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Reigning Royal Families

Biographical entries of most of the reigning monarchs and of certain other members of the reigning royal families will be found in their appropriate alphabetical order in the biographical section of this site.

The name under which they can be found in the text of the site is listed and hyperlinked in this section in bold UPPERCASE type.


Reigning Amir:

b. 3 June 1980; proclaimed heir apparent 8 August 2003, succeeded to the throne 25 June 2013 on the abdication of his father; married 1st 8 January 2005, Sheikha Jawahar bint Hamad bin Sohaim ath-Thani; married 2nd 3 March 2009, Sheikha Anoud bint Mana Al-Hajri; married 3rd March 2014, Sheikha Noora bint Hathal al-Dosari; married 4th another lady from the ath-Thani family.

Children of the Amir by His First Wife:

HE Sheikha Almayassa bint Tamim ath-Thani, b. 2006

HE Sheikh Hamad bin Tamim ath-Thani, b. 2008

HE Sheikha Aisha bint Tamim ath-Thani, b. 2010

HE Sheikh Jassim bin Tamim ath-Thani, b. 2012

Children of the Amir by His Second Wife:

HE Sheikha Nayla bint Tamim ath-Thani, b. 27 May 2010

HE Sheikh Abdullah bin Tamim bin Hamad ath-Thani, b. 29 September 2012

HE Sheikha Rodha bint Tamim bin Hamad ath-Thani, b. January 2014

HE Sheikh Al-Qaqa bin Tamim bin Hamad ath-Thani, b. October 2015

Children of the Amir by His Third Wife:

HE Sheikh Joa'an bin Tamim bin Hamad ath-Thani, b. 27 March 2015

HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Tamim bin Hamad ath-Thani, b. 17 July 2017

Parents of the Amir:

HH Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa ath-THANI b. 1 January 1952; assumed power 27 June 1995, after deposing his father, Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad ath-Thani (b. 17 September 1932), abdicated 25 June 2013 in favour of his son, HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa ath-Thani; married 1st Sheikha Mariam bint Muhammad ath-Thani (two sons, six daughters); married 2nd Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser al-Missned (five sons, two daughters); married 3rd Sheikha Noora bint Khalid ath-Thani (four sons, five daughters).

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