Fyodorovich   Russian diplomatist Died: 21 Feb. 2014

PETRU Ryszard Jerzy  Polish economist and politician ; President, .Nowoczesna (.Modern)

PETRUCCI Mario  British poet, physicist, ecologist and educator

PETRUCCIANI Louis  French musician (contrabass)

PETRUCCIOLI Claudio  Italian journalist, broadcasting executive, politician, writer and essayist

PETRUSHANSKY Boris   pianist

PETRUSHEVSKAYA Liudmila Stefanovna   Russian author, playwright and poet

PETRUTSHENKO Natalia   pianist

PETRY Frauke  German research chemist, business executive and politician; Leader, Alternative for Germany

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