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JONES Michael BA (Hons), PhD
British geographer and academic
Professor in the Department of Geography, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Date of birth: 16 Dec. 1944

Family: married with two daughters

Education: BA (Hons), Geography with History Minor, University College London 1966; PhD, Geography, University of London 1972

Career: Michael Jones is Professor in the Department of Geography, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU; formerly the University of Trondheim). He began his career as a part-time Lecturer at Enfield College of Technology, London in 1968 and then in the Department of Geography, University of Helsinki, Finland from 1970–71. He was a Research Assistant in the Department of Forest Economics at the Finnish Forest Research Institute from 1969–72 and a Research Fellow at the Agricultural University of Norway from 1973–75. In 1975 he was appointed Senior Lecturer in the Department of Geography at the University of Trondheim and then Associate Professor in 1981. He has been Professor in the Department of Geography since 1985. He was also Academic Advisor (part-time) to the Centre for Environment and Development, responsible for the Research Programme on Environmental Management from 1993–96. Michael Johnson is co-editor of the journal Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift – Norwegian Journal of Geography (see url below).

Publications include: two books and numerous articles on human responses to geographical change in Finland; articles on the history of the Norwegian cultural landscape, landscape and planning, agricultural policies and environmental management, and the concept of ‘cultural landscape’; editor or co-editor of four books on geographical and social-science topics, and of three special issues of the Norwegian Journal of Geography

Contact details: Address: Dragvoll 5465, Department of Geography, NTNU, Bygg 7 nivå 4, 7491 Trondheim, Norway; Tel: +47 73-59-19-18; Fax: +47 73-59-18-78; Email: ; Website: ; Website: .

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