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SPAHIU Xhevahir  Albanian writer and poet

SPAHLINGER Mathias  German composer

SPAHR Charles Eugene  American oil executive

SPAHR Juliana  American poet and academic

SPAIN James William  American diplomatist, writer and investment manager

SPALDING Alistair  British theatre executive; Artistic Director and CEO, Sadler’s Wells

SPALDING D. Brian  British scientist, academic and business executive Died: 27 Nov. 2016

SPALDING Esperanza  American singer and jazz musician (bass)

SPALDING Esta  Canadian poet and screenwriter

SPALDING Frances  British art historian, critic and biographer; Professor of Art History, Newcastle University

SPALDING Linda  Canadian author, editor and academic

SPALDING HELLMERS James  Paraguayan diplomatist and business executive; General Director, Itaipu Binacional

SPALL Timothy  British actor

SPANDORFER Merle Sue  American artist

SPANG-HANSSEN Ebbe  Danish professor of Romance philology

SPANG-HANSSEN Simon Cato  Danish musician (saxophone) and composer

SPANGENBERG Christa  German publisher and university lecturer Died: 18 Sept. 2003

SPANGLE Douglas (Doug) Stewart   American poet, editor, reviewer and translator

SPANIER Graham B.  American sociologist, academic and fmr university administrator

SPANO Robert  American conductor and pianist

SPANTA Rangin Dadfar  Afghan academic and government official

SPAR Debora L.  American political scientist, academic and college administrator

SPARG Marion Monica  South African political organization official

SPARGO Peter Ernest  South African academic; Associate Professor Emeritus, University of Cape Town

SPARK, Dame Muriel Sarah  British writer and poet Died: 13 April 2006

SPARKES Andrew (Andy) James  British diplomatist (retd)

SPARKES Neil Charles Lawrence  British programmer, musician, DJ and producer

SPARKS Jordin  American singer

SPARKS Minton  American poet, songwriter and author

SPARKS Nicholas  American writer, screenwriter and producer

SPARKS, Sir Robert Stephen John  British geologist, volcanologist and academic ; Channing Willis Professor of Geology, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol

SPARNAAY Harry Willem  Dutch bass clarinettist Died: 12 Dec. 2017

SPARROW Edwin Harold James   musician (drums, timpani, percussion)

SPARROW Willy  Argentine musician

SPARSHOTT Francis Edward  Canadian philosopher, writer, poet and academic Died: 24 Aug. 2015

SPARWASSER Sabine Anne  German diplomatist; Ambassador to Canada

SPASIUK Horacio (Chango)  Argentine musician (accordion)

SPASOV Bozhidar  Bulgarian composer and musicologist

SPASOV Gjorgji  Macedonian academic and diplomatist

SPASOVIĆ Grujica  Serbian diplomatist

SPASOVSKI Oliver  Macedonian politician; Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs

SPASOVSKI Zoran  Macedonian musician (drums, percussions, keyboards) and backing singer

SPASSKIY Nikolay Nikolayevich  Russian diplomatist and government official ; Deputy CEO for International Relations, Rosatom

SPASSKY Boris Vasiliyevich  French/Russian chess player and journalist

SPASSKY Igor Dmitriyevich  Russian engineer and academic

SPASSOVA NENKOVA Plamena  Bulgarian research institute director and business executive; Head, International Co-operation and Protocol Department , Bulgargaz EAD

SPATAFORA Marcello  Italian diplomatist (retd)

SPATE Virginia  British/Australian art historian and academic; Power Professor of Fine Art, Department of Art History and Theory, University of Sydney

SPÄTH Lothar  German politician Died: 18 March 2016

SPAULDING Winston  Jamaican lawyer and fmr politician

SPAVENTA Luigi  Italian economist and academic Died: 6 Jan. 2013

SPEACH Bernadette  American composer

SPEAKE Martin John  British musician (alto saxophone), jazz educator and composer; Saxophone Professor, Royal Academy of Music

SPEAKER William  

SPEAKES Larry Melvin  American business executive and fmr government official Died: 10 Jan. 2014

SPEAR Laurinda Hope  American architect; Founding Principal, Arquitectonica

SPEAR Walter Eric  British physicist Died: 21 Feb. 2008

SPEARE Paul  British musician (saxophone, flute), arranger, producer and composer

SPEARMAN Thomas David  Irish mathematician, academic and fmr university pro-chancellor

SPEARRITT Hannah Louise  British singer and actress

SPEARS Billie Jo  American country singer Died: 14 Dec. 2011

SPEARS Britney Jean  American singer and entertainer

SPECKHARD Daniel V.  American diplomatist (retd); President and CEO, Lutheran World Relief

SPECTER Arlen  American lawyer, politician and academic Died: 14 Oct. 2012

SPECTOR Jason A.  American clinician, medical researcher and academic; Associate Professor of Surgery, Weill Cornell Medical College

SPECTOR (Harvey) Phillip (Phil)  American record producer, composer and musician

SPECTOR Ronnie  American singer

SPEDDING, Sir Colin Raymond William  British agricultural scientist and academic Died: 17 Dec. 2012

SPEDDING Paul Brian  British musician (drums)

SPEDICATO Emanuele  Italian musician (guitar)

SPEECH  American singer and lyricist

SPEECH DEBELLE  British singer and songwriter

SPEED Malcolm Walter  Australian lawyer and sports administrator

SPEER Laurel  American poet, essayist and reviewer

SPEHAR Elizabeth  Canadian UN official; Secretary-General's Special Representative and Head, Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus, United Nations

SPEIDEL Paul  American jazz and blues musician (guitar) and educator

SPEIGHT George  Fijian fmr business executive and fmr politician

SPEIRN Sterling K.  American lawyer and foundation executive; Advisor, Stupski Foundation

SPEISER Elisabeth  Swiss singer (soprano)

SPEKREIJSE Henk  Dutch professor of visual systems analysis Died: 20 Oct. 2006

SPEKTOR Regina  American singer, songwriter, musician (keyboards), arranger and producer

SPELINA Karel  Czech violist

SPELLING Aaron  American television producer and writer Died: 23 June 2006

SPELLINGS Margaret  American fmr government official

SPELMAN, Rt Hon. Dame Caroline Alice  British politician

SPEMANN Alexander  German singer (tenor) and composer

SPENCE A. Michael  American economist and academic; Philip H. Knight Professor and Dean, Emeritus, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

SPENCE Alan  British dramatist, writer, poet and academic; Professor in Creative Writing, Department of English , University of Aberdeen

SPENCE Jonathan Dermot  American historian, academic and writer; Sterling Professor Emeritus of History, Yale University

SPENCE, Rev. Michael James  Australian academic and university administrator; Vice-Chancellor and Principal, University of Sydney

SPENCE Noel  British film producer and poet

SPENCE Patricia  American singer (mezzo-soprano)

SPENCE Toby  British singer (tenor)

SPENCE William (Bill) John Duncan   British author

SPENCER Anthony James Merrill  British mathematician and academic Died: 26 Jan. 2008

SPENCER (Winston) Baldwin  Antigua and Barbuda politician and trade union official

SPENCER, Sir Derek Harold  British politician

SPENCER Elizabeth  American writer

SPENCER John  British professional snooker player Died: 11 July 2006

SPENCER John B.  British singer, musician (guitar), bandleader, record producer and writer Died: 25 March 2002

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