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Taiwanese political scientist and academic
Professor, Department of Political Science, National Taiwan University

Education: BA, Political Science/International Relations, National Taiwan University 1980; MPP, International Security, Harvard University, USA 1984; PhD, International Studies, University of Denver, USA 1988

Career: Chih-yu Shih has been Full/Associate Professor at the National Taiwan University since 1990 where he teaches China Studies, Political Psychology and Cultural Studies. Previously he was a Research Assistant at the University of Denver from 1985–87, Adjunct Professor at the Colorado School of Mines in 1986 and Assistant Professor at Winona State University from 1987–88 and at Ramapo College of New Jersey from 1988–90. Professor Shih was Visiting Scholar at the Hoover Institution in 1986, the Institute for Asia-Pacific Studies, Duke University in 1994, the Center for International Studies, Princeton University in 1997, the Center for China Studies, University of Durham in 2004, at Chuo University in 2005 and was Visiting Professor at the National Sun Yatsen University from 2005–07. He has conducted extensive field research on poverty, ethnic identity, village autonomy, people's congresses and the enterprise culture. He has been a Director of the Vanguard Institute for Policy Studies since 1991 and a member of the Board of Directors of the Association for Mainland China Studies since 1995, the Current Foundation (also as Associate Director) since 1995 and the APSA Conference Group on Taiwan Studies from 1991–93. Chih-Yu Shih is Editor of the journal Asian Ethnicity (see url below) and is or has been a member of the Editorial Boards of Chinese Daily 1980, Free China Monthly 1982–84, Issues and Studies 1991–96, Coast to Coast Quarterly 1993–96, Newsletter for Mainland China Studies 1993–2004, Social Science Journal 1994–95, Political Science Journal 1995–2004, Political Science 1999–, Human Rights & Human Welfare 2001–, Mainland China Studies 2001–, America and Europe Quarterly 2001, East Asia 2005– and The Journal of Contemporary China 2007–. Chih-Yu Shih carried out military service as Lieutenant with 829 Army Hospital in Taipei from 1980–82.

Honours and awards: Excellence Research Award, National Science Council 1995–99, 2004–07, Fulbright Scholar 1997, Ministry of Education Academic Award 2000, National Chair Professor, Ministry of Education 2001–04, and many others

Publications include: in English: The Spirit of Chinese Foreign Policy: A Psychocultural View 1990, Contending Dramas A Cognitive Approach to International Organization (co-editor) 1992, China’s Just World: The Morality of Chinese Foreign Policy 1992, Symbolic War: The Chinese Use of Force, 1840–1980 1993, State and Society in China's Political Reform: The Cultural Dynamics of Reform 1995, Collective Democracy: Political and Legal Reform in China 1999, Reform, Identity and Chinese Foreign Policy 2000, Negotiating Ethnicity in China: Citizenship as a Response to the State 2002, Navigating Sovereignty: World Politics Lost in China 2003, Autonomy, Ethnicity and Poverty in Southwester China: The State Turned Upside Down 2007, Democracy Made in Taiwan: The “Success” State as Political Theory 2008; more than 50 Chinese titles; numerous articles in professional journals

Contact details: Address: Department of Political Science, National Taiwan University, 21 Hsu Chow Road, Taipei 10055, Taiwan (Republic of China); Tel: +886 (0)2 351-9641 (ext. 500); Fax: +866 (0)2 341-2806; Email: ; Website: ; Website: .

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