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SPEMANN Alexander  German singer (tenor) and composer

SPENCE A. Michael  American economist and academic; Philip H. Knight Professor and Dean, Emeritus, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

SPENCE Alan  British dramatist, writer, poet and academic; Professor in Creative Writing, Department of English , University of Aberdeen

SPENCE Jonathan Dermot  American historian, academic and writer; Sterling Professor Emeritus of History, Yale University

SPENCE, Rev. Michael James  Australian academic and university administrator; Vice-Chancellor and Principal, University of Sydney

SPENCE Noel  British film producer and poet

SPENCE Patricia   singer (mezzo-soprano)

SPENCE Toby  British singer (tenor)

SPENCE William (Bill) John Duncan   British author

SPENCER Anthony James Merrill  British mathematician and academic Died: 26 Jan. 2008

SPENCER (Winston) Baldwin  Antigua and Barbuda politician and trade union official

SPENCER, Sir Derek Harold  British politician

SPENCER Elizabeth  American writer

SPENCER John  British professional snooker player Died: 11 July 2006

SPENCER John B.  British singer, musician (guitar), bandleader, record producer and writer Died: 25 March 2002

SPENCER Jon  American musician (guitar)

SPENCER LaVyrle  American writer

SPENCER Metta  American/Canadian sociologist and academic; Professor Emerita of Sociology, University of Toronto

SPENCER Nigel G.  Canadian academic and translator; Translator, Montreal Symphony Orchestra

SPENCER Octavia L.  American actress

SPENCER Paul  British social anthropologist and academic Died: 21 July 2015

SPENCER, Dame Rosemary Jane  British fmr diplomatist

SPERANZA Susan  American writer

SPERBER Dan  French social sciences researcher; Researcher, Institut Jean Nicod

SPERGEL David Nathaniel  American astrophysicist and academic; Professor of Astrophysical Sciences and Chairman, Department of Astrophysical Sciences, Princeton University

SPERLICH Peter Werner  American political scientist, academic and legal consultant; Professor Emeritus of Political Science and Law, University of California, Berkeley

SPERLING Gene B.  American lawyer, economist and government official; President, Sperling Economic Strategies

SPERO Nancy  American artist Died: 18 Oct. 2009

SPERSKI Krzysztof   violoncellist and teacher

SPETH James Gustave (Gus)  American lawyer, scientist and academic; Co-Founder, New Economy Law Center, Vermont Law School

SPHEERIS Penelope  American film director and actress

SPICER Paul  British choral conductor, composer, author, record producer and teacher; Head of Choral Conducting, Birmingham Conservatoire

SPICER Sean Michael  American political adviser and government official

ŠPIČKA Daniel Hilarius   Czech architect, music festival director, early music instrument maker and collector ; Architect and Designer, Hulec & Špička Architekti

ŠPIDLA Vladimír  Czech think-tank director and fmr politician ; President, Masaryk Democratic Academy (Masarykova demokratická akademie)

SPIEGELMAN Art  American cartoonist, editor and writer

SPIEGLER Marc  American/French journalist

SPIELBERG Steven  American film director and producer; Chairman and CEO, Amblin Partners

SPIELMAN Daniel Alan  American computer scientist and academic; Henry Ford II Professor of Computer Science, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Yale University

SPIELMANN Alphonse  Luxembourg judge

SPIELVOGEL Carl  American advertising executive

SPIERKEL Gregory M. E.  American electronics industry executive

SPIERS Colin James  Australian composer and pianist; Senior Lecturer in Composition, The Conservatorium, Newcastle University

SPIERS, Hon. Ronald Ian  American diplomatist (retd)

SPIES VON BÜLLESHEIM Freiherr Adolf Wilhelm  German business executive, politician, lawyer and farmer Died: 11 Feb. 2011

SPIESS Ludovico  Romanian singer (tenor) Died: 28 Jan. 2006

SPIEWAK Tomasz  Australian (b. Polish) pianist and composer Died: 7 Feb. 2017

SPIEWOK Stephen   singer (tenor)

SPILIOTOPOULOS Spilios P.  Greek politician and fmr air force pilot

SPILLANE Davy  Irish musician (uillean pipes, whistle)

SPILLANE John  Irish musician, singer, songwriter, storyteller and poet

SPILLANE Frank Morrison (Mickey)  American writer Died: 17 July 2006

SPILLER Andres  Argentine oboist and conductor; Oboe Soloist, National Symphony Orchestra and President, Chamber Music Center, Camerata Bariloche

SPINDELEGGER Michael  Austrian politician

SPINDERELLA  American DJ and producer

SPINELLI Philip Antony  British musician (drums, keyboards) and singer

SPINELLIS Michel  Greek diplomatist; Permanent Representative, United Nations

SPINETTA Jean-Cyril  French airline executive; Honorary Chairman, Air France-KLM Group

SPINETTA SALAZAR Dante  Argentine singer, composer and musician (guitar)

SPINETTI Henry Anthony George  British musician (drums)

SPINK Ian  British academic Died: 29 Oct. 2011

SPINNER Bruno  Swiss diplomatist Died: 25 July 2009

SPINNLER Burkard   pianist

SPINOSI Jean-Christophe  French conductor and violinist; Founder and Music Director, Ensemble Matheus

SPIOTTA Dana  American author and academic; Assistant Professor of English, MFA Program, Syracuse University

ŠPIRIĆ Nikola  Bosnia and Herzegovina professor of economics and politician

SPIRIDONOV Yurii Alekseyevich  Russian politician Died: 12 Aug. 2010

SPIRIN Aleksandr Sergeyevich  Russian biochemist and molecular biologist

SPIROIU, Lt -Gen. Niculae  Romanian international organization official, fmr government official and fmr army officer

SPITAELS Guy  Belgian politician Died: 12 Aug. 2012

SPITAL Hermann Josef Silvester   German ecclesiastic Died: 10 Jan. 2007

SPITERI Lino  Maltese writer, journalist, financial consultant and politician Died: 14 Nov. 2014

SPITERI Sharleen Eugenie  Scottish singer, songwriter and musician (guitar, piano, organ, harmonica)

ŠPITKOVA Jela  Slovak violinist; Professor of Violin, University of Music, Vienna

SPITLER Kenneth F.  American business executive (retd)

SPITZ Lewis  British paediatric surgeon and academic ; Nuffield Professor Emeritus of Paediatric Surgery, Institute of Child Health, University College London

SPITZ Mark (Andrew)  American fmr swimmer

SPITZER Eliot Laurence  American lawyer, broadcaster, fmr government official and fmr politician

SPIVAK Gayatri Chakravorty  Indian literary theorist, academic and rural literacy and ecological agriculture activist; University Professor, Columbia University

SPIVAKOV Vladimir Teodorovich  Russian violinist and conductor; Artistic Director and Principal Conductor, National Philharmonic of Russia

SPIZZ Julian   singer and composer

SPOERRI Helen B. Rose  Swiss artist Died: 2011

SPOERRI Philip  Swiss lawyer and international organization official

SPOGLI Ronald P.  American investment banker and fmr diplomatist; Partner and CEO, Freeman Spogli & Co.

SPOHR Arnold Theodore  Canadian ballet director, teacher and choreographer Died: 12 April 2010

SPONG, Rt Rev. John Shelby  American ecclesiastic and writer

SPONHEIM Lars  Norwegian politician

SPOONER David Eugene  British writer and naturalist; Member, Academic Board, London Diplomatic Academy

SPOONER, Sir James Douglas  British business executive and accountant

SPOORENBERG Erna  Dutch singer (soprano) Died: 18 March 2004

SPOTORNO Marianangela  Italian singer (soprano)

SPOTSWOOD, Marshal of the RAF Sir Denis  British air force officer Died: 11 Nov. 2001

SPOTTISWOODE Clare Mary Joan  British business executive

SPRACKLAND Jean  British poet and writer

SPRAGG Rob  British singer and songwriter

SPRANGER Carl-Dieter  German politician and lawyer

SPRATLAN Lewis  American composer

SPRATLEN Pamela L.  American diplomatist ; Ambassador to Uzbekistan

SPRATT Geoffrey Kenneth  British musician

SPRATT, Sir Greville Douglas  British business executive (retd) Died: 13 Dec. 2012

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