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MACKERRAS Colin Patrick AO, FAHA, BA (Hons ), MLitt, PhD
Australian author , editor and academic
Professor Emeritus, Department of International Business and Asian Studies, Griffith University

Date of birth: 26 Aug. 1939

Place of birth: Sydney, NSW

Parentage: s. of Alan Patrick Mackerras and Catherine Brearcliffe MacLaurin Mackerras

Family: married Alyce Barbara Brazier 1963; two s. three d.

Education: Univ. of Melbourne, Australian Nat. Univ., Univ. of Cambridge, UK

Career: Foreign Expert, Beijing Institute of Foreign Languages 1964–66, Beijing Foreign Studies Univ. 1986, 2005, 2006–07, 2008–09, 2010, 2011–12, 2014, 2016; Professor, Renmin Univ. of China 2011, Chair Professor 2012–13, 2015; Research Scholar, Australian National University 1966–69, Research Fellow 1969–73, Sr Research Fellow 1973; Professor, School of Modern Asian Studies, Griffith Univ. 1974–2004, Chair. School of Modern Asian Studies 1979–85, Head School of Modern Asian Studies 1988–89, 1996–2000, Professor Emer., Dept of Int. Business and Asian Studies 2004–; member Asian Studies Asscn of Australia (Pres. 1992–95), Chinese Studies Asscn (Pres. 1991–93), Queensland History Teachers Asscn, Queensland-China Council 2007–11; Founding Ed.-in-Chief Asian Ethnicity (journal) 2000–07

Honours and awards: Dr hc (Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas Univ.) 2004; Hon. DUniv (Griffith Univ.) 2006; co-recipient, UN Asscn of Australia Gold Citation for the Media Peace Prize 1981, Albert Einstein Int. Acad. Foundation Cross of Merit Award 1993, Medal for Outstanding Contribs to Australia-China Cultural Relations 1999, Centenary Medal Australia 2003, Friendship Award (Youyi Jiang) (People’s Republic of China) 2014, Special China Book Award, State Admin of Press and Publs, Radio, Film and TV (People’s Republic of China) 2015

Television: Dragon's Tongue 1990–91

Publications include: The Rise of the Peking Opera 1972, The Chinese Theatre in Modern Times 1975, The Performing Arts in Contemporary China 1981, Modern China – A Chronology from 1842 to the Present 1982, From Fear to Friendship: Australia’s Policies Towards the People’s Republic of China 1966–1982 (with Edmund S. K. Fung) 1985, Western Images of China 1989, Portraits of China 1989, Dragon’s Tongue: Communicating in Chinese (with Peter Chang, Yu Hsiu-ching and Alyce Mackerras, two vols) 1990–91, Chinese Drama: A Historical Survey 1990, The Cambridge Handbook of Contemporary China (with Amanda Yorke) 1991, Unlocking Australia’s Language Potential: Profiles of Nine Key Languages in Australia, Vol. 2: Chinese (with Doug Smith, Ng Bee Chin, and Kam Louie) 1993, China Since 1978: Reform, Modernisation, and ‘Socialism with Chinese Characteristics’ (with Pradeep Taneja and Graham Young) 1994, China’s Minorities: Integration and Modernization in the Twentieth Century 1994, China’s Minority Cultures: Identities and Integration Since 1912 1995, Peking Opera 1997, China in Transformation 1900–1949 1998, revised 2008, The New Cambridge Handbook of Contemporary China 2001, China's Ethnic Minorities and Globalisation 2003, China in My Eyes – Western Images of China Since 1949 2013, Western Perspectives on the People’s Republic of China – Politics, Economy and Society 2015; editor: Essays on the Sources for Chinese History (with Donald Leslie and Wang Gungwu) 1973, China: The Impact of Revolution: A Survey of Twentieth Century China 1976, Chinese Theater from its Origins to the Present Day 1983, Marxism in Asia (with Nick Knight) 1985, Drama in the People’s Republic of China (with Constantine Tung) 1987, Chinese Language Teaching and its Application (with Hugh Dunn) 1987, Contemporary Vietnam: Perspectives from Australia (with Robert Cribb and Allan Healy) 1988, Eastern Asia: An Introductory History 1992, Asia Since 1945: History Through Documents 1992, China in Revolution: History Through Documents 1993, Imperialism, Colonialism and Nationalism in East Asia: History Through Documents 1994, Australia and China: Partners in Asia 1996, Dictionary of the Politics of the People’s Republic of China (with Donald H. McMillen and Andrew Watson) 1998, Culture and Society in the Asia-Pacific (with Richard Maidment) 1998, Sinophiles and Sinophones, Western Views of China: An Anthology 2000, Ethnicity in Asia 2003, China, Xinjiang and Central Asia (with Michael Clarke) 2009, Ethnic Minorities in Modern China, Critical Concepts in Asian Studies (four vols) 2011; contrib. to numerous scholarly books, journals and encyclopaedias

Leisure interest: music, physical fitness

Contact details: Address: Department of International Business and Asian Studies, Griffith University, Nathan, Qld 4111, Australia (office); Tel: (7) 3735-7446 (office); Tel: (7) 3735-1647 (home); Fax: (7) 3735-5111 (office); Fax: (7) 3390-1641 (home); Email: (office); Email: (home).

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